Brother’s Keeper: The Cruelty of Sam’s Fate, The Most Unconvincing Black Sheep

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Note: This critical commentary for episode 30 of “Brother’s Keeper” is written by Funn Lim. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. 

I am beyond frustrated with Episode 30. I am very angry at what they did to my Ying. This episode makes me hate her.

There was an ironic scene where Rachel and Soon remembered and narrated how Sam helped them through thick and thin and I was laughing because well when Sam was in deep mess, what did Rachel do? She told him to plead guilty. She totally gave up on him and yet when she told him to plead guilty she did not make a promise; “When you’re out I will be there waiting for you”. It was as if asking him to plead guilty will just close the chapter for her, to her convenience. As for Soon, he did wanted to help and hire the best lawyer. But he did so thinking his brother was totally and absolutely innocent. He has some serious problems I tell you with wanting to believe his brother is totally innocent guy. Yes Sam is clearly guilty of misconduct and tampering with evidence but he did not help to kill Dino, something no one made clear to Soon and Rachel so again they were shocked and thought the worst of him when own lawyer said perhaps Sam may be involved but not enough evidence to charge Sam. And this is where I got very angry.

Ying on hearing Soon wants to pay the lawyers to fight the case, Ying like everyone else said Sam is guilty so why waste a fortune on him? Ying even called Soon’s mom and told her about Sam and his arrest, which she has absolutely no right to do so without consulting Soon. She did it anyway. She felt keeping the business is better than wasting money on a hopeless criminal like Sam. Soon listened to her and boy, was Sam disappointed, and angry. And so was I because minutes later Ying asked Soon when he can sign some new agreement on the purchase of a new shop.

Wait a minute! Did she say purchase a new shop? Money which they can use to help Sam fight the case? No, they rather throw Sam out to the dogs and let him find his own way than to help him, even with that miniscule hope of all hopes.

Realistic? Perhaps. An act of a loving family? Nope, not in this case. Why you may ask?

Well if Sam was some junkie hopeless gangster guy who spent his entire life in crime and never cared anything for the family but was a constant disappointment, who repeatedly cheated on his girlfriend and had no remorse, who is a cop killer or what not, then yes, I say give up on him. But Sam is not. What did he do wrong?

Evidence tampering, misconduct as a policeman. That’s it. And to Soon and Rachel and even Ying, that means Sam is beyond redemption, let him rot in jail so he can learn his lesson, destroy his entire life with a conviction and use that money to buy another shop. I was at that point can’t understand the logic of it all.

And let’s analyze the case for Sam.

So called video, the so called irrefutable evidence. Yes they saw him retrieve a golden chain but can anyone tie the golden chain to the Blondie gangster and then to him murdering Dino? No. In fact they have evidence of Sam tampering with evidence but they have no evidence against Blondie for murdering Dino. Now if you’re the police, will you want to convict your own guy the small fry or the retired big time gangster? If the former, then you’re an idiot. If the latter, then you will need Sam’s testimony; Sam will be the state prosecution’s star witness, he will be given protection, even witness protection program, new identity and probably suspended jail term. Because him stealing the golden chain is small stuff compared to what they can get from Blondie. I doubt Blondie confessed anything. This series like so many series about HK legal system, it seems there is never any plea bargaining.

Remember Mandy? Appeared and then gone. Back into freezer since her job is done. No continuity at all. So Sam got 7 years, small stuff actually. But that 7 years is built on the fact that yes, he did do wrong but was it so wrong to have everyone abandon him and talking about him like he was the worst sort of black sheep in the family? I love it when the mother scolded Soon, that he had promised to help Sam but he didn’t. Sam may be guilty but a case always have loopholes. In the end Sam thinking he was abandoned totally decided to admit guilt and he was depressed, refused to see anyone and lo and behold, Blondie and him in same prison. Now that is asking for trouble isn’t it? Blondie stabbed him in the shower room with a toothbrush but Sam had a better idea; he made Blondie stab him in the stomach so that Blondie can be charged for Sam’s murder. Shocked and afraid, I supposed Blondie from thereon left Sam alone. And Sam in a pool of blood remembered he wrote a letter to his family, saying he was ashamed to see them and hopes Soon will take care of mom and of all people, Rachel who didn’t care for him in the way she should have cared. Even till the end, he is trying to shield Rachel who has done nothing to shield him. At that point I was angry, very angry. What have this series turned into? Sam didn’t deserve all that. What did he do to deserve at one point total abandonment?

