“Slow Boat Home” Finale Peaked at 30 Points

The last two months for TVB have been less than stellar. The spring television season ended with ratings so poor that the mid-season finished off with some of TVB’s lowest-ever rated dramas, including Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳> and Bullet Brain <神探高倫布> slipping below 20 ratings points.

However, with the broadcast of the Leung Choi Yuen (梁材遠)-produced romantic drama Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線> last month, Hong Kong’s most popular station finally saw a slight surge in ratings. The Cheung Chau-based series debuted at 25 points in its first broadcast week in mid-May, totaling 1.61 million viewers. The finale week rose to 28 points and peaked at 30 points, drawing in 1.80 million viewers to watch the show’s bittersweet conclusion. Slow Boat Home’s second-to-last episode, which aired last Thursday, was the most-watched television episode of the week.

TVB’s new fantasy drama A Change of Heart <好心作怪>, starring Michael Miu (苗僑偉),Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Niki Chow (周麗淇), and Joey Meng (萬綺雯), is also faring well in ratings. The black comedy series debuted at only 24 points on its first week, but ratings on its second week went up by 3 points, averaging 1.73 million viewers per episode. The series peaked to 29 points last Wednesday and Thursday.

If the ratings for A Change of Heart continue to rise, TVB’s spring season may finish on a sweet note. It will also make a perfect introduction to TVB’s highly anticipated summer season, which includes dramas Awfully Lawful <熟男有惑>Karma Rider <師父·明白了>, Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲宵II>, and Always and Ever <情逆三世緣>.

Unfortunately, TVB’s new dating reality show Bachelors at War <求愛大作戰>, a sister production to the highly rated dating show Bride Wannabes <盛女愛作戰>, debuted to a record low of 20 rating points, with only 1.28 million viewers tuning in to watch. Bride Wannabes’ debut rating was 6 points higher.

Bachelors at War also received 32 complaints last week, as reported by the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority. Some viewers complained that the judges on the show lacked professionalism. Other complaints were against the show’s material, which was said to be “offensive, nonsensical, and discriminating.”

Source: Apple Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I hated the ending. It was like a waste of 45 minutes because there was no content worthy of remembering. This is that sort of series that in time will be forgotten and the only reason why it is watched now is because everything else was more awful.

    1. Agreed, I watched a few episodes. But not because I enjoyed it, it was more like there were nothing else to watch.

      1. Agree with Yuki!!
        Watching it only because there is nothing else to watch and watching it just for the sake of Ruco!!!
        Like Beauty & War and Bullet Brain, I don’t even watch it after first few episodes because it’s too boriiiinnnnngggggg!!!!

        I can’t wait HKTV to get the FREE LICENSE so we can really spend our time on WORTHY DRAMAS!!!

        I’m 100% sure TVB rating will deeply be affected it HKTV get to release their dramas!!!!

        I rather watch POLICE BOUNDERIES than Awfully Lawful

    2. Agree, this drama peaked 30 points because it is the best among the worst.

    3. This is that sort of series that in time will be forgotten

      Sadly, that can be said for practically 99% of what TVB produces.

  2. I had high expectations for SBH, it started out ok but ended up pretty bad but still one of the better ones to air this year.

    I’m glad ACOH ratings continue to rise, I wouldn’t be surprised if it passes 30 points this week. The series is really good so far, every character stands out and share the same connections for the plot.

  3. Slow Boat Home was alright, it was one of the better series this year.

    I really like A Change Of Heart as well. Bosco is doing great, Michael has a complex character along with Joey. Mandy is hilarious in there as well. This series is def worth a watch.

  4. If you look back at the average rating for TVB a fews years ago, it was about 26. This just shows that people are starting to abandon TVB.

    1. i’d rather watch korean running man with people that i don’t know while waiting for the more anticipated productions such as triumph 2, on call2, brother’s keeper and rosy 3!

  5. After watching SBH and ACOH, (I personally prefer ACOH, mostly because of all the good looking casts) 😉 I now realised why TVB is so against HKTV to have their free license!!

    I watched the 1st episode released by HKTV, Police Bounderies and just WOW!!!!
    Although all the casts are not good looking but WOW WOW WOW, their acting just WOW!! It seems more like a MOVIE than a DRAMA!! So thrilling and not draggy at all!!!

    HK GOVT!!! Faster grant HKTV their FREE LICENSE!!
    For those haven’t watch, the link below: MUST WATCH!!

    1. True, HKTV somehow is able to produce wht people actually wanna see instead of ‘mo lei tou’ series. Cant wait for the rest of the episodes.

