“iPartment 4” to Air at End of August

The fourth installment in the popular iPartment series <愛情公寓> is scheduled to begin airing on Anhui TV at the end of August. iPartment 4, which will continue the story of a group of friends living in the same apartment building, is expected to wrap up the entire series and grant closure to fans who have followed the show since the first season aired in 2009.

After so many years together, the characters of iPartment are finally beginning to understand what paths they want to take in life. Main leads Zeng Xiaoxian (Michael Chen 陳赫) and Hu Yifei (Loura Lou 婁藝瀟) watch as their new project slowly takes off, but find that their relationship is still experiencing bumps in the road. Chen Meijia (Kimi Li 李金銘) and Lu Ziqiao (Sun Yizhou 孫藝洲) have finally gotten back together, but Meijia struggles when dealing with Ziqiao’s playboy tendencies. Japanese manga artist Guangu Shenqi (Eric Wang 王傳君) enjoys a thriving career, but his interactions with girlfriend Tang Youyou (Deng Jiajia 鄧家佳) are fraught with hostility. Meanwhile, Lu Zhanbo (Kingscar Jin 金世佳) tries to look for a new love, but cannot let go of ex-girlfriend Lin Wanyu (Evonne Zhao 趙霽).

In order to stir up more interest for iPartment 4, the production revealed that this season would include guest appearances from well-known television hosts He Jiong (何炅), who will reportedly play a “new inhabitant” in the apartment and Du Haitao (杜海濤). Mainland Chinese actor Hu Ge (胡歌) is also expected to make a guest appearance as Guangu Shenqi’s love rival.

Because iPartment has gained a large fanbase among younger Chinese audiences, it is inevitable that many of them are anticipating the conclusion of the series. In a recent meeting with the press, Sun Yizhou assured fans that iPartment 4 would “definitely have an ending that the audience wants to see.”

Sources: Hunantv.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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