Cut to 7 years later he left prison without telling his family. Again everyone acts like here is a black sheep that has left prison, now it is time to take him home and all that stuff, as if he has repented. I feel it was most unfair for Sam to have only his mother by his side; the brother he protected didn’t protect him. The woman he loved abandoned him. Everybody else sees him as a liability. He didn’t deserve such treatment. His so called descent into hell is to me seems incomplete; not enough justification which makes him looked pitiful and everybody else plain selfish, Ying included.

About Ying, I feel she would have enough loyalty to stand by Soon but she was the one who singlehandedly decided Soon had done enough. She had no right to do so and I hated her rudeness, her way of handling this delicate matter. Next came the most stupid scene; Ying advising Soon to woo Rachel. Talk about kicking poor Sam into the gutter and jumping on top him as the same time! I feel like Ying has lost her marbles; the writer has destroyed everything decent about Ying and all is left is an angry dissatisfied woman who thinks her opinion matters the most. Ying was never like that. She wouldn’t have asked Soon to do what she asked him to do. She knows Soon loves Sam, he did put Sam on the pedestal however a disappointment Sam turned into and so she knows Soon will never take Rachel away from Sam, even if Rachel wants Soon to do so. So why would such a stupid scene exist? To give Soon more dilemma, to tell us what we already know? That Soon has the hots for his ex-future sister in law? By not going after Rachel doesn’t mean he has no guts, it means deep down there is a little bit of respect and love left for Sam and if he did go for Rachel, then the torture and cruelty towards Sam becomes absolutely complete. Soon can’t be that cruel. He may emphasised on having another branch than spending the money on Sam’s defence but he can’t be as cruel as Ying advised him to be. I know the scene is to illustrate an advise of a dear friend to another dear friend, after all Ying always have Soon’s best interest to heart. But this time she got it wrong; Sam is Soon’s most loved, not Rachel even if he was drama queen about Rachel and Sam some episodes ago. I can’t believe Ying is complete destroyed and turned into this raving mad woman daring to suggest the cruelest suggestion. You think Sam will take lightly Soon’s betrayal of him going for Rachel? I doubt it.

What is missing in this episode to me is the humanising of Rachel. Soon has sort of redeemed himself. His eagerness to spend huge amount of money on Sam’s defence is because innately he believed or wanted to believe in Sam’s innocence, which was why when confronted with the evidence he with shocked said “He is guilty? He lied to me? Why would he lie to me?” Sam again disappointed his little brother who looked up to him but still he wanted to give his brother a chance of a decent defence. That to me is Soon’s redeeming quality. Rachel however displayed none of those redeeming qualities. Yes she showed concern for Sam but for me, just on the surface. She knew what would make Sam turn around, what will give him hope, but she didn’t give him her promise. And I suppose why promise something you can’t give? It still didn’t show Rachel in a good way. So a pivotal scene would have redeemed Rachel, or condemn her to hell in the eyes of fans of Sam. What would that be? When Sam sorta committed suicide (he clearly did not die), we get to see the reaction of mom and Soon and even Soon’s father who turned into a better man by supporting his wife and even giving some sound advice. But what of Rachel? What did she think of that news? Did she cry? Did she feel guilty? Did she feel nothing? Well that missing scene would have given us more aspect of Rachel we can see and understand but alas, the scene being missing means there is no bridge between Sam and Rachel. So when earlier Sam held up Rachel’s picture, all I can think of is “Come on man, forget that woman! She does you no good! She doesn’t care about you!” which in a way is true. She cares but not enough. She wants to help but not enough. Some missing scenes would have helped answer the question; does Rachel still want to be part of Samchel? I don’t know. She seems disinterested so why is she appearing before Sam and torture him by giving him false hope and yet be judgmental about him and told him to please plead guilty? How much more cruel can she be to poor poor Sam? Sam already in the gutter, Sam already abandoned, Sam now amongst enemies.. What more can be expected of Sam? Well … death and that scene with the Blondie guy makes sense. His closing himself into his own world makes sense. His avoiding his family makes perfect sense. But Ying telling Soon to go for Rachel? That made no sense at all.

Talking about Ying, I thought she broke up with Lung Fei and yet this episode, there they are, in the same house, teasing one another, etc. The entire scene just made Ying looked so selfish when I expected maybe a bridge between breakup and makeup. Did they marry? I have no idea. All I know is I am confused.

And what happened to Kim Sir? What about his fate? For entire series we all expect Sam’s father Kiu Sir as that irresponsible father but he was the one who actually helped Sam and even visited him and gave him some sound advice. It felt weird that at the start the fathers were douchebags but in the end each father sort of redeemed themselves; Rachel’s father by buying Rachel the shop, Soon’s father by being supportive of his wife and Sam’s father by telling him he does not intend to use Sam to benefit his useless son, Kim Sir. Which is why I find it very sad when Sam thanked his father for being his father for the first time in his life and he sadly said “But… all is much too late”.

