Vincent Wong Rarely Goes Home to See His Wife Yoyo Chen

Turning 37 on July 7, Vincent Wong (王浩信) celebrated his birthday and posted a topless photo on Instagram showcasing his hard-earned physique. Many friends liked his post and left comments wishing him a happy birthday. However, there was a noticeable silence from his wife of nine years, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤). When his co-star, Philip Keung (姜皓文) leaked that Vincent rarely goes home, this fueled more speculation that the couple is in a troubled marriage.

On the day of his birthday, Vincent was busy filming for new drama Detective Investigative Diaries <刑偵日記>. Co-stars, Philip and Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) surprised him with a birthday cake. Vincent thanked his parents and everyone for their well wishes. Grateful to star in a good drama with a quality script, Vincent’s birthday wish is for filming to go smoothly and asked for fans to support the new drama.

However, Vincent was caught in an awkward moment when a reporter asked whether he would be leaving work early to celebrate his birthday with his family. When Philip joked that Vincent rarely goes home, Vincent stated he would not be leaving early and that his daughter knows he has work. He took the opportunity to send his daughter a message through the video interview, “Daddy misses you a lot!” Vincent did not mention Yoyo at all, and as he has to speak to his daughter through an televised interview, he indeed must be very busy!

Source: HK01

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  1. Seriously, just divorce already, if they haven’t already secretly done so. Set each other free. Both Vincent and Yoyo are young. Just come out, say they’ve divorced, and move on so they stop being asked awkward questions. And if he really misses his daughter, he’d go home. He doesn’t have to have a relationship with Yoyo anymore but he should at least be a father. Sigh. On the other hand, just watched this interview and his biceps look great. Although I see that problem of big body, small head on him so he doesn’t look quite as good as some other muscular men since he has such a small slim face. But good physique.

    1. @gnomageddon
      I have a feeling they are already divorced but just do not want to announce it yet. I agree that he should at least see his daughter as he will always be her father even if they dud divorce.

  2. Their situation is honestly rather frustrating as I like both of them. I don’t know why they don’t just be up front with it cause I’m sure people are speculating whether there’s any neglect/unfaithfulness on either party, and the whole “not talking about each other” thing is definitely not because they want to be private about their good relationship.
    The only thing that’s left to guess is that Vincent came out as gay and he needs Yoyo as his cover up. I feel so bad for their daughter.

  3. Okay at this point they should just divorce if they haven’t already and step up to the media. Interviews are getting so awkward.. I’m just rewatching the last couple of month’s of interview and Vincent’s answers are firm and he’s reluctant to answer anything related to YoYo. While YoYo is just straight up awkward when Vincent is brought up

    1. @jcc10 yeah I just don’t get it. I mean, it’s obvious everyone already knew about the state of their relationship. They aren’t talking about or to each other. If they are afraid that Vincent’s reputation will be tarnished, right now with him not talking to his wife or daughter, is not helping with his image too. Also, they aren’t doing any appearance or event together so there are no monetary value in keeping this weird relationship.

  4. I’m so lost right now. I thought they already went their separate ways. Divorce or not, it isn’t really a big deal. They will decide what to do when the time is right. Encouraging comments to divorce reasoning with “to set each other free” doesn’t make it the right decision.
    Why are people pointing fingers at Yoyo & Vince when it’s the interviewers/paparazzi asking those repetitive questions? They are the ones making it awkward.

    1. @mi520 I agree with this. I don’t think it’s anyone’s business what their relationship is and they should just let it be. Maybe they’re super private about personal lives. Vincent is usually very serious and professional in interviews so I’m not surprised if they just don’t want to have their family out in the public.

      If they are having issues, still not their business. Vincent is at the peak of his career, he’s a fantastic actor. Yoyo also came off a great series and has some exciting roles lined up – I wish ppl would focus on that versus something that doesn’t really concern them. :/

    2. @mi520 It is a big deal staying married when the relationship has fell apart. There is no meaning to it and they have can be looking for other people who they can be with instead of wasting time.

      1. @megamiaow Disagree. Marriage and divorce are just a piece of paper, a title. It won’t stop them from finding other people; therefore, they haven’t wasted time.

      2. @mi520 Marriage has a lot more meaning and does not boil down to being a piece of paper. Wont waste my breath with someone who doesnt appreciate what marriage really means.
        And I believe what your describing is an affair, which btw that piece of paper would help with legal proceedings e.g. in event of child custody when one commits adultery. Not all what the piece of paper was designed to do but certainly helps.

