Oceane Zhu Denies Cheung Kwok Keung Touched Her Chest

TVB detectives are back on their new assignments during the broadcast of TVB’s Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線> this week. Some sharp-eyed netizens noticed that Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強) may have touched Oceane Zhu’s (朱璇) chest inappropriately in a rescue scene.

Episode 16 of Slow Boat Home, which was aired Monday night, centered on the mysterious new character Maggie (portrayed by Oceane Zhu), who settled down in Cheung Chau under the assumption that she is a relative of Nurse Wong, who mysteriously left the island. Maggie replaces Nurse Wong as Fit Wing’s (portrayed by Ruco Chan 陳展鵬) assistant at his outpatient clinic.

Maggie befriends Fit Wing and his family, especially gaining the trust of his mother, Lin (portrayed by Angelina Lo 盧宛茵). Lin even makes several attempts to match Maggie with her son, but Maggie seems to be much fonder of Fit Wing’s father, Ching Sir (portrayed by Cheung Kwok Keung). During a windsurfing activity with Ching Sir, Maggie purposely falls from her board, prompting Ching Sir to rush to her rescue in the water.

Oceane Zhu Cheung Kwok KeungIn this particular scene, netizens noticed that Cheung Kwok Keung had his arms over Oceane’s chest while he side-kicked to the shore. Viewers claimed that Cheung Kwok Keung had accidentally (or purposefully?) indecently touched Oceane during the rescue segment.

“Nothing should have happened,” said Oceane. “We practiced the scene and looked over the camera angles. Women can get really sensitive when it comes to something like this, but I felt fine. I will go on myTV to take a look at [the scene].”

Sources: Apple Daily; On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Haven’t anyone heard of accidental touch?

  2. Why would he choose to molest or touch her when there are cameras rolling and people watching at them? Definitely an accident or angle problem.

    1. Water rescue, of course there will be body contacts, and definitely will be accidents. What kind of childish news is this, why do hk media love to write these trivial things

      1. Yes, I know right? This is so dumb. What a waste of time to read.

  3. Are you serious? Relax HK viewers. How do you think life guards save people?

  4. So stupid!! How to film a rescue scene, you tell me!

  5. She’s so pretty, and her cantonese improves quite a bit too. Love her character in the show.

  6. so do HK netizens want him to hold her by the feet instead???

    1. Nope, they wanted him to drag her back to shore by pulling her hair.

  7. Some HK viewers can be ignorant. If one is familiar with proper life saving techniques, they should be praising him. He actually is using the right way to rescue a drowning person and drag them back to safety, while holding the head afloat so that the person can breathe.

    1. Agree. Instead of praising him for correct technique and realistic acting, they call him a pervert. Pathetic people…

  8. I notice she always use super long fake eye lashes, wonder how she look like without it.

      1. The cross is upside down… she must be an anti-christ.

        No makeup… but still… she turns me on.

  9. Negative ppl. I didnt noticed anything when I watching it.

    KK Cheung is funny. He look good for his age.

  10. What? Didn’t see also rub her hands over his chest too? Why is no one complaining about that?

  11. poor CK, I think that’s the proper way for water rescue, no?.
    CK is a good actor. Wonder why he never lead a series.

    1. Cause he’s old. actually i think he did way back into the 90’s. but now that he’s older, you what happens. which sucks, cause he’s heaps better than all the young ones.

    2. no old isn’t the reason because tvb still primoting michael miu who can’t act and wayne lai who’s overpromoted! it’s politics!

      1. Michael Miu can act certain roles. I really liked him in The Academy. I also liked his chemistry with Sheren Tang in Drive of Life.

      2. michael’s acting really bad in change of heart. he’s really lucky to pair with joey who is wonderful in her acting!

      3. Just because you may find Michael to be bad in A Change Of Heart doesn’t mean he’s a bad actor overall. Hes great in most of his work.nLike Kenneth he was good in THC but horrible in Three Kingdoms. He’s not a bad actor either same with Michael it’s just that they excel at different type of roles more than the other. It’s logic

    3. His acting tops many leading actors BY A MILE! He’s brilliant in any single role thrown to him, especially an eunuch role. Stupid company doesn’t recognize talent. He should just join the rival company.

      1. Totally Agree! But hope he stay in tvb…lol..

      2. Agreed, Cheung Kwok Keung is one of my favorite actors and is “ooh la la” attractive too. 🙂

      3. Lol, he’s so attractive in his own way. I must be sick to be smittened by him, ahhhhhh!! He looks great for his age 😀

  12. I really like her, hope she gets more opportunities and hey maybe even a nomination this year.

    Does anyone know if she’s involved in any upcoming dramas? Besides Come Home Love

  13. Some people have really nothing good to say about others … always bad mouthing here and there … slackers .. grow up la ….

  14. One point i didnt understand abt this part if the show was, how come nurse wong just disappeared? I was expecting that when fit wing and heidi open up te room they’ll probably find nurse wong tied up there, etc. since they made her disappearance so mysterious. But they just found her contact number in the house & managed to contact her. Such a build up, then a let down..

    Oceann’s canto and acting is improving!

  15. such a ridiculous article, it’s not worth writing about, and definitely not worth reading, but heck, i admit, i read it. What a waste of my few minutes.

  16. Seriously, HK viewers……from the grainy pic I could tell that his arm was above her chest!!! Goodness sake. They are acting and in the water. Sometimes accidental touch happens!! Why made a big fuss out of nothing. Today’s society is worst off than the 70s’ and 80s’. Those old movies had more touching and real kissing scenes than now and yet people make a big fuss of it more now than before!!! arrggghhhh…….

  17. All for publicity’s sake. No one will believe KK intentionally grabbed Oceane’s breast.

  18. lol!!! HK ppl are sometimes quite stupid..or are they so used up their brain on their daily busy schedule until cant differentiate molest & life saving technique, theoretically..

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