Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo Are Secretly Dating?

Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) and Wang Yibo (王一博) are facing heavy scrutiny once again. after their fandoms made headlines for fighting and causing the actress’ fan groups to be banned for misbehavior. Some believe The Legend <有翡> co-stars have been hiding their romantic relationship, and dug out four major clues hinting their close ties.

Liying’s fans sparked a huge controversy earlier when they disagreed to her rumored collaboration with Yibo on Wild Bloom <野蛮生长>, because they felt the latter would continue dragging down Liying with his raw acting skills. Some even questioned the actress if she is dating Yibo, as it would answer why she would still collaborate with him despite putting her career at risk.

Switching to detective mode, netizens pieced together possible evidence that Liying and Yibo are secretly dating. First, the stars wore the same necklace with a small bone charm, which is not surprising for Liying to wear since she was nicknamed “Little Bone” after her representative work The Journey of Flower <花千骨>, but it became suspicious when Yibo also wore the same.

In recent years, Yibo’s necklace was often spotted publicly, such as during the survival dance program The Street Dance of China <這就是街舞>, where he wrapped it around his wrist to avoid damaging it. Suggesting its significance, it was deciphered to be a token of their secret relationship.

Yibo and Liying’s intimate behavior on variety shows also prove their closeness. In one program, they chose to eat from the same bowl even when there were many bowls present, which was a strange move when Liying is known to be germophobic.

Third, their schedules often overlapped with each other in terms of dates and location during the past two and a half years. Fourth, Yibo once expressed that he prefers older women, so the 10-year age gap with Liying may not be a problem for him.

Source: Yahoo 

This article is written by Minna for Jaynestars.com.

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    1. If really that is the case, is not surprising, as Yibo is a better catch considering what ppl comment about her ex-husband. Although hope all these are just rumor and also hope not the reason for her decision to get divorce

      1. her husband was quite a catch in his youth days. of course he’s much older now and younger men are preferred…. good for her for getting a younger dude if rumor is true

      2. Often times cases that involved younger men & older women don’t last though. One good example is Demi Moore & Aston Crusher. Many men are greedy, after a few years they want to date or marry women who are younger than them.

      3. @drama4me,
        I agree and even though it varies from individual to individual, men generally do prefer younger women. Older women and younger men relationships are generally not everlasting but it still depends. However, there are some that prefer older women too.

      4. @momo,
        I actually find it sad that as we age, we get discriminated against in all ways. I feel bad for William her ex as he is a good catch but sadly has such controlling parents. I must say that often times older women and younger men relationships with big age gaps don’t last. I still remember Korean singer Ham So won marrying a Chinese trainee Jin Hua who is 18 years her Junior. They seemed happy at first and had a daughter together but are now on the verge of a divorce. Their big age gap was heavily frowned upon too..

  1. Just rumours at this stage. If it is true and they are happy then they have my blessings. Whoever they choose to date in real life won’t affect me watching their series.

  2. I don’t know why ZLY’s fans think Yibo dragged her down. I bet Yibo’s fans contributed a lot to the viewership of the series too. Plus, ZLY got criticism mainly for her own acting not up to viewers’ expectation. Can’t blame Yibo for that.

    1. The logic of the series’s plot is a big problem as well. The writers have decided to copy chunks of dialogue straight from the book yet omited scenes that led to the dialogue, making things not moving smoothly. The series was not a good adaptation to begin with. Her fans should be angry with the writers, not wyb.

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