Two more episodes till the end. How much more must Sam suffer before he gets his silver lining? Must he die? Go back to jail? Soon vowed to look for Sam in 2012 which to me redeemed Soon in my eyes. Rachel? What is Rachel’s role in all this? Will she just sit back and judge? Or will there be this major reconciliation scene of Rachel going after Sam and to find Sam, to talk to him, to confront him? Because they never really properly break up. They never properly got back together. They never properly anything for any matter.

So for the next to episode I hope to see a proper closure. I hope to see Soon helping Sam. Sam dies or lives does not matter. One of them had to be the other’s keeper, as per the title. Soon may die trying to save Sam for all I care. I want Sam to find his redemption and his hope again. I hope to see Rachel proactively do something instead of just standing there like a pretty little vase. If she loves Sam, I want her to find him, save him, give him a promise, a chance. I don’t want Sam and Soon rescuing her any more. This woman needs to take action, not receive action. If not to me till the end Rachel will remain an annoying selfish uncaring cruel woman without actually being actively uncaring cruel and selfish. Some people can do more harm by doing nothing at all, some nice people with the best of intention actually helped to create a worse off environment, such is Rachel. I hope to see Ying marrying or already married Lung Fei. By my calculation, shouldn’t they all now be in around 40s to even late 40s? For a series about passage of time, I see no movement of time. I want a good ending, for once I want a complete ending that benefits Sam. The fall of Sam to me is unconvincing, half done so I hope the redemption of Sam will be convincing and well done.

This episode is not bad. But it is one that has some parts that made you question whether the editing got in the way or the writer lost his mind when writing this episode. Well, whatever may be, what’s done is done. I am Team Sam and so to me everyone else is just wrong. Everyone sees Sam as this hopeless creature but to me Sam was just dealt with a series of major blows of bad luck.

As for performances, I shall reserve my comments until the last episode and I shall write solely on performances and some memorable moments. I won’t have much bad to say about the performances but even the best performances are somewhat destroyed by the inconsistencies, the inaccuracies, the stupidity of it all. Not the actors’ fault but when it comes to taking sides in certain characters, these inconsistencies will not help these characters. What on paper sounds good on screen sounds like the most selfish person ever. In this episode, Ying. In previous episodes, Rachel and Soon. I am sure that was never intended but somehow it will lead to that conclusion. Poor poor Sam.

This commentary is written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at, and was originally posted at

70 comments to Brother’s Keeper: The Cruelty of Sam’s Fate, The Most Unconvincing Black Sheep

  1. AC--AKC says:

    I know…I stop watch it at after episode 27…this story line totally does not make sense…I feel soooooooo sad and sorry for Sam…look at how much he has done for Rachel and how Rachel treated him…I know i will be very very very angry if i keep on watching this drama…sigh…once again.. TVB spoiled this drama! (Linda’s fans, please don’t be mad…i am not against Linda..just don’t like Rachel this character and the whole story anyway)

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    • windy replied:

      I agree, I haven’t watched beyond ep 28 yet but I am sure it will get even more weird. In the beginning episodes, esp when he was a copy was a bit action packed which was good and exciting but then Rachel came along, she is already a boring pair up. haha..even thou 30 something long series is NOT short but somehow I feel the pace and flow of the episodes are a bit weird as well. How did peanut boy suddenly get rich, I mean after that loan shark or street gangster beat him up n then hindering him from opening his business so they had to go grab money selling in the streets again and it’s like suddenly he got richer and richer n then opening one store after another? I already find that very sudden and weird or perhaps i missed an episode or something. All along I feel Sam is not a bad person which he isn’t but he is wrong in many things, became a bit too greedy and ambitious but still a redeemable character but in the later episodes it’s like they suddenly changed his character since they just jam in all in together cuz they have no time to make him the evil person they want him to be.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      Interestingly enough, I already felt that way about Rachel just after watching the first episode. I too was confused as to how Rachel truly felt about Sam because the way she acted in episode was way too nonchalant (since that was only first episode, I couldn’t tell if that was the way the character was written or if it’s the way Linda acted the character) — either way though, the first episode already left a bad taste in my mouth towards Rachel and unfortunately, the rest of the series just made that ‘bad taste’ worse….

      Based on the episode summaries of the last 3 episodes, it doesn’t look like Rachel is going to ‘redeem’ herself (in fact, I think most of us are going to hate her even more after what she does in the last episode)….aiye…part of me wants to watch the finale just to see what happens, but another part of me doesn’t because I know I will probably get pissed off….

