“Swipe Tap Love” Brings Romance Back in Time

Modern TVB series Swipe Tap Love <愛我請留言> aired on March 31, starring Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), and Tony Hung (洪永城). The romantic series brings the audience back to 2009, a year when smart-phones were not as popular. It was a time when sending text messages did not replace phone calls or physically meeting up with the person you love. The series spans over a few years to inform the audience how technology has changed lives.

Major Love Arcs

Swipe Tap Love Raymond Wong 2Yu Chor Kin’s (Priscilla Wong) loving family was hit with grief after her father’s sudden death in 2009. To help ease her sadness, she decides to invest in a large chocolate company as a marketing manager. There, she meets the outgoing Cheung Yat Hei (Tony Hung), who intends to pursue her. After dating for four years, Chor Kin realizes Yat Hei has developed an ambiguous relationship with one of his coworkers. Issuing a breakup, she moves back to live with her mother. Since the Yu family constantly babysat Lok Tin Sung’s (Raymond Wong) daughter, Chor Kin eventually becomes close with the little girl.

Meanwhile, Tin Sung is a glass artist who had a flash marriage with doctor Choi Yin (Elaine Yiu) in 2009. After their marriage, he went to work for a furniture company as a purchasing manager. Besides being responsible towards his career, he also devotes his remaining time to his family. He provides care for his daughter, as well as his wife who faces intense pressure from her profession. The couple believes that as long as they work hard, they are able to achieve a perfect balance between work and family. However, they underestimate the mounted pressure and eventually find themselves struggling to maintain their rocky relationship.

Wong Kam Gwai (Eddie Kwan 關禮傑) is on poor terms with his neighbor, Gau Fei (Kelly Fu 傅嘉莉), who is a materialistic woman willing to spend all her income on brand name purses and high heels. However, a change in their relationship occurs as Kam Gwai finds out Gau Fei’s tragic past of being left behind by her father. He suddenly develops a caring attitude, and Gau Fei is touched by his behaviour. Just when she is thinking of marriage, a handsome marketing manager, Wong Chi Cheung (Vincent Wong 王浩信) joins the chocolate company. His “Prince Edward” looks attract all the single ladies.

Store manager, Sung Lau Kuen (Kaki Leung 梁嘉琪), suspects her boyfriend is cheating on her. She secretly digs through his cell phone and also asks her friends to help check on the Internet whether he is online. After Gau Fei starts work at the chocolate store as a trainee, everyone believes Lau Kuen is making life hard for her on purpose. Furthermore, Lau Kuen’s relationship with Ho Chi On (Jonathan Cheung 張頴康), who she has had a crush on for years, experienced no development because of her seemingly strict appearance.

“Swipe Tap Love” Trailer

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Source: TVB Zone

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Eddie Kwan’s looks and character is very very interesting! Had a good laugh. This series’ characters seem happy on the surface but deep down each has some sad past. Episode 2 is still interesting.

    1. oh i starting to like him too. after watching him in Ruse of Engagement, he was like completely different, charming and superior smart there and here. he’s like hilarious and hardworking commoner. i see how his acting can expand so much and so differently! hope tvb will value his talent. :DDD

  2. That’s a very pretty picture of Priscilla. Cute dog, too!

      1. Yes. This series is super cute; little dog is cute (can even do tricks like standing on paws!) and the little girl especially is very very cute and talented. I wonder what is her name?

      2. The little girl’s name is Celine Yeung.

      3. finally like FINALLY!!! tvb found an adorable kid and non like extremely exaggerated or a piece of wood to take the role. most of tvb kids just recite their lines and act so stiff on camera. or other kids just like “act” and do extra stuff to make themselves cute on camera. cant blame them but it’s just not meant to be for them if that’s the case.

      4. Like your name bunny, she is fluffy and cute and so adorable!! Any bio on her? A link to her page in TVB (if any) is much appreciated.

  3. This series sounds interesting! Can’t wait to see it. I wish that TVB would put out the dough to make a good ancient series though. They have had way too many modern series lately.

    1. lol i think modern series are easier to film than ancient ones. they always have mistake in ancient ones.

