“Inbound Troubles” Make New York Times Headline

Conceived by Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), TVB drama, Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!> is a success from all standpoints. The drama peaked with ratings of 34 points with 2.176 millions Hong Kongers tuning in to watch. During its broadcast run, Inbound Troubles overtook local media headlines and has now succeeded to be featured in the international news.

On February 10, The New York Times, who often publishes articles covering social change within mainland China, picked up the story on Inbound Troubles. The drama explored the tensions between mainlanders and Hong Kongers, often due to cultural differences and competition of local resources in the crowded City. Despite the reported censorship of certain scenes in China, Inbound Troubles was a popular series in online streaming sites among mainland viewers.

The New York Times highlighted one pressing problem agitating Hong Kongers: the shortage of baby milk formula due to mainlanders sweeping retail supplies after the 2008 tainted baby formula scandal in China. Hong Kongers are even petitioning the United States to deliver assistance in the baby formula shortage situation, attracting 23,000 signatures to-date.

Inbound Troubles also snagged the honor of being the highest rated TVB drama to-date in 2013. Not bad, considering that the series was aired in the months when the local station normally earns the lowest ratings of the year. The finale, which was aired on February 8 picked up 3.9 million viewers through the myTV streaming broadcast.

TVB hopes to build upon the success of Inbound Troubles by filming a movie version and drama sequel later this year. Wong Cho Lam will once again be conceptualizing the script.

Source: ihktv.com, NYTimes.com

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  1. wow, inbound troubles did much better than i had expected, but i guess this indicates what hong kong viewers like to watch hahahah and good job for being the highest rated drama in 2013 so far!!! ….but i have a feeling when the sequels start coming out….this will long be forgotten

  2. “Inbound Troubles also snagged the honor of being the highest rated TVB drama to-date in 2013.”

    It’s not even mid feb yet… LOL

  3. it’s certainly one of the most highest quality comedies producted by TVB in years….

  4. A great team! Congratz to them. Everyone did so well, from script, acting, filming and sound effect. Its a cool comedy!

  5. extra credit should go towards roger kwok cos which other actor could have carried a series so well with so many new faces

  6. No big deal being reported in NY Times.

    Those Americans are only interested in reporting social unrest in China, and ‘Inbound Troubles’ is one of the supposedly ‘successful’ ones. thanks or no thanks to HK.

    Of course, NYT won’t let that kind of ‘scoop’ go unnoticed, can they?

    If there is one thing that stuck out, it is that Wong Cho Lam cannot act ! LOL.

  7. I just finished the series, not bad comedy
    i love watching Joey Meng series, she is pretty…

    1. Yes, the one thing that strikes me about the series is, the introduction of Joey Meng. She is so beautiful, so pretty, truly breathtaking,.. phew!

      Step aside, wong cho lam. It is not you who brought up the series, don’t get big hesded.

  8. not into this of thing but somehow i feel wong cho lam should go for plastic surgery

    1. what about cho lam needing plastic surgery? we dont need to watch “beautiful people” all the time. As long as the person can act and is naturally a genuinely nice person, i think those qualities are above a “pretty looking” face!

      1. Unattractive actors are generally accepted, but actresses are ridiculed and criticized for any facial or body flaws

      2. He’s 5’3, plastic surgery ain’t gonna change that.

        Unless he does that bone breaking thing at the shins, then he’ll have to learn how to walk again

    2. why? he is what he is,he has his uniqe talents that is most important.

    3. Why should he go for plastic surgery like the others? He can be unique with his own looks. Don’t try to make all actors and actresses into the same cloned things…

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