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  2. Nicholas says:

    Why u guys picking on Rachel? Holly! Did u not see them trying to help Sam? Getting him to surrender was the best choice. Sam needs to learn from his mistakes and serve the jail sentence. U make it sound like Sam is a baby. Need everyone to cry, and help him endless. He’s a man. He did wrong then get punished. He choose not to see anyone so how is Rachel suppose to help if he don’t want her to help him or see him? U guys are just unfair. Your review I skipped 80% of it because u are so unreasonable. I love Sam too and think that 7 years in prison will help him be a better man. We will find out tomorrow.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      You must have missed ep 1

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      • Nicholas replied:

        No I watched every single episode. Anyways u think what u want. I love the drama and u totally ruining it for people.

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    • jc replied:

      Wrong Sam is not a murder putting him in jail for 7 years without investigation further is too much.

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    • polypeptide replied:

      In what way they were trying to help sam? To convince him to plead guilty? Rachel said, “Everyone makes mistake, as long as you bear the consequences, plead guilty, and Shun won’t be so miserable, travelling here and there….”

      I was like what?!?! So is she caring for Sam or for Shun?? Talk about miserable, i think Sam is more miserable, who is being given up on.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @Nicholas: No, Funn is not ruining it for everyone — whoever wrote Rachel’s character and made her so stupid is the one who ‘ruined’ it for everyone. And no, none of us are ‘picking on’ Rachel — Funn’s observations are actually very valid and are inline with alot of the sentiments that have been going around in other forums towards her character.

      My advice: Watch the finale episode and see what happens to Sam as well as what Rachel’s role is in what happens to him (yes, she will have a hand in his fate in the end, even if it was ‘indirectly’ or ‘unintentional’ ….then come back and tell us whether the ‘dislike’ toward Rachel is unjustified…

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      • Nicholas replied:

        Ok let me watch the finale in just a few more freaking hours and see. I don’t think I can ever hate Rachel :p I’m just like Sam towards her :p

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  3. Nicholas says:

    And I can’t believe this website let u write crappy reviews like this. U totally don’t know how to watch drama and u think way toooooooo much! Just relax and watch a drama. U complain too much!

    Login or Register before you can reply to Nicholas
    • Yunie replied:

      No one ask you to read.

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    • mylovely replied:

      I am so with you Nicholas. Try not to let this Funn take the fun and joy of watching a drama from you. Just put your legs up, sit back and relax.

      Btw, found this FYI :

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    • Doremi123 replied:

      The drama is not bad. I enjoy watching it. Just like any other typical TVB dramas, there are parts that don’t make sense, and is kinda boring in the middle, and rush to the conclusion toward the end.

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    • kitkat replied:

      Yup. I think Funn is way too serious n bias.

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    • sandcherry replied:

      I agree that Funn could be biased about the acting of some (her favourite) artistes, but she is absolutely right this time about the storyline and the inconsistency of the developments of the characters. It makes people think that the scriptwriters are stupid in ending the storyline like this.

      If you have some sense of logic and reasoning, you will agree with Funn this time.

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      • Nicholas replied:

        I don’t care about the other stuff. Yes this drama can be confusing and have flaws but holly is that person ever picking on my Rachel 🙁 very bias and every character in this drama that Funn person hates and want to puke? Really that serious? Why watch 32 episodes of a drama u hate so much?

        Login or Register before you can reply to Nicholas
      • sandcherry replied:

        Linda Chung is, in fact, one of Funn’s favourite actresses. Funn just does not like Rachel, not Linda Chung.

        We have to separate the characters from the actual artistes. Every artiste has to act some good and some not-so-good characters. A wise and sensible audience would easily do it.

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      • Nicholas replied:

        Ok ok ok! If Linda is one of her favorite actress then I’m cool with it now lol. I thought she hate Linda to death lol. Ok I’ll be a man and apologize for my frustrated comments. Sorry Funn.

        Login or Register before you can reply to Nicholas
      • sandcherry replied:

        Glad to know that you are a wise and sensible audience.

        Login or Register before you can reply to sandcherry
    • Dudumdym replied:

      The website admin lover her so much, that is why this get published.

      I sense the admin is going to beat me now haha, or funn legion of minions is up in arms again.

      Honestly, just read the news, gossip and, skip the biased review of Funn… Life is happier without sitting through biased hypocritical rantings of the queen bee.

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      • pssst replied:

        Amen to Dudumdym. I’ve a feeling this is going to get deleted soon. Beware of Funn’s army of minions beating a path to your door and trying to cow you into submission. I feel almost sorry for her and her fans that watching BK has turned out to be the most traumatic experience of their lives that they “wanna puke” every few seconds at every little thing. Talk about over-reacting to over-reacting, WHAT AN IRONY!! I’m quite sure that it wasn’t the intention of the scriptwriter to inflict so much pain on them.

