“Meet the Daughters-In-Law” Holds Costume Fitting

TVB’s upcoming Lunar New Year drama for 2014, temporarily titled Meet the Daughters-In-Law <新抱喜相逢>, held its costume fitting press conference on September 27. Starring Nancy Sit (薛家燕), Joyce Tang (滕麗名), Angela Tong (湯盈盈), Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年), Evergreen Mak (麥長青), and Anderson Junior (安德尊). The series is produced by Kwan Wing Chung (關永忠), and is slated to be only 15 episodes.

The story centers on Angela and Joyce, two friends who attended the same acting training class. Their friendship takes a downturn when they both debut as actresses in the entertainment industry. Competing for television fame, the two ex-friends also competed for favoritism when they married into the same wealthy family. Angela and Joyce respectively marry brothers Ka Nin and Evergreen, sons of Nancy.

Angela Tong Comes Back

Meet the Daughters-In-Law is Angela Tong’s first drama since giving birth to her daughter in March 2013. Angela expressed that she is unsure if she has enough physical energy to withstand TVB’s long filming hours, but stated that she is prepared for the challenge. As filming begins in early October, Angela has already asked her parents from Canada to return to Hong Kong to take care of her daughter. She also consulted a baby care center and hired a babysitter. She also revealed that she has registered a playgroup course for her 7-month old daughter.

“Don’t call me extreme,” laughed Angela. “It’s only once a week for half an hour. Just to listen to some music. I also already found a kindergarten for her. There really is no other way to but to do so, because that is how Hong Kong’s education environment. My husband even asked me if I was being a bit too extreme.”

Portraying Nancy Sit’s elder son, Evergreen Mak revealed that this will be his first time playing an effeminate character. Evergreen expressed that he has consulted help from “So Gay” Koo Ming Wah (古明華), who encouraged Evergreen to take on the role freely.

Evergreen also said, “I lost 20 pounds to film Property Protector <守業者>. Now I have to add a few more pounds for Meet the Daughters-In-Law.”

Eager Return of Nancy Sit

It is reported that the casting of Meet the Daughters-In-Law is positively received by avid Hong Kong television-goers. With Nancy’s successful sitcom track record, which includes the critically acclaimed A Kindred Spirit <真情> and Virtues of Harmony <皆大歡喜>, viewers have high expectations of the comedy.

There has been speculation that the plot of Meet the Daughters-In-Law alluded to the rumored rift between Fala Chen (陳法拉) and Marie Zhuge (諸葛紫岐), both who respectively dated and married Neway brothers, Daniel(薛世恆) and Ernie Sit (薛嘉麟). Rumors claimed that Fala and Marie fought intensely to gain the favor of their mother-in-law, but the gossip ended when Fala announced her split with Daniel in June 2013.
Earlier, producer Kwan Wing Chung denounced the speculation and stated, “Never even thought about them so there is definitely no allusion there. News regarding rich families and the entertainment business create the most discussion and it is the most attractive to the audience.”
The producer further declared that he is not worried about Lunar New Year’s low viewership time-slot, expressing, “Past Lunar New Year dramas have been well-received. It is very important to have a good drama during the New Year’s so the audience can happily enjoy the holidays.”

Sources: On.cc; On.cc; ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. What, the bloke dressed up like Ash Ketchum? Those arms are freaking massive.

  1. I’d like to see how the 15 eps works out. a lot of dramas nowadays are too long

  2. Is this for real? Is Joyce first-lead or co-lead. I’m superexcited to see her lead even if the drama seems sloppily put together. 😛

    1. Perhaps you can produce something better! Please submit script to TVB asap

  3. That’s good Nancy Sit in tvb series again. Ppl that dislike all the tvb series, don’t watch it. Its plain and simple. Go watch your CTI channel. Oh I forgot, they don’t even have a license. Hahaha

    1. That’s a good one. People now start complaining from the costume fitting incredible! Next they will complain Nancy is too jolly, Ngo Ka Nin looks too cool to be real, costumes too summery or not enough layers if drama is taking place in winter. Have I missed some complaints???

      1. Don’t forget about the complaints about how overused some actors/actresses are but then still complain when when another TVB drama has a whole bunch of new faces.

  4. Looks a bit bland. The casting is not attractive enough, well not for me in any case

  5. Let’s see how the 15 episodes will be distributed 😀 I hope the ending isn’t rushed even though there are 15 only.

    1. Yes, it does totally depend on the storyline since the cast is isnt that interesting.

  6. I like Joyce and Angela. It keep it fresh and how short this drama is… Not those long dramas and current fadan and suisang, they bored me as hell….

  7. I would watch this for Evergreen, Joyce and Angela, because I think it’ll be nice to see them shine, and i like them enough. But Nancy Sit. Why? Have you ever seen her in River of Wine? Sigh.

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