Wallace Huo’s “Battle of Changsha” Premieres March 5

Produced by Shandong Film and TV Group, epic war drama Battle of Changsha <战长沙> is set to premiere on Jiangsu TV on March 5, 2014 and Shanghai TV on March 8, 2014. Starring Wallace Huo (霍建華), Andy Yang (杨紫), Ren Chengwei (任程伟), and Zuo Xiaoqing (左小青), Battle of Changsha is based on a series of true events that occurred during the Second-Sino Japanese War in the mid-1940s. Praised for being the first of its kind, Battle of Changsha is the first mainland Chinese drama to depict the long battle in shocking detail, making it one of the most anticipated television drams of the year. The series is helmed by directors Zhang Kaizhou (张开宙) and Kong Sheng (孔笙), who previously worked on the critically acclaimed war drama The Line <生死线>.

Shandong Films jumpstarted the promotions of Battle of Changsha by releasing a music video for the drama’s ending theme song “I Will Remember You” <我会记得你>. The music video includes snippets of the series’ most memorable scenes, showcasing the production’s high-quality standards.

Featuring many large-scale battle scenes, critics noted that the battle depictions in the drama can be comparable to the production quality coming from movies.

Battle of Changsha focuses on the journeys of Gu Qingming (Wallace Huo) and Hu Xiangxiang (Andy Yang), a bickering pair of unlikely heroes who go through an endless amount of pain, separation, and betrayal during the battle of Changsha. They fall in love, but the war is pulling them apart.

Aside from the March airing in Jiangsu and Shanghai, Battle of Changsha is also expected to air in Zhejiang, Sichuan, and Shandong around summertime.

“Battle of Changsha” Ending Theme

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Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am not interested in this quite simply because I don’t particularly like this sort of era or the story or the actress.

    1. I hate this era too because it is usually filled with war and suffering.

    2. Same, lol! As much as I love Wallace, this period is sooooo boring :/ same with any drama between 60s-80s period -.-

  2. Wallace! .>
    i can tell this drama is gonna be filled with tears and sufferings…i mean, it’s war. Not a very attractive theme..

  3. Not going to watch either. For some reason I really dislike this era of drama. Don’t mind gu zhuang or modern but not in between.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I love gu zhuang,history and can watch modern but do not like this type of era at all. It is usually very depressing.

      1. i agree with HTS although i don’t mind this era but it depends on the story–the Jackie Chan’s 1911 wasn’t so bad.

      2. I think we generally like the long distance past, the current and the distance future. The close distance past = no no zone lol, the close future = iffy lol

  4. i don’t watch but woah, wallace is just as hot as ever!

  5. I have waited for this to air since it had completed filming last year. Being someone who loves history a lot, this is a must check out for me. I am not a fan of Wallace. Even though I know how popular he is, I just dont watch his dramas at all except this one because It has Andy Yang and focuses on the historical aspect of China during the WWII

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