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      • a-pop replied:

        wow .. so much of bullies happen at here. Instead giving more constructive criticism, u guys being so rude making personal attack.

        Login or Register before you can reply to a-pop
      • pssst replied:

        errr, it looks more like non fans like us are being bullied? No?

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  4. XxtvbxX says:

    Poor Sam. I thought that Ying’s character was all about ‘yee hay’ and helping other but obviously not… Sometimes I wish that Rachel would do something. Sam has done everything for her and even though he cheated he wanted to earn money for he. It feels as though this relationship is all SAm and I feel nothing,from Rachel. My opinion though.

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  5. clai says:

    This is a good drama. better than that crap drama with moses and charmaine about eating people and shit. Better than that drama with kenneth as a doctor. all that shit was boring as hell. People trying to be hipster and shit dont like Brothers Keeper because its too mainstream and stars two solid “actors” as male leads.

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  6. polypeptide says:

    Funn, i think you will be more mad at Rachel’s character, judging at the episode 31’s preview

    I can’t believe Rachel’s character, she has a guy who is willing to do anything for her, but she is someone who gives off the feeling of ” I couldn’t care less”

    And for Shun to agree to not give money to help his brother to fight the case, and agreeing to open another shop was another WTH moment for me. Seriously?!?!?! You have money to spare for ANOTHER of your many countless shops but not enough to even try to help your brother. However wrong he is, he is still family and he isn’t some kind of rotten incorrigible jerk.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @polypeptide: Yup….that’s why I said that the ‘disgust’ toward Rachel’s character is valid (and based on the summaries, previews, etc., that disgust will likely turn into ‘hatred’ after the finale airs)…

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @polypeptide: I totally agree with you and Funn about Sam and the way his family treated him. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me either…the way the promo of this series went, it sounded like people were trying to make Sam into some ‘evil villain’ or something, but in reality, he’s just a flawed human being who made some mistakes — nothing unforgivable (especially since he ends up paying for his mistakes by losing the woman he loved, going to jail, etc.). In other TVB series, siblings have done worse things (i.e. murder, rape, etc.) and they are still forgiven and welcomed back into the family, yet in this series, Sam makes a few mistakes and is subsequently cast aside as ‘scum of the earth’ and ‘someone not worth redeeming’ by his family…. honestly, the way the writer set this whole thing up is very illogical in my opinion…

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    • Ray replied:

      I have not watched it yet.. er…any chance they purposely want us to hate Rachel / Linda in this show? If yes, then linda did a good job and justify the BA hahahaha… just talking nonsense here

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  7. polypeptide says:

    Can someone tell me what does Sam sees in Rachel?And what does Shun sees in Rachel?!?!

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    • Nicholas replied:

      Let me tell u. She freaking pretty!!! And a good girl that don’t depend on her father’s money. She wants her freedom and became a famous designer all on her hard work. She’s loyal to Sam. Sam is the one cheated on her. Why u guys make it sound like she is the bad one? She just wants to protect herself from getting hurt again. Nothing wrong. She don’t even need to care about Sam because they broke up. But she still help him find a good lawyer. She didn’t even need to do that! U guys are just too unreasonable. If your bf cheat on u. You will forgive him and support him no matter what the bad things he do? Come on. In real life u will just leave that man.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Nicholas
      • polypeptide replied:

        She is no doubt pretty, but she seems to “switch off” when Sam is in trouble. I like Samchel at the beginning, but now, i think Sam is better off without her.

        I wonder if its bad editing, since Linda who is supposedly the lead, has little screen time compared to Kristal. Or is it bad characterisation.

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    • windy replied:

      Yup, exactly. She is so boring to watch, from the very beginning to now.
      They really cast the wrong actress and her speaking English whether it’s fluent or not is not even relevant and I actually find that even more annoying. Haha..LOL…

      Login or Register before you can reply to windy
    • Funn Lim replied:

      What they see in Rachel? On paper she is the ideal girl; beautiful, educated, polite, graceful, kind, rich, etc. However on screen because of the bad writing she comes across as someone who really is high maintenance, ignorant and in her own way very cruel. 2 more episodes; can still redeem her, I hope.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Funn Lim
      • polypeptide replied:

        No wonder Ruco said that he found it hard to leave the character – regarding his deep love for Rachel.

        He had to immerse in his character and be really really really be in love with the Rachel character, when it is really a one sided character, due to bad script characterisation of her.

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  8. daisy says:

    Polypeotide, love is blind. The emotions projected is reflecting how sometimes we love someone unconditionally eventhough we know they couldnt careless

    Login or Register before you can reply to daisy
  9. ita says:

    GOOD article Funn!!. Enjoy every moment reading it.
    This series is a bit crazy, lots of unexplained story..confuse..

