“The Four” TV Drama Reveals Female Leads

The upcoming fantasy-martial arts drama The Four <少年四大名捕> recently released promotional stills of the youthful and good-looking male leads. In keeping with the drama’s “idol” quality, the casting team selected five young and beautiful actresses to take on the lead female roles: Janine Chang (張鈞甯), Even Wu (吳映潔, known better as Gui Gui 鬼鬼), Michelle Bai (白冰), Jia Qing (賈青), and Hao Zejia (郝澤嘉).

With such a large main cast, the styling team worked to incorporate elements of the characters’ unique personalities into their costumes, in the hopes that this would help viewers distinguish between each character’s special qualities. For example, Chu Limo (Janine Chang) disguises herself as an elegant and demure maiden, which is exemplified by her clean and refined appearance. In another photo, she reveals her true nature – that of a dashing female warrior – by exchanging her subdued attire for a constable’s uniform.

Although viewers are likely most familiar with Janine, who gained much popularity in mainland China due to her graceful and perceptive demeanor, the other female leads in The Four are also quite experienced despite their youth. Gui Gui is a popular Taiwanese singer and actress who has made a name for herself by taking on quirky and bizarre roles, and she even had a supporting role in last year’s film adaptation of The Four <四大名捕>. Mainland Chinese actress Michelle Bai was one of the female leads in the 2010 drama adaptation of The Dream of Red Mansions <紅樓夢> and has acted alongside well-known thespians like Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) and Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒). Jia Qing has starred in various mainland Chinese dramas and will be playing the secondary female role in the upcoming TV adaptation of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龍八部).

Newcomer Hao Zejia has acted mostly in supporting roles since she graduated from The Central Academy of Drama in 2009, but fans are eager to see how she will fare in The Four, where she will play the younger sister of Cold Blood (Hans Zhang 張翰).

The Four will also include special appearances from popular mainland Chinese actresses Tong Liya (佟麗婭), Michelle Ye (葉璇), and Zheng Shuang (鄭爽).

The Four actress 2  The Four actress 3  The Four actress 4

The Four actress 5  The Four actress 6  The Four actress 7

The Four actress 8  The Four actress

Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This drama will be interesting since Tong Liya and Michelle ye would guest star. I wonder how that would work.

  2. Cold Blood has a sister???

    Ok, another creative adaption. I don’t understand, the novels of Sidamingbu themselves are very interesting, why they have to be creative that much? It isn’t like all the novels are made like Jin Yong’s, Sidamingbu still has many many stories that haven’t been made.

    Look like the Female Constable will be merged in to have a female constable picture here.

    1. Be creative and get criticised. Being unoriginal and get criticised. Copy other’s work and get criticised. Can’t keep everyone happy can we?

      1. You listed out genuine adaption.

        In case of Jin Yong, everything are adapted many many times to make the story super old, super predictable, then adding some creative factors in, it’s very ok. But I have never seen a good adaption for Sidamingbu although it has been adapted 6 times (an ATV one, 2 China ones, 1 TVB one, 1 movie one and now this one, excluding the one about 逆水寒). If the storyline itself isn’t interesting, it can happen. But Sidamingbu has a lot of interesting cases, why don’t use it but having to be overcreative such as letting Mo Ching walk or Mo Ching is woman or else?

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