Raymond Wong Fantasizes About Aimee Chan in “Slow Boat Home”


Summer romantic drama Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線> is a breath of fresh air after TVB’s recent prime time blunders. The series was received positively during its first week, and many praised its memorable characters and clever writing. Star Raymond Wong (黃浩然) stretches his comedy chops as slacker Cheung Po Tsai, balancing the series’ more dramatic moments with his hilarious antics.

In last night’s episode, Cheung Po Tsai was seen fantasizing about TV director Kate Cheng (Aimee Chan 陳茵媺) while enjoying a relaxing bath. Wearing a pink bath cap, Cheung Po Tsai sat in the bathtub with his eyes closed, imagining Kate scrubbing him down. In his fantasy, Kate seductively sat on the edge of the tub, her hands played with the bath bubbles on his chest. She then took off her jacket, dressed only in a form-revealing top while she scrubbed his back. Later, she gently massaged his shoulders and even blew into his ears. Cheung Po Tsai hilariously moaned in pleasure, even rolled his eyes in ecstasy. Unfortunately, his sexy bath time was interrupted when sister YoYo (Cilla Kung 樂瞳) knocked  on the door repeatedly, asking to use the bathroom. YoYo became enraged when she discovered that her brother had used up half a bottle of her expensive bath oil, and chased him out of the house.

Determined to win over Kate’s heart, the next day Cheung Po Tsai followed her on the street, hoping to “accidentally” bump into her. He later took Kate out for a meal and unknowingly ate a piece of toast with peanut butter. It turns out Cheung Po Tsai is allergic to peanuts. His lips instantly swelled up, looking like a pair of sausages.

The episode continued with the complicated love affair between Heidi (Selena Li 李詩韻), Vincent (Patrick Tang 鄧健泓), Fit Wing (Ruco Chan 陳展鵬), and Amy (Jess Shum 沈卓盈). Despite nearly losing her life to a suicide attempt in the previous episode, Heidi once again met up with old flame Vincent. The two acted intimately at the bar and almost shared a kiss. To show Amy the truth, Fit Wing asked her to come to the bar where she caught Vincent and Heidi’s seductive behaviors. Vincent tried to save himself by explaining to his fiancee that Heidi came onto him. Angry by the accusation, Heidi threw a glass of wine at Vincent. Amy was also furious. She warned Vincent that he is nothing without her. Amy was then seen driving in anger, and later crashed her car and sent to the hospital.

Source:  Apple Daily

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I’m actually liking Aimee in SBH so far. It seems she can be more natural since she can speak English. Raymond Wong is nice when he does these funny characters. I don’t like him as those righteous good characters (like in CBML). Not enjoying the whole Ruco-Selena-Patrick-Jessica thing.

    About the real Cheung Po Tsai – a pirate in the Qing dynasty – famous personality in Cheung Chau http://casualtvb.blogspot.com/2013/05/historical-context-cheung-po-tsai.html

    1. It at times feels like 2 series in one. One moment funny and the next dead serious. Quite confusing. So far not the worst but seriously not that great. It seems the last good one was Reality Check.

      1. I agree with that. I’d rather they stuck with making this a lighthearted comedy than try to throw in the whole scheming business lady thing

    2. I hate it when she speaks one sentence in English and another sentence in Cantonese. So annoying. She could either speak entirely in English or in Cantonese.

      1. You need to get over it. That’s how younger people talk

      2. It is actually good to be multilingual and able to switch between languages easily. I do not think it is something that should be complained about. Just like what Lol said, “that’s how younger people talk”. It would actually be beneficial for you if you could get used to the quick transition between languages.

      3. Aimee is not setting a good example! Some people try to learn Cantonese by watching these dramas. By mixing up the language, she confuses people. But one good thing is that her English is good for people who are learning English. However, if you want to learn English, watch an English drama.

      4. you do know that her character is from the US right?! I mean if she doesn’t speak a bit English people are gonna be like isn’t her character supposedly an ABC so why isn’t she speaking English?! Maybe you’re the only one that isn’t happy about this but A LOT of HKers know a little English. and YES that is the way younger people talk. because i’m ABC (American Born Chinese) too.

      5. Just because she’s from the overseas, it doesn’t mean she needs to speak it alot. She just needs to be fluent. An example of overseas with good Chinese is Crystal Li who was born overseas, but practised her Chinese until she became fluent. She speaks Chinese like she was raised in HK.

      6. Most ABC, CBC, BBC aren’t that great at speaking Cantonese unless they are immersed in the culture which is a rarity these days – it’s a fact.

        They struggle to find the Cantonese word to make the sentence make sense and what comes out naturally are English words.

      7. @lise

        I haven’t seen the drama yet but your comment in general surprises me. I neither watch TVB drama to learn Cantonese nor English. If I want to learn Cantonese and can’t learn through this drama, TVB has a wide selection of drama to choose from. If TVB keeps having their characters switching from Cantonese/English unreasonably in majority of their dramas, I can see why you aren’t happy then. In this case it sounds like Aimee’s character came from the States and the scriptwriter chose to portray it that way, which isn’t far off from the reality of today’s youth. Then what’s the problem?

    3. I just want Aimee’s character to be more fluent in Cantonese. If you speak Cantonese then speak English, it sounds really broken. I have heard people speaking 10 words in Cantonese, then switch to English because they did not know how to say the last word. People rarely teach them the right words. The scriptwriter could make her speak English to other foreigners to show her skills.

      1. They do not know the word because the word is uncommon. But that does not mean we can’t teach young people good Chinese. The scriptwriter could choose to make her character speak more Chinese (like 90%). Bernice Liu is worse than her. She speaks every other word in English. I have heard her in an interview.

  2. I’d much rather watch ruco/selena than raymond/aimee…was never a fan of raymond his acting is alwayz over exaggerated and he’s just LOUD like ALL THE TIME!

    1. You should just stop watching this series altogether then.

  3. It’s funny cus I fantasize about Raymond…

  4. I LOLed at that scene when aimee introduced herself as pou poucand raymond went “pou pou, sok sok pou pou..”

  5. OMG,I hate watching Selena,she is so crap n can’t act at all! Her and Ruco’s love affair is so boring and lifeless!! I didn’t use to like Aimee but in this drama she has shown big improvement. In the series, she and Raymond makes a good couple and its entertaining. As for the way Aimee speaks half cantonese / english well I don’t see anything wrong with that coz that’s how all my family and friends speaks! We aint fluent but at lease we try!! Aimee and Raymond, u guys are doing a great job, support u both all the way!!

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