Josie Ho and Vincent Wong Film “Battle of Tomorrow”

Josie Ho (何超儀) has returned to TVB to shoot the station’s upcoming prison drama Battle of Tomorrow <再戰明天>. It has been over thirteen years since the 39-year-old last filmed a TVB production; her last TVB drama was 2000’s At the Threshold of an Era <創世紀>.

The cast of Battle of Tomorrow participated in a costume fitting in TVB Studios earlier this week, and Josie was seen donning a prisoner outfit. She revealed that she will be portraying a single mother with two young boys and her main love interest in the drama will be Vincent Wong (王浩信), who portrays a correctional services officer.

Josie described, “My role is miserable. Many unfortunate things happen to her. She has never met a single good person in her life, except for Vincent Wong.”

Likewise, Vincent also portrays an unfortunate character. In his youth, his character almost gets involved in the triads and suffers from bad grades in school. The first time he meets Josie’s character is when he tries to rob the convenience store she worked at. Josie forgives him, and her actions influence him to become a correctional services officer later in life.

Asked if Vincent will get slapped again in the drama, he laughed, “I will get beat up. The story will talk about how I go to prison for Josie. Because I was once a correctional services officer, I get bullied in jail.”

Josie expressed that she is prepared for the laborious filming hours of TVB. She laughed, “I actually asked if I could only work for a few hours, but I don’t know if they will listen to me. Anyway, we will try to make concessions. I still have to film another drama at the same time.”

As for why Josie accepted to film a TVB drama, she said, “It’s because of my role. If there is an excellent role, it will push me to accept it. I don’t care how difficult it will be, but please do not push me into a dung pit!”

Lawrence Ng (吳啟華), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), and Kenny Wong (黃德斌) also star in the drama.


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  1. Vincent’s role sound promising and I’m his fan. Hope it doesn’t disappoint. Is he co-leading?

    On a side note, Josie is too old for Vincent. I hope they don’t make his character older then his age or she’s younger then him. I don’t mind older women dating younger men.

  2. whaat! josie and vincent look like a mismatch eurghh shes too old

    1. I know right? Also, is she very short or he’s tall? haha LOL…

      1. lmao their height is just like me and my bf.. I quite frequently see one tall/short as Vincent and Josie in couples besides me and mine XD

  3. Haha I saw comments on Yahoo!HK, people were saying Josie looks like Vincent’s mom.

    1. Haha LOL…That’s harsh, probably BIG SISTER is bad enough. But to think of it, korea dramas lately have been pairing up 10 years different older women/younger men pair-ups so TVB is catching up perhaps? haha LOL

  4. How ironic that after 13 years of absence she return to film for TVB and took on the role of a prisoner and a single mother. Is she bored or desperate for the job.

    1. she didn’t do it for the money. She loves acting (from one of the interviews Iv seen from her) Like seriously, her family is freaking rich, so she’s obviously doing this for the love of doing it. (like Raymond Lam)

      1. That is what I was thinking. Her family is so rich but yet she still chooses to work hard instead of just sit back and spend her family’s money. I really admire her for they and for the fact that she is doing something that she loves and is passionate about instead of just thinking of the monetary gain.

      2. The family is in a very serious family feud over control. Maybe she has no access to those money.

      3. True but then it wonder why Florinda seems to get so much money to just sit back and do nothing but travel and shop? Maybe she is heavily favored versus Josie? But even forming from a rich family, it is always better to work yourself and have your own income.

  5. Being a fan of Vincent Wong since watching Coffee Cat Mama. Yam Ka Cheng is such a cute yet silly character. Lol

  6. This series will be very exciting just hope we will see alot of prison scenes not love scenes

  7. josie ho good does not look enough to be cast into a tv series/movie

    1. She does not look so bad because I have seen worse. Also there are many that act well and have the charm and screen presence which is just as important as looks.

    1. She’s ONLY 40 years old?!! I thought she was much older! I’m not against older women paired with younger guys, however, she looks a lot older and frankly mannish. Hope her acting is good at least.

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