    2. agree on police boundaries and how the image quality was so good and looks like a movie. it’s just wow. it’s a high quality image production which is on par with america tv series image quality. you’ll forget about the not well known casts because the production is good in everything. you feel like watching a longer version if cold war instead of tvb filler family friendly series with bad and cheap soap opera image quality. it feels like watching a free movie. put tvb and their ancient image quality to shame. tvb is dying

      1. support hktv and their high quality movie like production!

      2. Yeahhh!! And the story line so suspense!!!
        Unlike TVB, it will take 5 episodes just for the police to bump into those robbers!!
        HKTV, all these in just ONE EPISODE and WOW-Unexpected plot!!! Not draggy!!
        If TVB, it will be another few episodes just to show the bribery between the polices and robbers!!

        So suspense!!! So what happened in that 6months while he is in coma?!! Who is the REAL bad guy?!! Will ppls believe him-that he is innocent?!!

        Yeah, everything just WOW and it’s okay even the casts are mostly unknown or veterans (not good looking) because the production is just WOW!!
        The drifting part, wahhhhh!!!! And I love them while at the beach!!! Those happiness so REAL!!
        Seems like a longggggggg time I never see such REAL FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!!!
        Even the girl who acted as one of the robber, don’t know her name but WOW, she left an impression on me!!! It’s really MOVIE quality!! Where the casts must leave impression to the audience ASAP!!
        I am rooting for the 2nd episodes!!!
        HKTV, just release it online!!!
        Since HK viewers doesn’t appreciate u, let them with TVB, I certainly voting for HKTV!!!!!

  6. I found the new hktv police drama is pretty much illogical too in its storyline. The drama is HD but they just made it really plastic no offense but still it’s better than tv quality so far. Oh yeah back to the HKTV police drama disappointed me so far it just catches me now + laughing gor !!! can’t they use new ideas ….. …But it still good lah

    1. the production value is amazing but i agree with you on most points. everything moved way too fast, seemed illogical and that confrontation in the gun shop was badly written. but it’s still probably better than anything from tvb this year, aside from A change of heart.

      1. True, parts of the plot were illogical in the first episode and the pace was faster than anticipated, but part of that was because the episode was ‘edited down’ – originally, the first episode was supposed to be a ‘TV-movie’ that sets up everything — which means that the episode was supposed to be way longer than 45 minutes and could have been viewed independently from the rest of the series….but it looks like HKTV ended up scrapping the TV-movie thing and turned it into the actual first episode instead (not sure why though).

        In any case, the first episode of Police Boundaries was still awesome and the quality way better than most of the police-themed series that TVB has been churning out in recent years! At the very least, the first episode left most audiences (key word is ‘most’) wanting to watch more of the series and also garnered alot more support for HKTV…looking at it that way,the first episode already did its job….

    2. The HKTV drama seriously sucks. Can’t watch anymore of it. Really hope the government does not approve their license.

      1. @simon: LOL…care to ‘back up’ your argument like everyone else has been doing? Otherwise, merely saying “HKTV sucks” without explanation and hoping that people agree with you is truly very lame.

        @sel_fi_wu: My guess is that simon is either a TVB staff member or a ‘water general’ hired by TVB to promote their cause (if it’s the latter, then TVB should hire someone else because honestly, he’s not doing a very good job of trying to convince people that HKTV sucks….LOL.)

      2. @llwy12
        I watched the first episode and also Yeahhh feel like I supposed to post it after I read ur blog!!

  7. Lol some of you are acting like you never seen that quality HKTV has, it’s nothing compared to Hollywood productions. I pt was alright but ere were some illogical plots, there were a couple of actors who seem out of place.

    1. HARLO CATO!!
      If u are going to say that HKTV-“DRAMA” is par with HOLLYWOOD drama or worse than it then it’s a GOOD NEWS, means that TVB really going down hill!! Cuz we never compare TVB dramas with HOLLYWOOD!
      Now we are comparing HKTV, a NEWLY SET-UP TV STATION with HOLLYWOOD?! That’s a GOOD NEWS!!!
      Which Asian country, the dramas we ever compare with HOLLYWOOD production? NEVER!!
      OONNNLLLYYYY HKTV soooo farrr!!
      U don’t like, u are free to watch TVB dramas and yup, as about the HOLLLLYWOODDDD dramas that you mentioned, care to name which one u watch?!

      1. Lol you sound a bit obsessed. I’m just saying HKTV, TVB, Korean or Mainland dramas none of me can be compared to Hollywood productions. They don’t have the resources nor budget to compare and not to mention the actors. I’m not just talking about Hollywood dramas but the whole productions even their cheap independent films are much better an HKTV or whatever.