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  10. BL says:

    how the hell can you “relax and enjoy the series” when it totally defies logic and commonsense?! Funn is absolutely correct that sam’s character would be pivotal in convicting blondie for a murder charge and as such, he would be given witness protection, suspended sentence etc…. thats the way the criminal justice system works. another piece of lazy tvb writing that just insults the viewers’ intelligence.

    Login or Register before you can reply to BL
  11. Funn Lim says:

    I don’t get the “sit back and relax” criticisms and “you’re too serious and biased”. If TVB fans just sit back and relax, then yes, time for TVB to close shop. The fun thing of a “hot” series is a discussion it can generate, good or bad. My way of enjoying a series is that there is something to talk about. Same as your “I just watch for watching sake” is your way of enjoying this series, so is for some of us for discussing the inadequacies. Look at what we are saying; plot holes, story BUT none of us are saying the actors are doing a terrible job. Differentiate between actors and the characters they play.

    And me biased? Surely if you have been her long enough you will know how I feel about Linda. But sorry, this time sorry Linda, this ain’t your shining moment and the character is so annoying.

    And my commentary tends to reveal major spoilers as noted at the top; critical commentary. I don’t get why we should let certain inconsistencies go when they’re pivotal to the plot. Whether the actors look 90s or early 2000 enough is no big deal as compared to how some characters is handled.

    Login or Register before you can reply to Funn Lim
    • Peggy replied:

      Linda did a terrible job here

      Login or Register before you can reply to Peggy
      • TVB Fan replied:

        I think Linda a superb convincing job here…else y would u hate Racheal

        Login or Register before you can reply to TVB Fan
  12. miriamfanz says:

    Yes, I’ll say we agree on why we want to puke all over Shun and Rachel. After seeing the evidence, never once did they think to ask Sam and maybe give him a chance to defend himself. Nope, they just told him to plead guilty. I’m disgusted at Shun because he gives in to Ying so easily. He should have stood up to her and said no, he’s my brother, I will do everything to help him. But the second she talked about the store, he gives in. In the end, he’s still choosing store over brother. A scene I was hoping to see was in the scene where Louise Lee asks Shun “is it because you’re not willing to pay for your brother’s defence?” Yell at him, say “You selfish a$$hole! Your brother helped you when you’re down, now you’re not willing to help him.” Slap him Heart of Greed-style and kick him out. Then hobble to the bank and use her savings to try to help Sam. Because then we’ll have at least one person left for Sam.

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  13. smurf120 says:

    I skipped from 24 to 29 and 30 – so I missed a bunch. Feel very sorry for Sam because Soon is obviously not the “keeper” or protector. The famous attorney is also useless to get a “best” sentence of 7 years (minus 3 days early) – I don’t even know what he plead guilty to.

    Maybe if the writers just let Rachel move on – her character won’t come off as so heartless. She always has the look of sulking and waiting for Sam to come back and apologize to her.

    Ying’s personal life suffered many changes in simply 2 episodes. I don’t know maybe that affected her outlook on life? She’s married to her job and become bitter old woman?

    Login or Register before you can reply to smurf120
    • windy replied:

      I know, I skipped a bit too or the pace of the story is just not flowing too well. In any case, Linda Chung’s character is just annoying even thou Sam cheated on her. I mean, the guy did everything for you but it’s not she can’t see anything else beyond that mistake.
      Ying has always been a great character n she changed to being overwhelmingly controlling and selfish as well. That’s unbelievable since she is one character we all like but even she changed for the worse. Younger brother/lawyers are even more despicable to have him confessed on being guilty and 7 freaking years in jail for what just tampering w/evidence video? OMG, so unbelievable and sad for Sam actually even thou he did make alot of mistakes.

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      • sandcherry replied:

        Agree. There are so many big changes in character descriptions in just 2 or 3 episodes. Hard to believe or accept it.

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  14. Mt says:

    Seriously Funn, can you please edit your work? I’ve mentioned this a couple of times before and I still haven’t seen any improvements in your writing. There are so many punctuation, grammatical and sentence structure errors, I gave up reading after the first paragraph. Please take this as constructive criticism. I’m writing this NOT because I don’t want to read your commentary, but precisely the opposite. I want to read it, I want to know your thoughts, but you really have to do better than this.

