Yoyo Chen’s Ex-Boyfriend Analyzes Her Behavior

Instead of the winners from the 2020 TVB Anniversary Awards dominating headlines for their achievements, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) and Vincent Wong (王浩信)’s estranged marriage has graced the front pages of tabloids. Yoyo’s dark expression when Vincent thanked her during his Best Actor speech not only fueled rumors of marriage troubles but became the face of memes. Just when everyone thought the jokes would end soon, the actress’s ex-boyfriend from many years ago added more oil to the fire.

Recently, former TVB host Plato Lai (黎國輝) uploaded a YouTube video with actor Roland Leung (梁梓禧) to break down Yoyo’s expression since Plato dated her in the past. In 2004, Yoyo and Plato kicked off their romance after sparks ignited between them while collaborating on a radio drama following her debut. At the time, Plato also recommended her to become a guest DJ at a radio station.

He expressed, “I’ve been with her for seven years, and I always witnessed her dark expression.” Roland, who came to know of Yoyo because of Plato, agreed that Yoyo often sported an unpleasant look. He added that he “couldn’t communicate with her,” as he is scared of Virgos, and Yoyo is a true Virgo.

Roland then asked Plato why Yoyo would have such a face during her husband’s thank you speech. Plato said she would have this look whenever he did something wrong in the past. “It most likely concerns her personal interest because she needs a sense of security and confidence as a Virgo. She would have this look if she completely lost confidence and security in you – if she is disappointed in you,” he said.

Hearing this, Roland gave his two cents and commented that there is likely something wrong with Yoyo and Vincent’s relationship. He even brought up the rumors of the two living in the same building but different apartments. However, Roland also suggested that Yoyo deliberately put forth a dark expression to become a talking point and surge in popularity. Plato commented that it’s possible, as Yoyo is very serious about her career.

Plato and Roland’s YouTube Video:

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Really… ex-bf from like 15yrs ago? Why?? No wonder he’s an ex, trying to leech off her publicity and make noise for himself. Smh.

      1. @megamiaow
        Obviously this guy just trying to get a bit of limelight after failing in showbiz. Can’t blame him for showing off for previously being together with such a hot actress but analysing her current marriage?. A bit inappropriate since the girl has already married for years with a child. His use of zodiac signs just makes him seem even more like an immature clown…

  2. First it’s too many Myolie news now Yoyo Chen? I only knew her ex is Vin Choi never knew she’ with this guy before.

  3. I think the whole discussion is just trash talk and condescending. He mentioned he dated her 20 yrs ago? People change dude! Stop making assumptions and piggy back on other’s popularity to bring up yours!

  4. Who is the guy? OMG history? Ha ha . . . . . Wasting time reading about this repeated nonsen again. . . . lousy writer

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