Zoie Tam Spotted With Pregnant Belly Bump

Earlier this year, 38-year-old TVB actress Zoie Tam (譚凱琪) tied the knot with her wealthy boyfriend of eight years, Enrico Chong (莊日宇). It was not long before speculations unfolded that the couple were expecting. Zoie denied getting married due to pregnancy and expressed that their wedding date had been pre-planned much in advance.

However, even if the couple did not tie the knot due to pregnancy, there may be some truth that Zoie and Enrico are expecting. The pregnancy rumors were further fueled when Zoie dropped out of Plan “B” <BB大晒> and suddenly requested for an extended vacation. In regards to her decision to back out of the drama, Zoie merely explained that it was due to family matters and did not want to reveal too much.

Recently, Zoie was spotted out with her husband and sister. Donning a full-length summer dress, Zoie’s belly area protruded and it looked as if she was four or five months pregnant.

An insider revealed, “This year is definitely a fruitful year for Zoie. In addition to The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter <降魔的2.0> and Flying Tiger 2 <飛虎之雷霆極戰>, she still has two more dramas that have yet to air. For her, halting her career now to go and start a family will hinder her career progress. However, she does have to think about her family life. Giving her husband a child and passing on the last name is an important thing for her and her husband. Zoie also really likes children. She often babysits for her sister and is also godmother to good friend, Grace Chan’s (陳凱琳) baby boy. It makes her want a baby of her own more! Zoie and Enrico are both prepared to start a family.”

Source: Weekend Weekly

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com

Zoie Tam Drops Out of “Who Wants a Baby 2” Due to Pregnancy?

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  1. Well if she’s really pregnant why denied it? It’s not like you can hide your belly forever your belly will grow bigger. I’m just really surprised about her age because she seems pretty young and cute unlike Kelly Cheung who looks very mature for her age.

    1. @cutie777 Zoie will probably announce it on Instagram when she wants to. I remember Grace Chan denied her pregnancy rumors during both pregnancies whenever she was asked and then announced it later on her Insta.

    2. @cutie777
      She does look young and pretty. There r some who look much older than their actual age. The other day I thought someone was in her mid thirties but turned out that person is class of 2020. Perhaps it’s the dress style and demeanor.

    3. @cutie777
      I agree but I can understand if some have not passed the first trimester as they have that myth that if you announce too early you can miscarry. You know that myth right? That myth is BS though as my sister in law announced right away and my nephews are fine. But it seems like she is way pass that so why lie for? I hate it when celebrities lie through their teeth even when it is so obvious.

  2. “Giving her husband a child and passing on the last name is an important thing for her and her husband.” WTF and who the heck is this insider? Is it the 1950s? Lmao.

  3. Happy for her yet sad she won’t be gracing our screens for a while. She brightens up the TV and she’s interesting to look at.

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