Zoie Tam Announces Pregnancy

After over eight years of dating, TVB actress Zoie Tam (譚凱琪) and boyfriend Enrico Chong (莊日宇) quietly tied the knot in March of this year. Their quick and quiet marriage was said to be due to Zoie’s pregnancy, but the 38-year-old actress was quick to deny the claims.

The pregnancy rumors persisted, however. Paparazzi was able to snap photos of Zoie out with her sister and Enrico, with Zoie wearing flats and a comfortable dress. In the photos, it appeared as though Zoie was at least four to five months pregnant. In addition, news media reported that Zoie was cast in TVB’s Plan “B” <BB大晒> earlier this year, but turned the role down.

When Zoie was reached out for comment about the reports, she said simply, “I have nothing to announce at the moment! Thank you everyone.”

Today, on the last day of June, Zoie finally took to Instagram to announce the good news. She shared a photo of her wearing a flowy dress that accented her protruding belly.

“I just experienced a very fascinating journey,” she wrote. “I felt sick. It was hard for me to breathe. I was fatiguing easily, and I was coughing. I was very worried, so I immediately went to get tested [for COVID-19]. I even planned on getting an X-ray, but fortunately, I was tested negative. Instead, I was told that I was experiencing early signs of pregnancy. That was the day when I knew I was getting to know a new life. My belly was growing larger by the day, I was eating more and more by the day, I was walking slower and slower by the day, I was growing heavier and heavier by the day, and slowly, I was beginning to feel your existence. It’s an inexplicable feeling. I will tread extra carefully, so in the future, I can work hard in protecting you, because your everything will soon become my everything.”

Congratulations, Zoie!

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Zoie Tam Spotted With Pregnant Belly Bump

Zoie Tam is Getting Married!

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  1. Finally she announced her pregnancy instead denied it. I do hope she return to work after she give birth because I kinda like her acting unlike the rest who doesn’t even know how to act but get to be the lead. Congratulations to the Chong family.

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