        It’s not good news lol I don’t see how you interpret that, I’m saying HKTV is crap compared to Hollywood productions no offense, at Roberts cent was too fake and the glass were plastic like really? I don’t want to judge HKTv too much since its oly the first episode. We all free to watch anything we want to, A Change Of Heart is not that bad of a series either. Besides we shouldn’t really compare since Hollywood productions scripts are finished months to years before filming and casting, it’s more professional based in Asia where there are no auditions but casting regardless whether or not they can pull of the role. All stations in Asia need a bigger budget and sponsors in order to gain more viewers and def more actors. I swearin every Chinese action movie all we see is Nick Cheung, Loius Koo or Andy Lau, it’s boring.

      2. Yen,

        You do sound a bit obsessed. Actually, many people, many communities, many organizations in Asia have compared its dramas with Hollywood’s dramas–be it Japan, Korea, HK, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Bollywood, etc. This includes TVB–maybe not in jaynestars but obviously in other forums and in reality. And I have no idea why you said it was good news.


        I hope you don’t just limit it to Hollywood. Actually, many other countries, such as Germany, France, Argentina, the UK have produced some good dramas as well, not only Hollywood. Maybe most people don’t watch them because of the languages and cultures, but sometimes theirs are better than Hollywood’s dramas.

    2. @Cato: I agree with you – of course HKTV’s series are nothing to shout about when compared to Hollywood productions….but from the perspective of HK audiences who are used to the standard HK (TVB) fare (and who may not be as well-versed in Hollywood productions as those of us here in the U.S. and overseas), the differences will definitely be tremendous.

      For me, I feel it’s useless to compare any Asian country/nation’s TV or movie filming to Hollywood, since they’re (Hollywood) on a completely different level entirely (it’s like trying to compare an Olympic athlete to a junior varsity athlete or something)….with that said though, it’s hard to blame some audiences for getting so excited over HKTV’s productions….I mean, if you’ve been getting mostly subpar / poor quality TV series for the past 15-20 years and now you get something that’s obviously several notches higher on the quality scale, most likely you would find it ‘refreshing’ as well (I use ‘you’ in the general sense here).

      And again, like I’ve said in the past….being excited for HKTV’s productions doesn’t mean that all TVB productions suck (the same goes vice versa as well). Each audience / viewer’s preference will be different depending on what they grew up watching as well as cultural differences, etc. I personally support both TVB and HKTV in different aspects (and for different reasons), but of course, that’s just me….

      As for the first episode of Police Boundaries (looks like the official English name is “Borderline”) – of course it has its flaws as all series do (and yes, the illogical plot and the acting of some of the artists are problem areas, amongst other things), but overall for me, the positives definitely outweighed the negatives….

      1. I know I wasn’t really trying to compare it to Hollywood productions since they’re way out if their league but I just meant that there isn’t much to wow about like some people do over HKTV quality. Comparing to HK it’s different but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before, I was just using that as an example since most if us watch Hollywood movies. It’s not something to be too excited or obsessive about

      2. Whoops wrong reply! My comment earlier got deleted somehow

    3. Hollywood production -> twilight. I watch hktv you watch twilight.

  8. This series don’t catch my eyes, don’t think I will be watching it even if Raymond W is in here. I am glad for him that his series is doing well, and Nikki as well! I just wish they would pair up together again! I am still not over Bottled passion’s ending! GRRR

  9. A Change of Heart isn’t that bad. Watching Bosco everyday is a bliss. He’s a good package a damn fine actor and getting more and more handsome as he grow older.

    How can Joey possibly look that young in her 40’s? She’s also a damn fine actor with good looks – good packaging.

    In a nutshell as of now A Change of Heart is pretty much a nice package. It’s an ensemble of beautiful actors and actresses(I’m not kidding) with acting range from great to acceptable except some bad acting from child actors and an acceptable storyline. I only wish they can discard some of Martin and Fei’s scenes because they made me sleepy, there’s no need to literally show that elaborate of their marriage life just to highlight on upcoming affairs. Sometimes less is more.

  10. SBH was decent for the first 2 ep. but than gone downhill. Watched it only for Ruco although he was not the true male lead as his role was not heavy. Tbb just put him in to strenghen the viewership ratings.

    1. “Tbb just put him in to strenghen the viewership ratings.”

      Heh. Now that Steven Ma’s left, are they forcing Ruco to take on that role instead. Similar situation as Roger Kwok as well. I feel that they’re being underutilized and having to promote new cast members – or to babysit them.

  11. Wasn’t this just a more modern and relateable version of “Day of Days”?

    1. Larry,
      I saw the poster promoting the event as well. Are you lining up for autographs?

      1. No. Not my fans. Maybe just some pics since I lived nearby.

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