Cheung Kwok Keung Shows Muscular Body in “Slow Boat Home”

Above: Cheung Kwok Keung and Ruco Chan struggle to contain Oceane Zhu.

As the 45-year-old Nick Cheung (張家輝) graced headlines with his 6-pack physique, 56-year-old “KK”Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強) is also making eyes wander toward his toned body.

Slow Boat Home Cheung Kwok Keung 2On TVB’s romantic comedy Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線>, which is currently airing on TVB Jade, KK portrays Ching Sir, the athletic father of Ruco Chan’s (陳展鵬) character, Fit Wing. Guest character Maggie, portrayed by Oceane Zhu (朱璇), falls in love with Ching Sir and longs for his affections. She attempts to seduce Ching Sir under various circumstances, but to no avail. In a recent episode, Maggie confronts Ching Sir about her love in the bathroom, but Ching Sir dismisses her, exclaiming that he only loves his wife. The mentally unstable Maggie then grabs Ching Sir’s wife Lin, portrayed by Angelina Lo (盧宛茵), and threatens to kill her. The shirtless Ching Sir and a fully dressed Fit Wing tackled the thinly-dressed Maggie to the couch.

Netizens screencapped the rambunctious sequence and uploaded it online. The viewers commented that when taken out of context, the scene looked as if Ruco Chan and KK were trying to gang rape Oceane. These set of screencaps are currently being widely circulated on the Internet, and some netizens presumed to add fake dialogue on the screencaps as well.

Viewers lauded KK’s “career line” and toned body, joking that he had sacrificed much for TVB. KK explained that he regularly exercises and hopes to influence others his age to do so as well.

In related news, several netizens commented that Slow Boat Home has become one of TVB’s most daring dramas in recent years, noting the appearance of promiscuously suggestive scenes and that some of the characters are revealing more skin than usual for a standard family-friendly TVB drama.

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. Looks like someone watch porn too much, every scene turn into 3rd category…that’s why don’t watch porn too much, it will take over your mind and soul..

    1. agree with u Ita. a simple plot was being turned into porn!!

    2. TVB is starting a porn business when the free tv market is doom.

      1. It seems like TVB already has an operational escort business running so the porn business will be a fine complement.

        Miss HK is the vehicle used to find new “talents” for their clients, LOL

  2. TVB trying too hard to raise their bar- WRONG DIRECTION!!! they are lowering their bars!

  3. TVB is getting desperate!! I find it sad that they are doing everything from retarded rape scenes to these kinds of scenes hoping to boost ratings but sadly it is not working… IS TVB truly sinking ship soon??

    1. They should change scriptwriters. Maybe the good scriptwriters in the past had retired or left TVB for greener pastures.

    2. If we are talking abt series quality then TVB is truly a sinking ship, however I doubt the mgt. cares as long as their bottom line is showing profits.

      It will not get better until they face some real competition and get a life threatening experience e.g 10pts < in ratings.

      Btw beware when watching TVB series bc it makes you anti-rational 😀

  4. KK Cheung’s so hot. Thank goodness he’s getting the recognition!

  5. I’m glad KK Cheung is fit because then he will have the health to act many more years! He’s a great veteran actor!

  6. “Ching Sir’s wife Lin, portrayed by Angelina Lo (盧宛茵)”

    What a nice name for a woman who is more like a ‘bart po’, i hate her character, and i hate her in all her roles…

    1. She’s a veteran actor and she does very well in all the characters she plays, actually. 🙂

  7. This Oceane Zhu role is hopeless, it is added in just to prolong the series, what is she there for?, what has her character got to do with the plot????

    Lame excuse, and now another silly character came up with the appearence of a wealthy girl with a brain tumour and 3 months to live.

    Another thing i dislike about TVB productions is the fake props, especially the fake palace background, and fake sky, and fake apartments with its fake nightline, and fake lifts, etc

    1. In this case I seriously hope you no longer watch ANY movies. I’m in the production line and I’ll have you know that we use everything that’s fake in order to make our movies interesting enough. If TVB’s stuff is too fake for you, I suggest you stay away from any form of TV watching be in ATV or Western shows.

  8. I commented on this fakeness before, and the poor photo shoots, compared to mainland’s productions and now even veteran ex-TVB artistes commented the same and said the new, but without license yet TV station has so good quality cinematography after he filmed a drama there.

    There is one idiot here who straightway rebuked me to say ‘go watch your crappy mainland shows then’

    I remember that fella and if he keeps this kind of mentality, HK productions will die a natural death. Pls go ahead and bury yourself in the sand, ostrich.

    1. fake TVB,

      Go watch your crappy mainland shows then.

      1. @fella,

        N worries, i already am. You watched too many sub-standard HK, especially TVB dramas until you don’t even know the world standard anymore.

        I am right, you are a HK ostrich. LOL

      2. “There is one idiot here who straightway rebuked me to say ‘go watch your crappy mainland shows then’”

        Hahahaha, so you ARE that IDIOT!!! Dionk!

      3. fake TVB,

        Go watch your crappy mainland shows then.

      4. Your ex-TVB Maggie Cheung said:

        “After acting in mainland Chinese productions, Maggie said that she has been very happy. “Mainland China’s period dramas are much better than Hong Kong’s; this time the director for this drama was from Hong Kong and I got along very well with the crew members here.””

        And she is not the veteran TVB artiste I was refering to in my above comment, so this means there are many who said the same.

        LOL, fella, you really is a big-time HK loser.

  9. I actually enjoyed KK acting.

    Find him quite charming.

  10. jesus, Chinese are still doing hard laborous jobs so a middle aged man with this physique is not worth discussing – plus, we have all seen how Chinese men of different levels of avoirdupois have no problem wandering around shirtless in Chinese communities in the summertime – they don’t care!

    1. I don’t know many Chinese men doing laborious jobs, but definitely never see them with their shirts off in public unless it’s the beach!

      perhaps different over in Australia where i live?

  11. omg the pictured scene don’t look like a tvb drama i used to watch

  12. KK is a fun actor. I have always loved him both on and off screen. Isn’t KK still a member with the Veteran Actors Football team? He used to be all skinny and pale in the 80’s. Glad he looks much more toned now.

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