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Andy Lau Spends Top Dollar to Protect Wife and Daughter

By on December 11, 2012

Andy Lau Spends Top Dollar to Protect Wife and Daughter thumbnail

It is never easy to get a little privacy for celebrities, especially for a megastar like Andy Lau (劉德華 ). Ever since Andy became a father this year to his little dragon girl,  no price tag can be attached to protecting her and providing maximum privacy and seclusion.

After purchasing two homes and renting a luxury service-apartment, Andy finally settled down in a $160 million RMB luxury home and installed security cameras and fences all around the house in addition to hiring 24-hour guards in order to protect the privacy of his wife, Carol Chu (朱麗倩) and daughter.

Andy has resided with his parents in Hong Kong’s Kadoori Hill for many years. Following Carol’s pregnancy, Andy purchased a home nearby so Carol can quietly enjoy her pregnancy while being close to his parents.

Unfortunately, the location of the house was exposed while it was under renovation, so Andy purchased another unit valued at $110 million RMB in the Meifoo district of Hong Kong for Carol to spend her postpartum period resting in the house.

Once again, the second house was also exposed by the paparazzi, so Andy resorted to renting a luxury service-hotel for $140,000 RMB per month in Tsim Tsa Tsui and hired 10 bodyguards to protect his family. Not able to escape the prying lens of the paparazzi again, Andy had no choice but to move back to the Kadoori Hills neighborhood and invested in the best possible security equipment and team to watch out for his family.

However, all the trouble for the sake of protecting his family certainly has not dampened Andy’s spirits. It is rumored that Carol is regulating her body in hopes of conceiving a baby boy with Andy.

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  • Readers' Comments (70)

    1. kiki says:

      OMG, does this guy really still have such news worthy to have to go such extremes to protect his family? haha… i mean tons of celebs have kids and none needs this kind of insanity….

      • might says:

        he feels he is different from the rest

      • apple says:

        This dude is out of his mind if he behave normal like other artists this problem won’t arise the more he try to hide his family the more he will create the suspicious for the ppzz.

      • Henry says:

        Don’t judge somebody when you don’t know them.

        While filming in China, Andy who was tired after a long day of filming returned to his hotel not realizing a 20 year old male fan has sneaked into his room for 17 hours hidden under his bed.

        Andy has asked for massage service and he thought the masseuse was going through his stuff when he was closing his eyes and he told the masseuse not to touch anything. The masseuse said the room has strange noise.

        He called the internals security and they found the fan under his bed. The fan travelled since a month ago following Andy and wanted to see him up close and so dressed in hotel uniform sneaked in.

        Andy gave him a lecture and said that as long as he is a good person, he would be a good fan of Andy and that he didn’t need to go to such extent to see him. The fan agreed and quietly left.

        Andy didn’t want to press charges against the hotel security so as not to cause havoc to the boy’s future. The 8 bodyguards of Andy’s were nervous and from then on, 2 were assigned in front of his doorway.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Thanks for the info Henry! I admit that Andy does go overboard at times, but as we can see how crazy his fans can be. You would understand why…I think Andy cares a lot about his fans as well. I can imagine how other artists would overreact if a fan sneaked into their hotel room like that…

        • apple says:

          This very common in China what is the big deal maybe this dude first time to China so hasn’t alert himself ha..ha..

        • Funn Lim says:

          He has some crazy fans! A suicidal female fan, a love sick virginal female fan and now this one.

        • apple says:

          Bodyguard to guard fans not to have sucide infront of his house what a joke.

        • lose says:

          his fans drove him to being abnormal?

    2. SY says:

      Can’t blame him. HK paparazzi doesn’t knows the word’ privacy’ at all.

    3. Henry says:

      Andy was once in a hotel room and heard noises. He didn’t know where the sounds were coming from until he was about to go to sleep. When the lights were off, 2 fans crawled out from under his bed and probably scared the crap out of him. Therefore, I understand his need to feel safe.

      • Anna says:

        omg are you serious???! no wonder Andy is all paranoid..

      • HeTieShou says:

        WOW, really?? Ok, if that is the case, then we can all understand why he is spending so much money on security and all. Even though he does, heard that the HK paparazzi tracked down his house and published it in the newspaper. Therefore, many would understand why he has to go overboard like that instead of blaming him.

    4. sky says:

      just a pix of the kid…

    5. Ita says:

      Hash, everything about him always about privacy. He himself create all of this problem. Even Tom cruise or other very famous celebrity didnt go to this extend. A paranoid I would said.

    6. P. Tan says:

      The price of fame! However, Andy sounds really paranoid to me and the more he tries to over protect his family and try to keep everything undercover the more people become curious. At least let out some news now and then and I’m sure there won’t be so much attempt into prying into his business. Does everybody really want to know his private affairs?