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  15. melted says:

    It’s impossible to sit back and relax while watching BK. The way the story line is written and characters are being crafted, how can one not get angsty at them!? I cannot agree more with Funn. When Linda and Edwin were thinking of the times how Sam helped them, it appeared to me that they were shedding crocodile tears. Shun is all talk and no action, seriously. He just goes on and on about how he’s going to go all out to help his brother, even at the expense of spending all his fortune but he does none of it! It totally broke my heart when all Edwin did was to ask Ruco to turn himself in when Ruco repeatedly asked Edwin if he was going to keep to his promise and help him. As for Rachel, she’s just unbelievable. This woman never once put herself in Ruco’s shoes and look at things from his point of view. To think Rachel had the cheek to call Sam selfish and say hurtful things like you make me wanna puke. because, seriously, Rachel Cheuk, you’re the one who makes me want to puke. While Sam cheated on Rachel physically, Shun cheated on Ying emotionally. Ying didn’t even say anything like that to Shun when it is obvious who is ten millions times worse off a boyfriend. I hate it that everyone is preaching about how Ruco is undeserving of help because he is not innocent. Yes, I know we have to take responsibility for our actions but please refresh my memory, what big crime did Ruco even commit?! Besides, love is blind! If you truly love someone, you’ll go all out to defend that person you love, regardless of he’s right or wrong. okay fine, you’ll prolly be disheartened if the person does not repent after a couple of times but HELLO!? It’s just one mistake and everyone turns their back on Sam! It’s just Sam’s luck to be surrounded by all these ingrates.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      Well said. I am afraid by the last episode, too much puking if the spoilers are accurate and they’re always accurate.

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    • Jake replied:

      UMM, probably you’ll have a change of heart when the real situation happens on you. Like seriously, your bf lying in your face saying hw much he loves you, but he in the end he still slept with another person. I know he’s drunk, but Im pretty sure he still at least knw what he’s doing. And worse is, you knwing the truth from the girl he slept with, and all along he has been lying to you.

      Do you really think this type of person should be forgiven? Like, pls be realistic because this is not a fairytale world where everyone has a happy ending. What has been done cant be undone. And it’s because rachel loves sam so much, but in the end realising what he has done is beyond heart-breaking. I’d do the same thing like rachel. there’s just no way to start all over again, some things you just cant forget.

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      • Ling replied:

        Yeah…I agree . If the real situation occur , I might do the same like Rachel . It is very difficult to trust somebody that cheated on you.

        Login or Register before you can reply to Ling
      • melted replied:

        hmm, okay first off, by saying love is blind, I am not just referring to Rachel. I am referring more to shun actually. It’s human nature to defend your loved ones even knowing they’re in the wrong but I didn’t see that coming from shun in episodes 29/30. Anyway, I will consider Shun as having redeemed himself in the final episodes since he didn’t give Sam away after he was kidnapped and believes that Sam did try to help them escape. okay, now moving on to Rachel, I am not saying it’s wrong that she refuses to forgive sam after that one mistake he made. It’s her choice of course. I’m just utterly disappointed with Rachel for ALWAYS thinking the worst of Sam. The first thought that came to her when she suspected Sam to be part of the kidnapping was that he’s back for revenge. She also did not hesitate to call the police when Sam turned up at mom’s bday party, she was worried that Sam might hurt Shun. And that’s not all! In the final scene, where Mandy told Shun, Ying and Rachel that Sam was shot. Rachel naturally assumed that Sam brought it upon himself for resisting the arrest. Good gracious, I don’t know what went on in their minds when the writers crafted this character. Rachel and Sam were together for 10 years. but yet it seems more like 10 days to me because she doesn’t appear to understand Sam’s character, not even a tiny weeny bit. I do not expect Rachel to stand by Sam as a lover after the fabio’s saga, all I want for her is to have a little faith in the man she once loved dearly and stand by him as a friend at least.

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  16. Jake says:

    To be honest, the whole series plot makes sense to me. And let me remind, this is not the typical tvb drama where everything is predictable and the way we want it to be. This series tells how people are in reality. If i am Shun, i’d do the same thing. My brother committed a crime and the police has all the evidence; which in this case there’s no way to win. And if Shun continues to help Sam, Sam might just end up in the jail for more than 7 years. So if pleading guilty to what he actually did can help to reduce his sentence time, then what’s wrong with this decision?

    Again, I’d do the same if I were Linda. She’s finally decided to leave Sam for good at episode 29, which is reasonable, and she probably has lost most of her feelings towards Sam. And I dont get why you guys are calling her cold-blooded for not supporting Sam when he got caught. After what he has done to her, I’d lost all my faith and feelings towards him. So i’ll just take him as a friend instead and I want the best for him, which is to plead guilty to reduce his sentence time.

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    • Nicholas replied:

      Thank u someone don’t blame Rachel! These people in here won’t understand Rachel’s point of view. But I think she is reasonable and she admit her fault at the end for misunderstanding Sam. Sam did not blame her so why u guys hate her? Rachel did not see Sam for 7 years!!!!! Why would she need to love him to death???!!!

