“Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” TV Drama Reveals First Trailer

The upcoming television adaptation of Flying Swords of Dragon Gate <龍門飛甲>, which stars Nie Yuan (聶遠) and Michelle Ye (葉璇), recently released its first trailer at this year’s Beijing TV Program Fair.

Adapted from Tsui Hark’s (徐克) wuxia film of the same name from 2011, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate takes place in the Ming Dynasty. The story begins when hero Zhao Huai’an (Nie Yuan) decides to take refuge at the Dragon Gate Inn after being pursued by government officials for rescuing one of their captives. There, he is saved from death by the inn’s previous owner, Jin Xiangyu (Michelle Ye), who wants him to leave the mundane world with her.

The newly released ten-minute trailer focuses on the themes of tears, blood, and treasure, all of which come together to form a new interpretation of the well-known Dragon Gate Inn legend. Though the drama’s storyline will follow that of the movie fairly closely, director Cai Jingsheng (蔡晶盛) previously noted that there would be an additional romance between female cross-dresser Yu Huatian (Mao Junjie 毛俊傑) and Hu Zhongyu (Johnny Zhang 張峻寧).

Apart from its top-notch cast and tightly plotted storyline, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate boasts liberal use of aerial photograph technology as well. This filming style deftly captures the intense desert scenes and gives the drama a movie-like feel. It is no wonder that many consider Flying Swords of Dragon Gate one of the most anticipated wuxia dramas of 2014, with many netizens saying that the ten-minute trailer was simply not enough to satisfy them.

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate is currently in post-production and is expected to air this year, with an estimated 40 episodes.

Dragon Gate Inn 2  Dragon Gate Inn 3  Dragon Gate Inn 4

Source: Sohu.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. She looks good.
    Wish she could do a drama with Tvb again. I love her chemistry with Raymond Lam.

    1. Michelle Ye is multi-talented. She is one of the few successful HK TVB artistes who is highly accepted in China.

      She also has her own successful production company.

      She can now speak fluent Beijing Mandarin herself without needing a voice-over, unlike others like Jessica Hsuan etc.

      1. Michelle Ye was born in China and only moved when she was 10? 12? It will be weird if she did not speak mandarin before then. Of course, she’s definitely a smart girl and learnt how to speak cantonese without an accent.

      2. Michelle Ye is very impressive (with beauty and brains) and ambitious too. It will not be easy for her to find her match since her standards are “extremely” high (as I recall reading from an earlier article).

        Speaking both Cantonese and Mandarin can sometimes be a tongue-twister. haha 🙂

      3. Maybe Michelle wants to be single for life, who knows??? Who said that everyone has to get married and have kids??

      4. Well said HTS. It’s better to be single and happy, rather than married the wrong man and ended up being miserable.

    2. I hope so. If she is not Beauty Queen & Actress. Her career won’t be successful. Glad her life is change forever. Hope she’ll find Mr Right & get married someday.

  2. Michelle Ye looks like Jessica Hsuan in that picture

    1. Yup, actually, i always find her look like Jessica Hsuan

    2. I thought that was Jessica Hsuan too. She did not look like Michelle Ye to me in the big photo.

  3. yeah kind of Michelle ye looks quite pretty
    yeah i really wanted Michelle ye could film a tv film
    in tvb again……………

  4. Michelle looks good! The series does seem to be of good quality– looking forward to it.

  5. i love the 92 new dragon gate inn movie. the other related news said this drama is based on the 92 movie, so who’s playing brigitte lin’s role? hopefully it’s not based on the 2011 movie as that was pretty boring with the exception of chen kun’s characters.

  6. Gotta agree on looking like Jess in the pic above. First glance and I thought it was Jess but younger looking. Anyway Michelle Ye built her early career on looking like Jess. Remember Golden Faith?

    1. More like TVB pushed her and Raymond as the next Jessica and Louis. Funny bc TVB used that method for other artists, too (Tavia as Maggie).

      Some said she looked Jessica and Charmaine in her early career, but more so Jess bc they played sisters in Golden Faith.

  7. Michelle looks gorgeous in those pictures! She doesn’t look like jessica at all… Never did. It was a lame method tvb still uses to promote new people. The facial ratios are totally different between the two of them. Plus has anyone seen a recent pic of jessica? She looks really old now.

    1. Personally I liked Jessica Hsuan better than Michelle Ye when Jessica was at Micehlle’s age now.

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