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Did Grace Wong Abandon Her Virginity Pledge?

By on February 15, 2013

Did Grace Wong Abandon Her Virginity Pledge? thumbnail

Last December, Grace Wong (王君馨) had disclosed that she was still a virgin, citing strong religious beliefs as the reason for her celibacy. Spotted on vacation in Taiwan sharing the same hotel room as her boyfriend, the paparazzi speculated that Grace may have abandoned her virginity pledge.

Twenty-six-year-old Grace Wong was the 1st runner-up in the 2007 Miss Hong Kong pageant and appeared in TVB dramas, Tiger Cubs <飛虎> and Friendly Fire <法網狙擊>. Although Grace often has sexy appearances onscreen, she professed to be highly conservative in real life.

Raised in New York, Grace held traditional beliefs that sex should not take place before marriage.  “I have held the same belief since I was a little girl, that one should save her virginity for her future husband.” Grace’s refusal to be physically intimate eventually frustrated her ex-boyfriend and resulted in their breakup.

In a past interview, Grace also revealed that even when her boyfriend had visited her in Hong Kong, she did not allow him to stay at her apartment, fearing that his passion cannot be tapered.

Last month, Grace was photographed entering a Bed & Breakfast in Taiwan with a man speculated to be her boyfriend. The B&B was known to supply guests with condoms as part of their service. The couple allegedly disappeared in their room for 4 days and 3 nights. The press immediately reported that TVB has lost one of its virgins.

Source: hinews.cn

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  • Readers' Comments (36)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      Again, like in Ray’s case, in the same room, on the same bed, does not mean they have done the deed. Pledging virginity does not mean they haven’t done everything but the deed. None of my business until a sex tape reveals the hypocrisy of any pledge.

      The hypocrisy only arises when she abandons her pledge whilst pledging she is still believing it so. The hypocrisy does not extend to the fact that someone says they want to be virgins, etc, whatever business they may be in.

    2. will says:

      Ah! Jayne, can you translate news about Joey Meng in this Magazine?


      • Eelyn says:

        I wonder why isn’t there any magazines for hk artists in English version. ?

        It’s really not easy for us , the banana’s… :-(

      • shumai says:

        the page took too long to load so i abandoned it but the headlines say “joey meng turns down contract for the sake of her husband”.

    3. MT says:

      Another ridiculous woman with a ridiculous virginity pledge. When will HK people grow up and realize that it’s all meaningless and irrelevant?

    4. Larry 3 says:

      She is a dumb witch to take the pledge. Bad publicity!

    5. sandcherry says:

      Why did Grace Wong reveal her virginity to the public in the first place? I think she is stupid and dumb. It is a personal and private matter, and it is nobody’s business.

      Well, perhaps that was the reason why Grace Wong did not get promoted highly by TVB as she did not know the shortcuts!!

      • HeTieShou says:

        I agree and think it is SO stupid of them to go on and on about their virginity stuff… it’s not like many or any care at all. I think they just want publicity or think they are special just because they are virgins or someting. Who honestly cares???

        • Kidd says:

          I don’t see why it is stupid about talk about one’s principle even if she talk about it more than once. Would you say someone is stupid if he talk more than once about the importance of being honest? No, right?

          Just because because it’s a principle that aligns with Christian faith and traditional value, one cannot talk about it in public or talk about it more than once?

        • Jayne says:

          The backlash for Grace’s virginity pledge is because:

          1) it’s no longer a value that people value as much anymore
          2) it’s related to bedroom habits that the public may not be ready to hear about
          3) they don’t believe that Grace will follow her own pledge and questions her intention in revealing such a private matter

        • Funn Lim says:

          Jayne, it is D.

          D) No on believes her virginity pledge and see it as hypocrisy.

          Everyone likes to know celebrity’s private matter, bedroom habits included but the cynical in us rather not believe a girl with a gorgeous body as hers could possibly remain a virgin in this day and age. And religious convictions with public announcement of devotions to religious beliefs is considered the new “homophobic” attitude of the public. Now it is much better to say “I AM GAY!!” rather than “I believe in God and I have a truly wholesome personality” because again… we are a cynical bunch.

        • Jayne says:

          I believe in Grace’s virginity pledge. I thought in one of your previous comments, you believed in her as well, since there are older virgins around.

          Such pledges will make it difficult to keep long-term relationships because it’s a matter of finding a boyfriend who holds the same values as hers.

          Just because she is beautiful doesn’t mean she has to give in to temptation.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Jayne, I believe her in so much that she believes whatever she believes. I meant the general perception of such pledge. Now imagine if it was May Chan who says “I am a virgin”. I believe many will post yes true but sniggering remarks as to why she is still a virgin.

        • Jayne says:

          May Chan also implied that she is a virgin since she said that she had never dated before. This alludes that she has never been intimate with a man, provided that a relationship is necessary for such physical relations.

      • notasaint says:

        Yeh i don’t think anyone cares if grace wong or any of her fellow christian friends aka linda chung, wong cho lam, leanne li are virgins or not.

        A VIRGIN does not make you a SAINT and a NON-VIRGIN does not make you a SINNER either.

        • Funn Lim says:

          It ain’t about sin or sinner. It is just about being loose or not loose woman. She can still be a virgin. I mean someone can flaunt about wealth and good looks, so why not virginity? However no one seems to flaunt “I slept with who and who and who”.

    6. Mlove says:

      Nobody cares if she’s a virgin or not. Staying at the hotel doesn’t mean they are or not having sex.

    7. P. Tan says:

      If it’s just to bring attention to herself she has certainly succeeded. This is such a personal thing and should just be between the man concerned and her. She should be wise enough to know that one can always change one’s view of things. Maybe she is not terribly bright, as some of you have said.

    8. LUCY says:

      honestly she can keep that stuff to herself. Shes just looking for publicity

    9. WC says:

      This is news?

    10. aptos says:

      As said previously, she needs the tabloids to raise her stock as she is getting trampled by Eliza and the other newcomers…no featured starring roles, advertising spots, etc.

      • Nelly says:

        Yeah but this is one of the strangest reason to create publicity. Why reveal your a virgin girl to the public? Got to be other ways to create buzz. Showbiz must be extremely competitive to resort to this.

    11. sushiroll says:

      you know why she’s talking all this virginity crap? cause she knows she’s no good at acting, tvb isn’t even bothering promoting her and she has to come up with something like this to keep her in the headlines. use your brain everyone. if she was like, on linda’s level of fame and promotion, would you think she’d be talking about this in the first place?

    12. meek says:

      maybe she registered with her boyfriend already.. so she’s mrs not virgin

    13. overrated has-beens says:

      only in HK can such crap be reported as news…

    14. lkv says:

      :) I believe she is still a virgin oh yeah

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