      1. when was the last time made an ancient series like twin of brothers? tvb needs to use some money if they want better ratings.

  4. I am giving this a miss. Just watched episode 1 and 2, most of the scenes are Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), her dog and swiping her handphone…boring!!

  5. These series comes with rather artsy graphic,intro photoshot..cute narrative…priscilla wong is a great travel series hostess..but her acting still lack of x factor…she remind me of cheeky younger dodo..

    1. kinda remind me of “In Time with You” cast by ariel lin. i think they got inspire by that taiwan drama. but eh. at least they are trying something new, but not unique though….eh….not much of a winner than….

  6. Eddie, u rock. He’s so funny in this series. Golden water give you power!! hahaha He’s handsome in the other series. I hope TVB will give him more opportunities.

    1. Eddie is hilarious in the China series Tian Xia Tai Ping.

    2. Actually, I always liked Eddie’s acting! He is also another very versatile actor- he can both play good and bad characters! I also agree that hopefully TVB will give him more opportunities as well (:

      1. Yes,he is a great actor. I still remember him back in the days when he was only an extra.

      2. @HTS: I know you like watching ancient series…have you seen any of Eddie’s old ancient series from the late 80s/early 90s? If not, I can recommend you a few. Of course, most people probably remember Eddie from Police Cadet, but he actually did quite a few ancient and pre-modern series back in the day too that were quite memorable.

        @Bubblez: I’ve always liked Eddie’s acting as well and to me, he still has the handsome looks that he did back in the 80s/early 90s when he was most active in TVB. With the lack of talented actors at TVB nowadays, I hope these talented veterans will be treated better and finally given a chance to shine once again.

      3. @llwy12,
        Knowing that I am an ancient series buff, do you think I have seen Eddie’s old ancient series or not?? Ha.. ha.. Of course I have. I have seen pretty much all of them and have enjoyed them all.I just recently rewatched the Sword of Conquest with him and Kathy and really enjoyed it. I still remember him as Jiang Yu Lan in Jue Da Shuang Jiao. He was evil but funny at times. I actually did not watch Police Cadet until a few years ago since as I have said, I did not like modern series back then and only saw a few of the classics. I enjoyed it and Eddie was cute in there. He has been doing quite a few China productions that are good as well.

  7. I love love love the little girl! She is sooooo cute…. only watch the show for her!

  8. I lost interest in the drama… the moment I saw Priscilla is in it because her voice and the level of her acting annoys me. -SIGH-

  9. Wow, saw Mr.& Mrs. Bean sign from “Cafe Cat Momma” in episode 3 when Eddie Kwan character listen to the street performer on the street.

  10. I love this series so far, story line is fresh, characters are interesting & funny. can’t want for ep 6.

  11. Eddie looks like a funny character here but I’ll give it a miss as I can’t stand the rest of the cast especially Priscilla. Her voice and face annoys me no end and also the fact that she’s given lead roles immediately based on her connections unlike others who work their way up.

    1. Give it a try. The little girl alone is worth your time.

      1. Couldn’t agree with you more! The little girl has mega-personality compared to other child actors from TVB. Love her! Eddie Kwan’s character is intiguing. I’m glad they focused a bit more on his character in ep 5. I just wish they’d hurried it up and tell us more about his past. So far, I like Raymond Wong’s character and his chemistry with Priscilla. Tony Hung’s as Priscilla’s boyfriend is such a jerk. It doesn’t help that he’s got this annoying voice to go with it. I think if the story line goes bad, I’d still watch the series for that super adorable little girl. LOL.

      2. Took yr advice, gave it a go but it’s no go for me. There’s nothing i like about this drama, it’s sooooo boring, cute girl and dog aside. Gave up after 15 mins or so cos i was losing my sanity over the snail’s pace.

    1. Same here! She was thin in Triumph ll already. Now she looks unhealthy thin in this series,. It shows on her face. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the heavy make-up, the unflattering shade of lipstick, but her set of teeth looks as if it will pop out of her jaws any moment.

      1. Add on- Her acting was so raw in Triumph ll! At least it’s improved a bit in this series. And I’m so relieved she’s not the love interest of Eddie Kwan’s character!

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