    7. ABC says:

      Gosh! who does he think he is?? MJ??? even those extremely famous hollywood stars would not resort to such measure.. be sporting and open about it..what is there to hide? Unless he is ashamed of them..cant stand it whenever his wife appears in public wearing a mask! izzit that necessary? His popularity has gone downhill, so he has to create some kinda mysterious elements about the wife n baby so the media will always b curious n go after them to chase for photos n news..tat way, at least he can still appear in the news, though really annoying to read..(frankly i didnt bother reading the above article, the title itself is enuff for me to guess what is it all about.. old news!!)

    8. Critics says:

      Why pay for bodyguards.

      Talk to ET and he will slap any intruder and he will send in the G**** and T***.

    9. Funn Lim says:

      It’s normal and good sense since Hk and China famous for kidnapping and in HK not much punishment for kidnap and ransom unlike Malaysia where it is punishable by death.

      • apple says:

        Maybe lets assume he is not generous enough to pay the ransom if it happens or he is not affordable to pay all his hard earn money or he is too worried untill this extend omg..this way won’t he feels too stress out for him & his family too.

        • apple says:

          I think the better way for him is hired plicemem or tiger cubs with guns or M16..etc..

        • Funn Lim says:

          It is not about generous or not generous. Kidnappers nowadays kills. There is no honour left amongst thieves. Better be safe than be sorry. And since he has some really crazy fans, I understand the need for bodyguards.

        • apple says:

          Come on he is old & haggered I don’t think the pretty one wants him maybe the ugly one or the poor mainland girls.

        • Joey says:

          I agree with funn. Andy has ALOT of fans. From the stories about security issues, why not spend a little more for the peace of mind that your wife and baby are well protected. He can afford to. I really don’t think hes paranoid. I remember reading somewhere since his daughter’s birth, his family has received death threats. No one is more important than ur own wife and child.

        • apple says:

          If he has death threats he might has some connections with the underworld or hurts someone well sorry for him lol.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I agree with Funn that it is not about money only. It is better to be safe than sorry. Also,it’s not like he is taking anyone’s money to pay for all this. He is using money that he earned and worked for so he can spend it anyone HE wants… Why is everyone whining about it???

        • HeTieShou says:

          Oops, meant to say in “anyway”…

        • skinnymocha says:

          But it’s not just about the money though. Has he thought about what his wife and child wants? Yes, they wish for privacy, but being forced to hide is a tad over. Many celebrities have their fair share of stalkers/fans that go a little crazy, but you can’t just wrap yourself in a cocoon and let them interfere with your life. If anything, his actions are putting MORE attention on his family.

    10. LyNN says:

      oh well. he has always taken the infamous approach to handle his personal matter for his fans & public’s pleasure.

    11. ebbie says:

      How about staying in Switzerland where the air is perfect- & no one will disturb!

    12. apple says:

      No, why leave for other countries ; this dude thinks he is the President or Prime Minister of Hong Kong he needs guardian.

    13. trini says:

      Andy’s secrecy has a few meanings.Andy is the king of Asia, just like Queen Elizabeth is queen of england and the commomwealth. Andy is recreating old time royalty. In the early days of royalty, the king would never say wife’s name or talk about wife or children. the royal family was not to be talked about. they were a mystery. Their privacy was sacred and only God was higher than them. well andy is the heavenliest of all heavenly kings so that tells you where God stands, compared to andy. also his secrecy keeps the aging ,fading has been in the limelight. also, he does have a very real lot to hide.

      • apple says:

        Q. Elizabeth royalty go & read the book behind the royal plan how is their plan of killing Lady Diana…

    14. trini says:

      @apple, I do not care for the queen of england or her family,yuk,yuk. I hope you not misunderstand me, I do not want to read any book. I was saying andy want to recreate the days of old time royalty where everything about the royals was supposed to be ‘sacred’ and mysterious. The public was too beneath the royals to know anything or ask anything about their lives. andy think he is real royalty.

    15. skinnymocha says:

      Man, I hope he doesn’t run up security checks every time his daughter makes a new friend in the future…

      I understand he has some crazy, die hard fans, but all this (overboard) privacy protection will only serve to heighten people’s curiosity…

    16. trini says:

      maybe daugher will be home schooled and not allowed to make friends. she will be the princess in the tower, like rapunzel. if the wife is under his total control, imagine what he does to his flesh and blood daughter. andy go way overboard.

      • kiki says:

        i know, even thou i think it is good to be protective but this guy seems like he is the only one who has a huge fan base and take extreme measures in protecting this privacy. tons of celebs even in conservative HK are huge and they have kids, we never heard this kind of insanity. and ppl only know he actually has a WIFE at his 50’s?? hahaha…like thats so james bond TOP SERVICE? hello, i mean i can u/s if they are young n managers kept on telling them to keep private life private but hes over 45’s n still its so secretive that he actually had a g/f or wife? ahha..lol…to me, the more you try, the more attention you will receive…sigh….

