Zoie Tam’s Slow Rise to Recognition

Joining the entertainment industry at the young of age 19, Zoie Tam (譚凱琪) has been trying to make a name for herself for 18 years already. At 37 years old, she is finally gaining more recognition and seeing her career take a turn for the better. Most recently, her role portraying one of Dicky Cheung’s (張衛健) wife in The Learning Curve of a Warlord <大帥哥> has caught the attention of viewers, who praised her for her natural expressions.

Zoie’s career hit many roadblocks along the way. When she first entered the entertainment industry in 2000, she joined Rojam, a Japanese-owned entertainment company, and debuted her first CD, Full of Love. The company thought Zoie looked Japanese and intended to sell her as a Japanese girl who sang in Cantonese. However, her successes were lukewarm at best. She later decided to try her luck in Taiwan but struggled with language barriers and limited her opportunities. She returned to Hong Kong in 2007 and joined TVB in 2013.

Zoie’s road to success was not easy. When asked whether she felt any disappointment in all the roundabout ways of her career, Zoie said, “I never felt it was roundabout. In the end, I learned something from my journey. Instead, if I didn’t experience all that I have, then I may not be as grounded. Now, I understand that I should feel grateful, and know that opportunities and help from others is not a certainty.”

Zoie’s Personal Life

As opposed to her feisty and strong-headed characters on screen, Zoie is actually quite reserved and relaxed in real life. Her parents divorced at a young age and Zoie grew up in a single-parent household with three other sisters. She learned to live frugally since young and continues to be careful about how she spends her money. Not only does she financially support her mother and herself, but also her father as well. Zoie credits her frugality to her modest upbringing. “There are a total of four girls in my family, including myself. In the past, my father would support all six people, so he was extremely frugal. Perhaps I was influenced by that. Ever since I was young, I preferred to save my money. When I was younger, I had a piggy bank. Every time I received red envelopes, I would immediately place my money in my piggy bank.”

Zoie has been in a stable relationship with her restaurateur boyfriend, Enrico, for several years. Though rumored to be tying the knot soon, Zoie indicated that they both hope to focus on their career first. Since Enrico is quite established and well-off, Zoie candidly admitted that she prefers her partner to be self-sufficient and more capable than her.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. She does really reminds me of Myolie and I really thought she’s Myolie little sister or something when I first saw her on screen. I think she’s going to get more popular later on I would rather watch her more on screen than the one who can’t hardly act like Grace or Sisley?

  2. Kidding right? One of earlier eps at the mansion, it’s both irony and true where she tried to cover/lie about her plan to run away when D*cky was in demise, and D*cky mocked her saying your emotion is misplaced and better off this way; then he proceeded with her script and be her. I lol’d and smh bc it’s so true, he was indeed acted much better and more affective than her. Lol.

    She does have a unique look. She has a lonh way to go to consider “improved.” Though I rather watch her than Tony. OMG, all the males (except the obv 2 vets) are horrendously bad. This is the male version of that Women Valley series where they’ve buttload of bad actresses.

    Also, the way she had her hands twisted and placed on her face are freaking me out! Lol.

    1. @jjwong
      Zoe did well in that scene because she was supposed to misplace her emotions since it wasn’t genuine. I agree that the cast is a mess. Tony Hung isn’t fit to be any lead. Surely his career can’t last long….

      1. @jimmyszeto So I understand she was supposed to mistimed (misplaced is wrong word I used) her emotion, but what I’m saying is the way she acted, sucked. She meant to be convincing but D just happened to see through her BS and busted her. But she sucked which made it look like she’s purposedly suck. Later eps where she’s in Jap house and custom, she alao sucked at delivering her sob story.

        Tony gotta go. He isn’t fit for acting period. He hasn’t improve one ounce. He has no look or ok screen presence.

  3. Have to admit, I’m surprisingly impressed with Zoie. Gawd, Sisley is awful from start to now! I wrongly thought she improved in a different series. She and Tony can be winners of worst actress/actor awards. Her character and D*cky’s characters can be the worst or the most unromantic, none-sense couple award. Chars had no chemistry nor did their storyline for him to be so madly in love.

    Honestly such a waste of D*cky’s time; and Raymond too. I would be offended if I was him being surrounded by such untalented cast! He can be OTT, ie how he bounced/leaped by a shoulder shot lol, but he’s so much pleasurable to watch!

    The only other silver lining is hopefully Zoie continues to improve and impress!

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