Zhang Ziyi Accepts Wang Feng’s Marriage Proposal

Dating for two years, Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) and 43-year-old rock musician Wang Feng (汪峰) are ready to take the next step towards marriage. Known for his love of public exploits, Wang Feng carefully planned a luxurious party for Zhang Ziyi’s 36th birthday and surprised her with a marriage proposal.

When Ziyi went on stage with Wang Feng to cut her birthday cake, romantic music began playing and a small remote controlled airplane flew towards the couple. Wang Feng intercepted the toy airplane, took out a small jewelry box from inside, and opened the small box to reveal a 9.15 carat Moussaieff diamond ring.

In front of the large crowd of family and friends in attendance, Wang Feng got down on one knee and declared, “As we stand in front of everyone’s witness, we have experienced much happiness and dejection. I wish that Ziyi can always have the happiest of times. If we can grow old together, I will take care of you.”

Surprised and touched to tears, Ziyi nodded fervently and agreed to Wang Feng’s proposal, “I am willing.”

Ziyi could not contain her excitement and immediately shared the good news on Weibo with a picture of fireworks and the caption “I am willing!” In response, Wang Feng lovingly declared, “Thank you for completing my life. All the hardships are now in the past. From now on, let us stay hand in hand until we are old!”

Ziyi and Wang Feng met in May 2013 at Huayi Brothers President Liu Tao‘s (劉韜) birthday party. Afterward, Ziyi invited Wang Feng to play mahjong at her house. When Ziyi served as a judge for talent show The X Factor: China’s Strongest Voice <中國最強音>, she asked for advice from Wang Feng, and the couple grew closer.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Hope this first marriage for Zhang Ziyi will not be a failure like her competitor, Gong Li. No doubt, Ziyi really can act on the big screen. Gong Li used to overact and without Zhang Yimou in her early days, she had been doom!

  2. That dude is ugly, she can do better, the worst part is she have more money than him.

    1. So you’re saying that she should be a shallow gold digger instead of being with someone that she likes? Awesome advice.

      1. Maybe she’s also been there done that, and 1) time is running out or her rep is following her? 2) she just wants a simpler dude and life?

        Zhang Zi-Yi used to date the brother of diver Guo Jing Jing’s husband (Kenneth Fok) … Eric? Fok.
        Old established HK rich, and dad Timothy Fok is one of biggies in the Beijing Olympics. Socialite Mom (ex) is “most beautiful Ms HKs of all” – Loletta Chu.

        Her next was that Vivo Nevo dude, whom she was supposedly going to marry.

        And then those alleged scandals of high class (ahem, for want of a better word) trysts with rich Chinese officials and influentials.


      2. Ha, did you really just link the daily mail? I guess if you read and/or believe anything that comes out of that rubbish excuse of news, then it makes sense that you’d suggest her ‘time is running out or her rep is following her’. That’s just a lot of crap.
        Her previous partners, whether it was one or one hundred, does not define her and does not make her more or less deserving of respect from potential partners/in-laws and the general public.
        She’s an actor. If you must judge her, then judge her based on her movies and talent, not her love life.

      3. Yes, indeed I was lazy and linked from the first google source. BUT this was stale news on other media – hardly the Daily Mail’s exclusive spread.

        While yes, “she’s an actor” = I am neither a fan nor not a fan, ie neutral.

        As an bystander commenter observing, this can be her life/some other actor’s life. Why is it ok for eg to comment on Jackie Chan as a lousy father, but not ok/judge to mention Zhang Ziyi’s dating history?

        NOTE: to reiterate … I stated TWO possible scenarios = #2 was total ignored?
        1) ‘time is running out or her rep is following her’
        2) she just wants a simpler dude and life?

    2. She might have more money than him but Wang Feng isn’t some freeloader. He is one of the most popular singers in China at the moment. Let’s hope your future wife thinks you aren’t too ugly the inside.

      1. Clap…clap…clap….Wang Feng is not poor either. His concerts in China are sold-out all the time. He may not be well known outside China but he’s definitely very popular in China. Never judge a person by appearance.

    3. Wang Feng is a talented guy. He writes his own song, can play the violin and the piano. Is there a rule that you cannot marry a bride with more money than you?

    4. Imagine you liking a person and then being told that you’re too ugly and that person can do better.

      Anyways Congrats to them both!

      1. It’s actually even worse than that.

        Imagine you liking a person and then being told that you look like Ronald Cheng and that person can do better!

    5. I am glad she is going for someone she loves and can connect with instead of of some that only go for money. ZZY has plenty of her own money so why would she need to go after a guy just for money?

      There is more then anyone than meets the eye. I admire people that can go beyond money and physical appearance and marry for true love and other more important reasons.

  3. I’m sorry I don’t think their marriage will work. I think max two years they will file for divorce mark my word for it.

    1. Why do you think that? It is not like they had a whirlwind romance. They have dated for 2 years so should know each other well enough.

      1. Well, he’s divorced twice and she with her infamous dating rendezvous and nasty scandals which is all for money and fame. So I dont think the marriage will work.

  4. people on this site are so mean-spirited. like can’t even congratulate them instead of guessing when they’ll divorce. geez

    1. I would be lying if I didn’t see WF’s past marital history as a red flag but I agree that all the back-handed compliments about how he must have a good personality (implying he’s ugly) or predicting impending doom and gloom are in really bad taste. I hope the people who express such comments are only that shallow and judgmental when shielded by the anonymity of the internet.

