Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu Reunite in “Incisive Great Teacher”

After the success of their time traveling series, Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>, Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) and Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) are pairing up again for not only the upcoming sequel, but also the currently filming period drama, Incisive Great Teacher <犀利仁師>, in which they will star as bickering teachers in China’s first school to accept female students.

A fusion of ancient settings with modern youthful elements, Incisive Great Teacher begins its story when the emperor, hoping to promote gender equality, mandates that females will receive schooling as well. However, his edict is met with secret opposition by conservative forces. In order to ensure that the emperor’s policy will be carried out, martial artist/detective Liu Aotian (Nicky Wu) is invited to become a teacher at Hong Wen Educational Institute, where the first group of female students will be educated as a trial run.

After his arrival, Aotian encounters a bevy of problems, including Lu Yunfei (Cecilia Liu), a “leftover woman” and fellow teacher who previously had a misunderstanding with Aotian and followed him to Hong Wen to settle the score. As expected, they initially do nothing but quarrel, but gradually fall in love, only for their relationship to become more entangled when another teacher, Nie Wenxing (Huang Zhengyan 霍政諺), enters the scene.

Throughout the difficulties of his love life and educator responsibilities, Aotian must also continually combat the conservative attacks against Hong Wen. As his wisdom guides him in leading the students and other teachers in countering these tricks, he discovers that a spy from the enemy’s side has infiltrated the school, forcing him to meet this danger face-to-face.

Despite its period backdrop, the drama features many of the same elements that modern students currently experience: youth, love, learning, encouragement, showing off, and the occasional wacky behavior. Produced by Nicky and helmed by Hong Kong directors Ricky Wong (黃偉傑) and Jones Ma (馬華幹), Incisive Great Teacher will also include Bu Bu Jing Xin actor Ye Zuxin (葉祖新) and veteran actor Yue Yueli (岳躍利), as well as guest appearances from Wallace Huo (霍建華) and Cheng Pei Pei (鄭佩佩).

On the Filming Set of “Incisive Great Teacher” 

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Incisive Great Teacher 5  Incisive Great Teacher 8  Incisive Great Teacher 2

Incisive Great Teacher 6  Incisive Great Teacher 1  Incisive Great Teacher 7


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  1. I was a bit confused about the name change for BBJX’s sequel until I read the contents. I do look forward to this then!

    1. I saw that clip on Youtube earlier and was really looking forward to this too.

  2. I waited for this series patiently. I like Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu separately and together. They are amazing.

    1. I like both of them too and this comedy should be a light hearted affair…..perhaps also giving them more time to ‘know each other’ as BBJX fans out there thinks this pairing could really happen in real life.

      Looking forward to this.

      1. @3G门户娱乐频道
        【刘诗诗:没恋吴奇隆】近期,#吴奇隆#、#刘诗诗#这对荧幕情侣备受关注,正在恋爱的传言甚嚣尘上。在接受3G娱乐专访时,刘诗诗否认恋爱,还调侃称自己更爱霍建华 。刘诗诗直言享受当剩女,“或许大家觉得大龄剩女不是很好的词,可有时也能把它当做‘胜女’,取决于自己的心态。

      2. Thanks littleG for the info but you seriously believe everything Cecilia or any celebs say??? First of all, they lie through their teeth like crazy. Second of all, even they themselves do not know what can happen in the future so you never know. I would not be shocked if Cecilia and Nicky do eventually date.

      3. I would TOTALLY be shocked if Cecilia date that old man. He looks like he could be her dad but acted like a little kid.

      4. That is so mean of you to say that. It is true that Nicky is 17 years older than her, but that is not the worse. I have seen other couples who had an even bigger gap but are happy. Nicky is mature in his own way but has a playful personality as well and I do not find that a bad thing.

      5. And she probably prefers Yuan Hong over Wallace Huo…

        In any case, I don’t think LSS or Nicky are each other’s type anyway.

  3. I don’t like both of these artists. Nicky Wu is short and Cecilia’s nose is ugly.

    1. I concur, I don’t think he’s just short but he’s not at all attractive but he seems to fit the metaphor phrase ” SALTY FISH BECAME ALIVE?? ” haha LOL..
      She’s plain but younger I guess.

      1. Hate him for wanting to look and act younger than his age. He needs to act more appropriate for a 40+ year old man.

    2. You should ALWAYS watch a series for more than just the cast or just a few leading actors/actresses. There is more than just looks to an artist. Nicky is not that short and Cecilia’s nose is fine. What is wrong with her nose???

  4. Dislike the hairstyle and costume 🙁 Whyyyy cant they hire a good costume designer!!!

    1. Noticed. Both of Nicky’s production costumes looks cheap (this series and Bride with White Hair).

      1. I thought the costumes in Bride with White Hair looked fine. The costumes in here are ok, but a bit plain looking.

  5. Glad that this drama is more of a comedy. I don’t like Cecilia playing the more melancholy characters. I liked the first half of BBJX before her character became downright sad…. (One reason why I’m not bothering with the sequel).