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  17. Nicholas says:

    I want to say I do not hate Rachel at all after finish the ending. I admit she was at fault for not believing in Sam as a good man but Sam explain to her it is not her fault. He did not see or talk to Rachel for 7-8 years!!! Come on, u guys are just too harsh on Rachel. Please forgive her misunderstanding. She will wait for Sam for the rest of her life. She is wearing that bracelet everyday!

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    • tvb fan replied:

      Just wonder which episode did Sam give that bracelet to Rachel?

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  18. tvb fan says:

    The last episode was really god but I was confused about the bracelet

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  19. Nicholas says:

    He give that bracelet the next day after he slept with Fabio and after we won money from stock. He gave it to her and then bring Rachel to the shop he bought for her. Should be episode 24.

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    • pssst replied:

      He bought it for her with the money he made from stock market after he spent countdown with fabio. He slept with her only after rachel found out about his lie.

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  20. Ric says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with Soon not helping Sam with legal fees. Sam knows what he did and the audience knows what he did. Morally, I think he deserves to go to prison. Without going to prison, Sam’s character would have continued to develop into an irrational and selfish person. Going to prison was definitely the right move plot wise.

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  21. natalie says:

    I agree with Funn and everyone here let’s make a petition to stop TVB from giving the TV king award to those TVB loyal sons Wayne and Moses while Rico’s grand brilliance acting dished like cold water by TVB! To date there has been no hype and talks about Rico getting TV King when from the comments here everyone agree that Ruco is the best acting this year while Moses has gotten the hype before WP aired! Where’s the justice! Let’s gather all Ruco’s fans to speak out to TVB against injustice for this underrated guy who is the backbone for TVB’s future!

    Where’s the justice when the series promo keep touting Linda for TV Queen when all netizens witness how her acting falters weakly especially when sparring against Ruco’s powerful emotional acting! Rachel is supposed to be likeable and Sam is supposed to be flawed but Linda’s bad acting made Rachel despicable and Rico made Sam a pitiful character with his acting.

    Ruco for TV king!
    Not Linda for TV Queen, give it to the underrated Kristal!
    TVB we want justice!

    Login or Register before you can reply to natalie
    • pssst replied:

      The press, and i think TVB too, often seem to treat Ruco like a second class citizen cos he was from ATV. Ruco’s role as Sam has generated a lot of buzz with many praising him, yet the press said nothing. When they write about BK, it’s always something negative like the props boo boo and when they write about Ruco, it’s always about who he’s dating. Real talent often gets ignored while favourites always get everything, notwithstanding that they’re undeserving.

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  22. Mydatewithspring says:

    I am with you two. TVB and the press are pushing down Ruco like a worthless slave and prepping up the wrong and mediocre people for the awards. What are these idiots thinking? They are only shaming Ruco by publishing fake rumours of him dating so and so. Ruco is praised day and night over here for his deeply emotional eyes that can show tenderness and rage perfectionally why can’t the press pick on what we are reading all over here instead of publishing articles nitpicking BK’s flaws and attack Ruco whenever he meets a woman. No one else can do this role like Ruco. Not even the overrated stoic Francis Ng who looks too old for his age.

    Login or Register before you can reply to Mydatewithspring
    • ccr replied:

      Agree that Ruco is much underrated by tbb. They tried to bring him down to Edwin’s level by promoting them together in a bundle in BK. Ruco is of a higher level then Edwin in acting, but may be not in shoeshining. tbb thinks positon is important to value an actor. But they are too stupid to realise that positions are given by their favouritism and not performance and quality. Sick of tbb, as well as the HK mdia who only interested in artistes’ love rumours and not professionalism.

      Login or Register before you can reply to ccr
      • pssst replied:

        The funniest thing is that the media is already hyping KM to be TV King even before On Call 2 airs!

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  23. Esprit says:

    I love Ruco so much !!! the best series this year and I am already missing it ^^ TVB, more Ruco please ….

    Login or Register before you can reply to Esprit
    • ccr replied:

      Me too. Feeling down after the series ended. Missing Ruco, missing Sam Sir-a pitiful and unforgettable character.

      Login or Register before you can reply to ccr
      • ace replied:

        It is a shame that the drama ended because now we won’t see Ruco on screen for a bit! 🙁

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  24. anon says:

    Yes, agreed! The last few episodes just ruined Ying for me.

    Login or Register before you can reply to anon
    • windy replied:

      I know right, she became like a biatch? hahaah…lol… my admiration of her just felt out when she spilled that nonsense that your brother is supposed to bear his mistakes just like that. Who is she to say that? Does she even know Sam enough to make such an assumption just b/c she is part of the store n have part of the money. BS character she bacame towards the last few episodes.

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