  5. I read somewhere on the internet the dude got divorced twice from his two previous marriage. More then likely this woman won’t last with him either. Commitment issue..

    1. Not necessarily… Just because a guy divorces a few times does not really mean that they will divorce again. It really depends.

  6. Faye Wong & Dou Wei = Failed Marriage

    Sandy Lam & Jonathan Lee = Failed Marriage

    Zhang Ziyi & the new groom = ????? With the history of two failed marriages from the groom. (Really Doom!)

    1. Why don’t you let them know so that they don’t bother getting married?

    2. Just because those couples divorced does not mean it will be like that in every case,including this one. Maybe they should come and see you to have they fortune/future read before getting married.

    3. Well, Yes and No

      1) Having lived through 2 failed marriages/relationships = he could also have gleaned some wisdom from making those mistakes; become more self aware and move forth making this 3rd one work better.
      Or put in more effort, as some marriages fail simply because the other partner gets taken for granted.

      2)Or may have a high probability of being “doomed” as you said. As the same patterns are repeated with Marriage #3, and the dude is hoping switching a different partner will mean different interactions and relationship success … without any self-examination. Thus perpetuating the same relationship mistakes/patterns with each partner and marriage.

      (3)ZZY is hardly wet around the ears though, to continue or back a LT relationship without consideration = she probably does know what she wants at this point in her life.

      1. I know this lady who got married three times. The first one was arranged marriage and the second one was for love but did not turn out well. She is very happy with her third marriage, its her current partner’s first marriage. She has kids from her previous marriage. She did an operation before she met her current husband so she can’t have kids with him ever. He’s happy being her kids’ father.

  7. She’s 36! She’s finally taking the leap. Good for her. It’s not like she’s in her 20’s marrying for fame… Ronald Cheng is a perfect example of marrying up. If not for his father’s status, Ronald would still be a virgin today. He looks like he’s constipated all the time.

  8. Holy, reading the comments on this site is just toxic. Some of you should take a hike outdoors and get some fresh air.

  9. I had always wondered what she sees in him until I watched Voices of China. Then i understood why. Congrats to the couple!

    1. Agree, seeing him as the judge and singing on Voice of China showed his charisma.

  10. Wang Fang does look a bit like Ronald Cheng, just with a better looking face.

  11. Another beauty wasted on an ugly musician. Its really why ugly guys get into music biz…its a winning formula for them.

  12. Waaa…..ppl r kind of mean on these comments? haha LOL..Ronald Cheng might NOT be a good looking but he’s nowhere being ugly or a virgin? Where did that come from? haha LOL…Ronald Cheng can DEFINITELY sing out of those crappy famous and popular singers in HK. He can sing if you listen to his voice. This guy I don’t know him at all since I don’t really know China series actors much or singers but if he’s talented and can sing why not. She’s been there done that as above commentators are saying. Notably dating that ugly old rich foreigner??? You guys forgot? You can call this one ugly when shes had worse, at least he’s the same race now? ahha LOL…Give them a break!! I/O of all those people who married foreigners and they cant even speak English much? Like that Nicky Wu’s ex, does she even speak English yet she married this good looking and RICH foreigner. Now that one woman is lucky for sure.

  13. Hey windy, looking at Coco Lee married Bruce Philip Rockowitz. How happy they are and he can provide everything for her! Look at Gigi Leung married Sergio and he takes good care of her not like Ekin Cheng! Those are two very lucky gals.

    But I am in great doubt that this two-times failed married rocker could provide for Zhang Ziyi. Could end in divorce sooner like her rival Gong Li.

    1. Strange how in those caess you mentioned that the guy has to take care and give to the girl. Why can’t they take care of their man too? Also,their marriage is still pretty new so who knows what can happen down the road. One of my most favorite singers Vivian Lai married a rich and not so great looking guy back in 2003. I was happy for her and thought she was lucky and set for life until she recently divorced. I guess that was when I realized that nothing is a guarantee in life and anything can happen down the road. I also realized that we must learn to live in the moment and be happy in the moment since you seriously do not know what may happen tommorrow.

    2. @honey,
      Yes, I know. COCO LEE, she’s a smart and pretty Asian I heard. Guy looks old and such but he’s rich too right? haha lol..
      Gigi Leung – Oh well, anyone is better than Ekin Cheng? I mean she dumped that Maggie woman too so EC was never a good choice. At least Gigi Leungs English was ok good I mean some you just don’t u/s how they communicate. hahaa…LOL…

  14. Watch this link, and you will see Coco Lee is really smart. Yes, Zhang Ziyi is smart as well but she slept her ways up to her stardom and wealth. And right now Ziyi decided to stay humble in life by choosing this rocker, what a big joke!


  15. Hmm…my premonition is that their marriage won’t last long. Perhaps u guys should b common law instead.

  16. Zhang Ziyi like Fan Bingbing already risen as hao men themselves. No need marry into “hao men – rich family” and become “tai-tai”.

    They are rich enough, work since young into 30s now. Zhang Ziyi one of 4 fadans in China. So in demand, with good movie scripts, fat incomes, endorsements, sponsorships deals every year.
    Her goal is just need a man with decent income, get pregnant, have family.

    Of course, there are cases, marry men with lower income than women, some ended in divorce.

    May not be good reference in Faye Wong-Li Yapeng divorce case (Li Yapeng insist he made good money using his good foresight in property investments-that his wealth surpass that of Faye Wong. But some insist his investments capital came from charity money).

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