Will Fred Cheng Be Able to Win “The Voice: Stars’ Legend”?

After a wonderful season of The Voice: Stars’ Legend <星夢傳奇>, the top finalists will compete for the championships on October 13. With Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) having an early breakout performance on the show and impressing judges with consistent singing abilities, will he emerge as the final winner? Or will there be an upset from another dark horse candidate?

Before heading off to the finals however, there will be one final round of eliminations. This season’s final contestants, Fred Cheng, Corrina Chamberlain (陳明恩), Hoffman Cheng (鄭世豪), Ronald Law (羅鈞滿), and Yao Bin (姚兵), will all choose one song to sing for the judges and the singer with the lowest score will be eliminated – leaving only four to enter the final competitions.

Then on October 13, the final four will sing a song of their choice and the winner of this season will be voted by audience members through the TVB Fun system. The prize for the champion this season is approximately $600,000 HKD! As well, the judges, Eric Moo (巫啟賢), Ruth Chen (曾路得), Maria Cordero, Eric Kwok (郭偉亮), Alan Tam (譚詠麟), Hacken Lee (李克勤), and Dominic Chow (周啟生), will choose who they think gave the best overall performance and present them with the Professional Recommended Performance Award.

The judges will also be collaborating with the finalists in singing numerous songs to lighten up the competition atmosphere. Besides Dominic, Eric, Corrina, Fred, and Grace Wong (王君馨) who will be getting together to perform a medley composed of popular English songs, Alan and Hacken will also be giving viewers a taste of their new numbers.

During the three months of intense training and tough competition, some stars have benefited from greater popularity and gradually discovered their passion for music. On Sunday’s competition, the stars will be giving it their best and final shot in the finale of The Voice: Stars’ Legend. 

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wow, I’m super excited for the finale. But why is grace getting to sing with the finalists too?

    1. I’m thinking it’s because she lasted longer than many of the other finalists.

    2. Well, Grace has definitely been a team player throughout as well. Even after she was eliminated, she continued to return every episode to support all of the contestants and would sit backstage with them and cheer them on…to her, the Voice of Stars group is family. Based on that, it’s not surprising that she would do a number with them during the finale.

      Btw, the semi-final aired tonight and many of the previous contestants who got eliminated also returned to sing as a group and also sit in the first few rows cheering the 5 remaining artists on…

    3. She was voted out a few shows ago. And last show, I saw her still in the back stage with the competitors as if she was still in the program. She surely is pulling all her strings to get on camera.

      1. She was there to support the other contestants. What’s wrong with that? Why think so negatively about her action?

      2. Agree with Michael. Unnecessary for her to be there. Understand if she wants to support her bestie corinna, but doesnt she have any filming schedules?

  2. I’m hoping for either Corinna or Fred to win! I would be happy with either one of them ^.^

  3. So the voting started on Saturday but they still have one more song to sing as a competition right?

    If that is true, then I don’t think it was very fair. Their final performance won’t be factored in ..

    sad that ronald got booted. if u look at the clips, he definitely lost a lot of weight .. 🙁

    1. yes. he def did lost tons of weight.
      I like Ronald and his performance on that Jacky Cheung’s song was very well done.

      Good show.

  4. Definitely supporting Fred all the way!! His performance tonight was awesome and pretty much blew everyone else out of the water (the high score of 97 points he got tonight was definitely well-deserved)!! It was also refreshing to see that the other 4 contestants performed well too, though too bad that Ronald Law got eliminated…

    Anyway…can’t wait to watch the grand finale tomorrow. Best of luck to the final four!!

    1. I agree, I personally love most of Ronald Law’s songs and his singing voice!

      1. Yup! Ronald actually isn’t a bad singer at all, but unfortunately, tonight just wasn’t his night. I think all of the pressure from filming, singing, and working nonstop finally took its toll on him (honestly, Ronald truly did have WAY TOO MUCH on his plate the last few months). The fact that he was able to make it all the way to episode 12 is already a testament to his perseverance! Definitely admire Ronald’s dedication and hope that things work out well for him in the future.

  5. Fred shouldn’t bring his super star friends to perform with him. It makes it feel like he has an unfair star advantage. Even when he sings solo, he used the super star band to play for him. It just doesn’t look good on him to pull those strings.

    1. Hello Michael,

      I do not agree with you at all. I think any competitor could bring the band as long as they need it.

      It is not related to fairness. Your thought is strange. Corrina also danced with lots of dancer as she needs them.

      Personally, I think Fred looks well in playing the guitar. He could play it very well. He is not pretending to play but plays it seriously with heart.

      1. I agree with you. The other contestants all can bring helpers. Corrina has her dance troupe. Yao Bing also has dancers dancing for him to make his performance lively. So,it’s not unfair advantage.

