Selena Li Seduces Real-Life Ex Patrick Tang in “Slow Boat Home”


TVB’s summer romantic drama Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線> is off to a good start, peaking at 27 points during its debut episode. Selena Li (李詩韻) earned positive reception for her role as Heidi Kwok, a cunning businesswoman who conspires to turn island town Cheung Chau into a multi-million development project. Beautiful and smart, Heidi is a “Goddess” among men and can make any kneel by her feet.

Heidi briefly reconnects with former flame Fit Wing (Ruco Chan 陳展鵬), but driven by greed, decides to throw herself at wealthy heir Vincent (Patrick Tang 鄧健泓) instead. Heidi and Vincent played a dangerous game of seduction on Monday night’s episode, re-igniting onscreen sparks between former real-life couple Patrick and Selena.

Selena is often rumored with her onscreen co-stars, but the most credible was probably her nearly 5-year relationship with Patrick Tang. Citing personality differences, Selena and Patrick parted ways in early 2010 and were rarely seen together since. Patrick then dated the younger Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) while Selena focused on developing her beauty school.

The two are reunited however on Monday’s episode of Slow Boat Home. In the episode, Heidi was devastated when she discovered that Vincent was planning to marry girlfriend Amy (Jess Shum 沈卓盈). Heidi desperately wanted Vincent back. She produced false bed photos and pointed fingers at Amy, hoping to turn Vincent against her. To comfort Heidi, who was streaming fake eye-drop tears, Vincent wrapped his arms around her, reassuring her that he will confront his fiancée.

Vincent later accompanied Amy to a wedding gown fitting and was ready to question her. Amy was completely unfazed and reminded Vincent that she alone can revive his father’s ailing business. Vincent gave in and met Heidi to end their relationship. Heidi became completely distressed at the news, and tried to stop Vincent from leaving by wrapping her arms around him. Later, Heidi fell into a deep depression and tried to kill herself by consuming excessive wine and pain killers. Luckily, Heidi was sent to the hospital and her life was saved.

Although her real life story differed from Heidi’s, Selena also suffers greatly when her relationships fail. The 32-year-old recently revealed that she was involved in a one-year underground relationship that ultimately ended because the man was not who he seemed. Selena lamented about the hurt and disappointment from her past breakups and vows to choose her partner more carefully in the future.

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  1. This part already shown on TV. All I can say is the guy is really something but then the girl is materialistic too. I liked neither, don’t even like the fiance. I don’t even like Ruco’s character because I am guessing he will fall for her again and she will hurt him again.

    1. By the way Selena may look petite by herself but standing next to Patrick, she looked so robust.

      1. Agree. I was surprised to see how big her head was as compared to Patrick’s.

      2. good. about time for a healthy looking actress.

    2. Agree with Funn!
      I hate her character and I hated Ruco’s character too!!
      Too forgiving and always giving in –> BRAINLESS

    3. I love Ruco but he got a really plain character to play.

  2. The first five episodes are so so; nothing is impressive. Ruco Chan’s acting is the same as usual; he needs a breakthrough acting to be a best actor this year and I am waiting for that.

  3. I’m not finding her character very likable either. As Cheung Bo Jai (Raymond Wong’s character) would say, “She is very Cha Siu FAAHN.”

    And as much as I like her, still not feeling like Selina is leading lady material. Ruco’s breakthrough partner will have to be Linda.

  4. Is it me, poorly taken pic, or their bad acting? I haven’t seen this episode but this pic makes it look like Patrick is portraying a dazed, psychotic stalker who is controlling Selina with some sort of blackmail and she looks afraid of or disgusted by him…like she’d want him dead rather than kill herself because he left her for another woman…

    1. Hmm maybe because Patrick has played psychotic roles in the past before so you still have that impression of him. But as for Selena, I have to say she does look more afraid of him than anything else LOL

      1. Thanks Victoria! You’re right. Patrick was excellent in Gun Metal Gray.

  5. They seemed really unnatural in that scene. Probably awkward for them to film together again.

  6. I can’t imagine how awkward it must’ve been to film this scene.

  7. Of course, the more “scandal” created the more attention the actors concerned will get and I think that is exactly what they wish for. So, probably, no akwardness if filming Patrick and Selina together.

  8. didn’t Selena date Kenneth Ma? A friend of mine saw them hanging out one on one in Toronto, at Yorkdale mall

      1. A couple of years ago? I don’t remember the time, but there were pictures floating around facebook because my friend posted them online.

    1. I don’t think they ever dated… But they are good friends!

    2. no selena and kenneth never dated. they are good friends so hanging out together at the mall is normal.which is a pity since kenneth is such a great guy and can help selena balance the wild image that hk media gives her :(.

  9. Must be weird and awful to be in the same series with the ex. Patick is so ugly now.

    Ruco does not have the wow factor, maybe later.

    1. patrick was never good looking, just like eric tsang, i am surprised that he is an actor

    2. patrick not good looking, not good singer and not good actor either. but somehow still breaking many girls hearts especially the cute katy kung.

  10. What did Selina see in Patrick anyways! They were together for 5 years? seriously! She can do so much better!!!

    1. Can’t imagine that they were together for
      5 year! I really admire Selina’s guts to
      film with ex…..Looking at Patrick wery
      disgusting. Can tell that Selina has put
      alot of effort & heart in this SBH drama!
      Keep up your good job, Selina!

      1. You do realise in real life it was Selena Li who hurt Patrick not the other way round. As much as I like Selena, we need to get the facts straight.

      2. @Gmessiah how do you know that? From what I know Patrick was the one… Especially since he started dating Katy Kung pretty quickly after the break up..

      3. It was in the news when they broke up. Selena Li was born to a wealthy family who immigrated to Canada, but due to the family’s failing business. She had to become the bread winner signing a long term contract with TVB. Inevitably Patrick lent a large sum of money to Selena due to the family’s financial difficulty. Probably have to go through some old news in Chinese to find it. After the break up, Patrick was distaught and spilled the news. Whether we can verify the truth. Doubtful. But base from what I read, heard and seen. Patrick seems to be the one who got hurt.

      4. selena is professional especially since patrick has a reputation of cheating and two timings. don’t know what’s so good about patrick that he can change girlfriends one after another.

    1. selena can do better. he’s a cheater who broke up with katy kung due to him two timing her with kayi cheung. katy is much more younger and prettier! A good actress too!

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