  6. Don’t understand the hype with Nicky Wu. He ain’t all that good of an actor and he is ugly.

    1. That is your opinion and looks and acting are in the eye of the beholder.

      1. Exactly that it is JUST your opinion!! You had better do something about your bad attitude…

      2. Yes, it’s my OPINION, just like you have your OWN. What give you the right to tell me what to do?

      3. Why is it that I always see/read you preaching to others on this forum like you know it ALL and treating them like a little kid?! And in MY OPINION, you are most annoying!

      4. You should have kept it to yourself then if you can’t accept others “butting in”. What’s with all these people coming here and airing their opinion, oh, but NO ONE is allowed to counter it?! This is a place for news and discussion.

      5. LMAO, if you didn’t want anyone to comment then you shouldn’t have posted in the first place. It’s your prerogative to post whatever you want, and it’s other people’s prerogative to respond. You sure got awfully butthurt for such a mild response.

      6. I didn’t mind the response at all, I hated when the person preaches and preaches, I mean, how many time have you seen this phrase from the same person all over these forums:

        “You should ALWAYS watch a series for more than just the cast or just a few leading actors/actresses”

        Okay, we get it! Deal with the fact that fans watch series more for their idol than the plot. Big deal.

        I got annoyed…that’s all it is.

      7. @littleG + skinnymocha,

        Haha LOL…I know and don’t forget ‘there are more looks to a person than outer apperance’ it’s like we can’t even comment on ppl’s looks or just anything truthfully hahaha..LOL..
        I think she might be around 40+ due to she has alot of opinions on older series that i have never even heard so that’s why she is probably older and loves preaching and lecturing? haha LOL…

    2. I also think he’s quite unattractive as well but I guess he has LUCK on his side from that ancient drama that everyone loves which i didn’t watch since I don’t like historic/ancient themes.
      I guess again I can use the metaphor “SALTY FISH BECAME ALIVE”? on him i mean he’s been out forever n all of a sudden they are in high demand due to popularity to a certain high ratings drama. I guess sometimes the hype is just @ the moment and he’s lucky.
      But let’s be fair, lots of UGLY actors either makes or does not make it, to me it all depends on luck.

      1. He was from the original boyband which shaped many childhood/teenagehood, he was in one of the most celebrated movie (readaptation) in HK and yes he was out but he was never completely out. he was fantastic as 4th prince and deservingly revived. I admire his professionalism and his tales of his youth of suffering for his family. That earned my respect of him forever and I don’t care if some think him of ugly, etc, but him remaining silent over his divorce, not a bad word about his cheating ex wife, his likable personality amongst his co-stars (Kevin for one) and his closeness to his fans via Weibo makes me like him and respect him as an entertainer of the highest regard. And he looks great for his age. Yes he is short. But then he never proclaimed himself as tall dark and handsome. And he has a unique look, you may call him unattractive but hey, there’s only one Nicky Wu looking like Nicky Wu. And it is not luck. he worked veru very hard in his youth, and perhaps a little luck in getting the role that revived his career but he rocked in that role so I can’t imagine someone else. Amongst the many 4th prince, he was the best for the younger generation. Or do you prefer Mickey He? And he has always been popular in China due to Little Tigers.

      2. P/S He made Wallace Huo dance the bum swishing around and around in The Detective. That is why I love him.

      3. @Funn Lim
        am so damn agree with you, you said what reflect his fans heart. tq

    3. LMAO. You’re right. He’s ugly and ain’t all that good of an actor (he was a pro athlete for goodness sakes), but what can I say, he stole my heart from the moment I saw him in The King of Comic 17 years ago. The guy WAS cute, give him a break. LOL.

  7. Yes, he got lucky for getting the role. The role was offered to Wallace Chung and Wallace Huo first. To be honest, I think whoever landed the role was guaranteed popularity because the character was well loved by the millions of novel followers.

    Nicky did a good job, but he was not great in IMO.

    Nicky looked great for his age because…botox anyone?

    1. I am happy Wallace Chung said no because he won’t fit. Wallace Huo would do better as 8th prince, as 4th prince he may be too melancholic and that is not right. in fact he may be do better as 13th.

      Botox? Maybe or maybe just lucky with good genes. I see that he can still cry and move his forehead. Some people do look youthful as he dresses youthful but yes look at closeup he does have plenty of wrinkles. Curse the HDTV eh?

    2. I thought Nicky did excellent. I mean, what else was there for him to do besides standing and keeping a straight face…? LOL.
      On a serious note, I personally felt Nicky as Yinzhen was mesmerizing. The way he stared, the way he posed, and the way he walked was just…
      He pretty much owned all the princes or I should say actors who played the princes. Whenever Nicky came on screen, even if it’s for a brief second, you can feel his presence. He’s not the most attractive guy, but he draws you in. I don’t think anyone can play 4th Prince like Nicky.

  8. Hmm another production by Nicky? I hope it’s more successful than the other one. Not sure it’s my taste since I’m not that into modern dramas in ancient settings.

  9. I am not interested in Chinese drama and movies. I just watch HK movies and series only. Also no Korea series.

    1. Then I’m really confused as to why you bothered to comment lol not trying to take a jab at you but I’m honestly confused as to why you would click into an article about a Chinese drama that you have 0% interest in knowing about and taking some time to proclaim that you only watch HK dramas 😛

    2. do give them chances. Korean dramas are really fine. i recommend you Iris, if you like HK movies, believe me, Iris rocks

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