Myolie Wu Plays Leftover Woman in Period Drama “La Maqiao Ba”

Period comedy La Maqiao Ba <辣媽俏爸>, which translates roughly as “Hot Mother, Smart Father,” recently began airing on Hubei Television. Starring Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Yu Bo (於波), and Ma Tianyu (馬天宇), La Maqiao Ba mixes a period setting with modern-day issues, leading to a unique style that has stirred much discussion among netizens.

In La Maqiao Ba, Myolie plays Gu Dandan, a “leftover woman” who has pledged to become the Tang Dynasty’s first female constable. Foolishly devoted to her career, she knows nothing about romantic relationships, until the day fate steps into her life. After she accidentally gets involved with a rich bachelor named Ai Dingbao (Yu Bo), she discovers that she is pregnant and thus must get married to him. During their comedic but, at times, embarrassing marriage, Dandan must figure out how to simultaneously raise her son and be a successful constable.

Despite being set in the Tang Dynasty, La Maqiao Ba involves many modern-day issues, such as leftover women, one-night stands, pregnancy outside of marriage, lightning weddings, another woman in a relationship, and cosmetic surgery. The storyline also tackles a romantic relationship between an elderly couple, portrayed by veteran actors Ng Man Tat (吳孟達) and Fang Qingzhuo (方青卓).

Perhaps because these modern-age issues hit too close to home for some viewers, several netizens argued that La Maqiao Ba’s storyline was geared too much toward losers. Nevertheless, the main character’s successful marriage to a rich suitor roused the envy of many female viewers, who left comments like “Please give me advice, otherwise I’ll go time-travel as well.” Whatever the response, the drama’s ample popularity proves that viewers find it a great way to beat the summer heat.

“La Maqiao Ba” Trailer

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      1. Thanks and do they have the Mandarin version on YouTube? I guess I will search it to see.

      2. I cannot find it in Mandarin!! MY Cantonese is not so great and I get so sick of having to read the Chinese subtitles. No, there are no English subtitles since they are not accurate most of the time.

      1. u can watch it in YouTube just search up the series name in chinese. They have the entire series uploaded in cantanose

  1. Have not seen Yu Bo act in a series in a long time so great to see him again as well as Ma TianYu.

  2. Great to see Chen Yi as well. WOW, Richard Ng looks really old in this series. But great to see him too.

      1. Yeah because he actually looks cute and younger than Myolie.

      2. That is Yu Bo and he has a mature look. He is born in 1976 so is 3 years older than Myolie. He played one of the brothers in the movie Saving General Yang in case some of you don’t remember. He was in many series from China many of you may not know him. HE has always been one of my most favorites so great to see him act with Myolie.

      3. Yu Bo is quite attractive IMO. Lol. He has a lot of series with Ada Choi. He’s a pretty good actor too.

      4. I think Yu Bo is attractive too.The only series that I have seen and remember of him and Ada are SHui Yue Dong Tian, Ling Jing Chuan Qi and that one other series which I forgot the name of. I think that is it.. Unless they were in some modern ones that I did not see since I don’t really watch modern series from CHina.

  3. “Please give me advice, otherwise I’ll go time-travel as well.”

    ROFL!! That was totally slap my knee funny! Gosh, will we get subtitles soon?

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