      3. @megamiaow Agree. I wouldn’t marry someone like that either. I guess I didn’t explain myself very well. I just wanted to say that marriage is just a title in society. People who are married won’t stop them from finding other people. I’m not saying V and Y would. I’m speaking in general terms. Yes, marriage is supposed to bind a couple together, but not every marriage works out perfectly. Anyways, I don’t think their time is wasted when they haven’t stated their divorce yet. Maybe there are other reasons why they’ve not made any announcements yet. I just don’t think it’s right to encourage anyone to divorce if they don’t have enough information.

      4. @megamiaow
        I totally agree with you and it is sad how others think that marriage is just a piece of paper. It is much much more than that. If a pair of lovers are not legally married, they are not considered family and there are so many things that they are just not allowed to do. Sadly some still do not get. If marriage were not important then why does the LBGT community fight so hard just for that basic right while heterosexual couples take it for granted?

      5. @megamiaow
        I totally agree and I find it sad when people think so lowly of marriage and do not realize just how important it is to be officially married. I guess they have not been through tough situations where being officially married is so important and necessary. If being officially married was not important then why does the LBGt community fight so hard for it?

      6. @mi520
        I disagree that marriage is just a piece of paper. It is much more than that and if you are not legally married then you are not considered family and there are many things you are not allowed to do. It can mean life and death in some situations like signing health consent forms. If you are not legally married then you are not allowed to sign those on behalf of a family member. I find it extremely sad that some think that marriage is just a piece of paper.

    3. @mi520 I don’t think our comments of separation or divorce is encouraging. We are nobodys just gossiping on a celebrity gossip page. Lol. Not like they are going to read our comments and go… oh, now I feel like we should divorce cuz these people said so. Lol. Maybe I took your comment too literally but that’s how I read it. Like @tt23 said, yes, it’s nobody’s business. We are simply chatting for fun. They are public figures. We aren’t pointing fingers at Vincent or Yoyo. Simply speculating how awkward they are cuz this article is about them, or him specifically. You can’t blame the papparazzi for asking them these questions. They are just doing their job too. As public figures, not to say you don’t deserve privacy, but when you are in an interview, you are subjected to various questions. They are public figures. This type of talk from audience is also expected. And as artists, some noise is better than no noise for them. From a more neutral standpoint though, regardless of where their relationship status is currently at, their respective managers need to teach them better PR skills to handle these types of questions in the future because the way they are handling it, is not the best method. And if they really are private, then all the more reason to seek advice on how to better approach and respond to these questions and situations in the future so people won’t always be speculating that there’s trouble in paradise.

      1. @gnomageddon I made my first comment because the rest all appeared negative, pointing fingers at V and Y. You can’t say they didn’t because all suggested them to divorce and “set each other free.” Yes, they might never see these comments, but that doesn’t make it a right either. I agree that this is for fun, so I never said that these comments should not be made. I’m not taking it too seriously either, but I just want to point out that the paparazzi are at fault too. Yeah, I get that they’re trying to create news, but this topic has been going on for so long that it’s getting boring. Maybe the paparazzi should do more research and find us “newer” news to talk about.

  5. They should just admit their separation or divorce and then there won’t be awkward moments or questions. I think reporters ask them these questions just to get their reactions. I am sure everyone knows they are at least separated.

  6. Anyone got any idea why this couple wouldn’t just admit they r no longer on speaking terms?

  7. It looks like a king on his wedding day, not much to ask. After all, you want to look like a real princess! The most flattering and most dazzling wedding dress available to date is the satin a-line dress in lace and pearls.

  8. I feel that there is no one-size-fits-all model for marriage. No one knows how the marriage is apart from Yoyo and Vincent themselves, The rest are just speculations made by the media.

    My parents had spent a lot of time apart during the work years, I only saw dad once a week (or less) until he retired a few weeks ago. Over the years, a lot of friends and family make horrible and nosy suggestions that my dad was cheating and that my mum should find another man while she was still young and the marriage was a sham they were keeping to save face. None of them knows what was really going and how my parents got along. Some people need their spouse everyday. But both my parents are fiercely independent and function fine when alone or when together. Different people need different relationships and interactions.

    We are all outsiders in someone else’s marriage. We can make comments but unless they both announce that their marriage is over, people should mind their own business. The paparazzi create these stories because people react to them,

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