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Jazz Lam: An Unlikely Star

By on August 14, 2012

Jazz Lam: An Unlikely Star thumbnail

Like a child frozen in time, many tend to forget Jazz Lam’s (林子善) real age of 30 years old. “I have been doing well for someone who is not very handsome,” said Jazz. “Everyone thinks I’m cute and funny.”

The Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> star debuted in the film industry when he was 16 years old, in Stephen Chow’s (周星馳) 1998 film King of Comedy <喜劇之王>. Jazz’s gangster role in the film left a very memorable impression on many film producers. In 1999, Jazz acted in over 9 movies, portraying similar gangster roles in most of them. Jazz did not mind being typecast. In fact, he never even expected his acting career to have gotten this far.

“I always think I would be better off as an assistant. I’m not looking for a lead role –a second line role would be enough!”

Ironically, Jazz’s breakout role was not an intelligent and resourceful gangster like “Cripple Co,” or a double undercover agent like “Laughing Gor” – it was the kind, upright, and handsomely dressed “George Mike, Jr.” in legal comedy Ghetto Justice. His character even becomes a court judge in the sequel!

“I always portray stupid characters that get taken advantage of, especially the kind of characters in which I think I’m all that but I’m really not. Thanks to producer Terry Tong (唐基明), I believe I can now try different characters!”

Has Fallen, But Not Defeated

After debuting in King of Comedy, Jazz thought he can make a living out of acting.  When the Hong Kong film industry began to decline even further, Jazz’s career became stagnant. “After 2004, I had no movies to film for two years.”

Jazz revealed, “So I’ve decided to change careers and become a salesman. I went to several interviews, in which most people said to me, ‘Are you serious? We cannot afford a celebrity!’ People still didn’t believe me when I told them I’ve applied to at least 4 to 5 other jobs! When the entertainment circle is doing well, you earn a lot. When it isn’t, you earn nothing!”

Jazz’s friend later introduced him to a sales job in a hip hop fashion chain store, where he worked from 11AM to 9PM, at $16 HKD an hour. A year later, Jazz was invited to perform in Malaysia, and found jobs as a DJ and a nightclub MC. “I thought I would never go back into acting again. When I volunteered for the Hong Kong Performing Artists Guild, I met Eric Tsang (曾志偉). He asked me if I was still under Stephen Chow’s management. I told him no, so Eric Tsang immediately signed me, bringing me back into the entertainment circle.”

The True King of Comedy

Jazz returned to the industry as a supporting character in the 2006 film, Men Suddenly in Black 2 <大丈夫2>. In 2007, he turned his career focus to television and signed with TVB.

Jazz’s career finally hit an all-time high after the broadcast of Ghetto Justice in 2011. “I am a Buddhist, so I believe that everything in the world has its own use and purpose. Heaven wanted me to be an actor, but there are many other actors in this world. What is so special about me?”

But Jazz already knew what his specialty was. “My purpose is to bring happiness to others,” he explained. “Even to this day, my favorite genre is comedy. I like to see people happy, so all of my posts on Weibo and Facebook are about happy things. I do not like to emit negative energy.”

Jazz knows his limits and stays within them. He does not require his characters to be major roles, nor does he care to be an award-winning actor. He knows what he wants, and that is to continue to bring happiness and comedic performances to the audience for as long as he can.

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (27)

    1. Jayne says:

      Is Jazz wearing the same starry glass frames as Kevin Cheng and Niki Cheng?

      Maybe Kevin and Jazz will be linked in romantic rumors next!

      Jazz is humorous in his replies…glad he didn’t give up acting. Although working in sales can be financially rewarding as well.

      • Curious says:

        Hmm does anybody by any chance know the brand name of those starry glass frames?

      • josie says:


        I think Jazz does like Kevin very much. :D But unfortunately for him, I think Kevin would choose Bosco or Kenneth first.

    2. Hannahh says:

      Jazz is funny, i really like him. His FB posts are all funny n positive. Hope to see him more on TVB series

    3. Larry 3 says:

      underrated tvb actor. great actor btw.

    4. Flower says:

      I remember him from King of Comedy, he was hilarious…he portray those gansta characters really well or someone with thick accent from mainland China. He doesn’t look 30!

    5. AC says:

      I really like Jazz! He’s doing a great job in Ghetto Justice 2 and it’s nice that he’s getting some more recognition.

    6. Screamooh says:

      I dont recall him as funny though. My boyfriend is more funnier and more handsome but he’s not famous.

    7. Funn Lim says:

      I remember him in King of Comedy. It shows Stephen Chow has an eye for talent.

      THAT is his body? I expected flabby!

      • josie says:

        I don’t think he keeps his body that fit anymore.

        I’m more interested in who are the people on that yacht w/ him. The 2 guys above look like kenny and Steven f/ Boyz

    8. lilflower says:

      i like to see his dramas! he acting is great! i notice him in Fistful and Mystery of Love! He is not handsome but he is cute!

    9. P. Tan says:

      Jazz is cute and funny most times and looks as if he’s a good friend to have. I really like him.

    10. anoninhk says:

      wtf! he looks so ripped in that topless pic. i thought he was a fatty!?

    11. Nicole says:

      Wow, idk where to post this, but it seems like even Andy Lau is going back to film at TVB! LOL
      【曾志偉開劇 劉德華返娘家】闊別TV界24年的#劉德華#將有興趣返TVB拍劇,消息得到#曾志偉#親口證實,「華仔表示有興趣,但一切睇劇本而定!」志偉策劃開拍一部在黃金時段播出的重頭劇,由度劇本到搵導演、甚至物色大卡士演員均一手包辦,男主角人選初步鎖定是天王劉德華:http://t.cn/zWYQnWd

      • josie says:

        I can imagine Eric tsang producing another shaw movie and getting Andy to be in it but filming a tvb series seems unbelievable. Or maybe guest star in 1 episode, not a full series.

    12. sushiroll says:

      ROFL i thought he was a fatty boom stick too.

    13. Agnes says:

      Jazz is a good actor, I like to watch his movies too. He look good in ts topless pic.

    14. lady gaga says:

      i could see his skill is improving. used to see him playing the role of nose-digging rascal until Ghetto Justice. Kinda remind me of “Cheung-Kow” (dont know the actor’s name)

    15. advo says:

      He might not be traditionally good-looking, but I would definitely watch shows for him. He’s just really funny and talented.

    16. TVBFanatic says:

      I’ll never forget the first role I saw him in… as the throaty sidekick to Dayo Wong in “Men Don’t Cry.”

    17. Gar says:

      I was actually rooting for him to win the Most Improved Actor Award last year at the TVB Anniversary Awards but he lost out to MC Jin. I thought and still think that he was more deserving of the award. His acting has always been great even way back when he debuted and he now delivers a solid performance in the series he’s in. I really took notice of him when he was in Men Don’t Cry alongside Dayo Wong a few years ago and he’s now doing a superb job portraying George Mike Jr. in the GJ series. Hope to see him in more series and for him to win an award soon.

      • TVBaddict says:

        SAAAAME :( Haha we literally wrote the same comment… Didn’t even read this yet :3
        He honestly improved so, so much! The role he played as Mike George Jr definitely showed off his acting skills. It also allowed him to express himself as an actor since alot of the roles he play are those typical “useless brothers” or a “leng” for those mafias. He was amazing and super funny in Ghetto Justice 1 and 2 :)
        Support Jazz :D

    18. Terminator says:

      Huh, Jazz Lam, what the f#$% name is that?

      He should definitely hook up with Blues Lan

    19. Amy says:

      That’s quite a scar. OUCH!

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