      2. Fred didn’t bring anyone – just the guitar which he refers to as ‘friend’ and his own guitar in episode 5 which he calls his ‘wife’. The 2 guitarists are fm the live band playing for the show – just that they stand on stage to make the performance look nicer. Fred never even brought his own indie band members on VOS lol! Anyway a deserving winner – true talent, awesome musician and vocalist 🙂

    2. Not sure what “super star friends” you’re talking about because, um, well, Fred didn’t bring any. Sure, there was one episode where he brought his own ‘band’ so to speak, but how those bandmates could be classified as ‘superstars’ is beyond me (sorry, but none of us even know their names).

      I also don’t see the problem with Fred bringing his own bandmates because as someone pointed out earlier, Corinna did it too (remember that one episode where she brought her classmates from the APA to perform with her?).

      If anything, I would say that Fred actually got the LEAST support from ‘superstar’ friends because if you noticed, most of the other artists who participated had alot of support from other artists and TVB colleagues who either went to watch the show themselves and give them encouragement backstage or pre-recorded video segments to show their support. Unfortunately, most of Fred’s closest friends don’t work for TVB anymore (and don’t have a good relationship with TVB anymore either), so of course they couldn’t come to support him.

      Bottom line…the comment about Fred having an ‘unfair advantage’ is definitely unwarranted….

  6. YES! Fred will definitely be able to win!!! 🙂 I am SO EXCITED!! happening in less than 30 minutes!

    1. Rachel: I am so happy that Fred won. He is certainly 實至名歸。This competition was just too long. I hope Fred could take a short break first.

  7. Of course Fred will win! I wish moon got into the finale too but I know it was b/c of his busy schedule. I”m happy for Fred

  8. Love this show! Probably one of the best produced show by TVB this year.

    1. I agree with you! I didn’t watch the first two installments, I wished I did.

      I really love this show!!

  9. Out of all the Voice installments, the first one and this one is the best in terms of team unity, IMO.

  10. Definitely one of the best shows produced by TVB this year. It is a very good platform for us, viewers to know more about the not-very-acknowledged-actors and their talents. Plus, we get to see many other artists coming to support their colleagues. Very touching, there’s unity and true friendships in entertainment industry afterall. GOOD SHOW FRED!!! ROAD TRIP TO STARDOM!!!

  11. It is really a v v good show, Well done TVB. very positive
    and let people knows dream will come true. Everyone loves Fred, cause of his voice and performance, especially his 10 years experience :((
    Congratulation…. Fred…… keep on the great job
    we love you…..

  12. Great show! 🙂 well, the results were expected and Fred was deserving. I actually thought the pleasant surprise was Hoffman Cheng, who sang really well and was smart in choosing such a great song. (: I wonder why tvb didn’t let Hoffman Cheng onto the show earlier? I hope Hoffman gets signed into a company as well as Fred.

    1. Yes me too I don’t understand why they contestant come in that late . Why don’t they let them all sing in first ep!!

  13. I tear up whenever fred sings.

    well done, fred. you deserve it.

    chin up and keep it going.

  14. yay, happy with the results. i didn’t actually follow the show but know fred performed well throughout. i’m really pleased cheung sai ho nabbed runner up. didn’t hear him sing but i’m so just happy that such a minor supporting actor could have such a big breakthrough. i was expecting corrina to be runner up and him third at best.

    1. I really like Ronald (Moon), but seriously cant complain about the result.
      To me, this show is fair and the judges do have valid comments.

  15. I watched it yesterday but no winner announced. So final over?

    1. Maybe you saw the semi-final.. The winner was announced on the last show.

      1. Dear Alana, Thanks for the information. I did hear last few days during interview with Dodo Cheng that final would be Sunday. (2 days ago). So I tuned in around 2am and saw the last 4 strong singers. They should play the final replay on Sunday. Fred was not bad.

      2. Hi Bern, if you saw the last 4 contenders, you would have watched the final….strange.
        Hopefully you get to watch the replay, it is very good.

  16. Fred wins!!! Congrats and he really deserved it! And the finale song “Chase” by Leslie was really well sang by Fred which added the extra mood and ambience in it. Well done Fred 🙂

  17. I am one of 160K votes for Fred…Yea…you deserve it. But it is just a start, and it is a long road. Fred, wish to see you become a very bright star!

  18. Congrats Fed!! Just to let you know you got fans New Zealand as well!!

  19. I like that all the performances in the finale and semi-final are done by the judges and contestants, and they didn’t invite special guest performers. It feels more close-knit this way, everything is done by the ‘Voice of Stars’ family.

    I hope they do the same next year.

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