      • Critics says:

        And we a “cuckoo” Lin Chiling wanting to kiss him as well as to ready to sleep with him.

    17. trini says:

      Andy is not only Hong Kong or asian star to have fans under their bed, on their property etc. The hard truth is, the man is delusional,plain, simple. when you live the life he lives out of the public, he has a lot to be nervous about too.I wonder if drug scandal will open door for many more scandals. Jackie chan had some crazy things happen and he did not go to extremes. He too hid son and wife from public for many years. when fans found out he had wife and child, a few Japanese girls killed themselves. How more extreme can you get. Jackie did not stop living his life, why should he.Yeah, what is the big deal of wife head down and face covered when they out in public. everyone knows who she is. what kind of fantasy, mystery this man creating. The only women I see with face covered are the muslim women , for religious reasons. What is andy’s reason?. can someone tell me please.

    18. happybi says:

      He’s not paranoid as he’s still very news worthy and honestly reporters should really stop bothering his family!

    19. trini says:

      Andy behavor bordens on paranioa. He is overexcessive in his need to keep changing his homes. He is even angry, agitated when asked how wife or child is doing, a simple non harming question. That is not normal. The man seem to be running from something or someone. He has a stange life. Yes the press can be a pain in the butt, but there is something not right about andy lau. How can the reporters bother who they do not see, ha. He is nothing outside of asia, compared to the big globally known idols like chow yun fat, jackie chan and jet li, and they are not like this joker. The man is a joke.

      • Critics says:

        Because he is a joke, you remember him.

        To be famous one has to be scandalous and obscene like Lin Chiling.

        • Critics says:

          This world is for the mediocre.

          Do you remember or even know or appreciate the Engineer who maintain the plane you fly in, when the lives of all onboard depend on this diligent work and responsibility.

          We tend to remember and even support those like Lin Chiling.

        • trini says:

          You miss the point. Look how many men and women famous and respected so far, are not scandalous. Not that if they do something I will get heart attack. They are human and capable of good, bad and evil. You miss the point

    20. glue says:

      he into taking drugs? men his age group eg michael miu, tony leung, felix wong and kent tong gained weight, they have the middle age look, andy’s got the old man look.. dried up and shrunk

    21. misssy says:

      Here we go again. Haters are going to hate. Just because you don’t get a picture of his wife and child outside of the house doesn’t mean they are trapped inside forever. Last I check the suppossed picture of his wife and daughter recently was outside of the house and it looked like they were coming back from somewhere. Has it ever occur to you people maybe whatever he is doing is actually working, keeping his wife and child out of the papers so they can lead normal lives and not be hounded by cameras in their faces by nosy reporters and people.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Yea, haters will always hate and I wonder why they love to spend so much time on people they don’t like?? I think his wife and daughter do go out and all, but he protects and keeps them out of the papers and limelight so they can live normal lives… Just because we don’t know about it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen…

        • trini says:


    22. trini says:

      @misssy,no one gives a hoot or holler about pictures of his wife and child outside the house, at least not me. I do not hate anyone, but I am getting there. with the sh*t accusations. He goes overboard with many things, his actions stange, almost paronormal. It just beyond stange and bizarre that the wife has to cover face when with him in public when she well known throughout asia. Why he get so angry, secretive, agitated when anyone politely ask how she doing.I can say many more things. why keep changing house, after house after house. It is not a matter of hating.. You on other hand, are acting just as delusional as him when you can’t admit his behaviour is way off.stop hate sh*t accusations and face truth.

      • misssy says:

        Relax and take a chill pill. You have a right to your opinion and I have a right to my, no need to get offensive.

    23. lookout says:

      good of him to keep his family as pets haha, he may want to buy them an island? rear sharks around it, have his own army

    24. hongkong says:

      Joey Wong is the mother of 17 year old illegitimate daughter. The deaf and mute girl is living in Taipei and the foster mother, a midwife, is confirming the claim. According to to the report, Joey had induced labor at 6-7 months and the baby was thought to have died but was saved in the incubator room. Fu Rui Jiao received a call from the hospital and the baby girl was adopted by a woman. Fu told her mom that the mother was a hongkong star, single and was involved in a sex scandal with Andy Lau. She asked,”It’s not Joey Wong is it?” And Fu said, yes it was. Fu Rui Jiao, is serving maximum in jail the past 10 years in the largest baby trafficking case ever. Fu sold more than 40 babies, many reported to be babies abandoned by those in the movie business.

    25. Cleo says:

      a neighbor watches from their second floor window surreptitiously when my mother is gardening and I think that some unfriendly relatives probably have camera phone photos of the inside of our house – oh, well. We never invite anyone in but you have to be strong and at least tell yourself that the invasion of privacy was not mitigated by my own participation in the invasion – I never wanted it. If Andy has maids, he has no privacy – there could be albums of his interiors regardless of how many times he moves.

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