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Kate Tsui Blasts: “Vote for Me for TV Queen!”

By on December 12, 2012

Kate Tsui Blasts: “Vote for Me for TV Queen!” thumbnail

TVB organized a two-day, million dollar feast and invited 3,800 artists and company employees to attend. TVB’s gesture is meant to show off the stations’ strength and resources in the face of growing competition. At the feast, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) showed her support for TVB and opposed the issuance of new broadcasting licenses, while urging people to not forget to vote her for TV Queen.

TVB has been strengthening its tactics to oppose the Hong Kong government’s approval of new free TV broadcasting licenses. Concerned that its monopoly will be threatened if rival stations such as City Telecom (CTI) receive the license to operate, TVB executives stand united in making their strong opposition heard. However, several artists, including Fala Chen (陳法拉), said they supported the approval of new licenses. TVB  sent a text message as a “warm reminder” to all its internal staff, hoping that a more unified stance can be coordinated.

On December 10, a 179-table feast was held at TVB City, with nearly 2,000 artists and employees in attendance. Artists, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Moses Chan (陳豪), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Roger Kwok (郭晉安) attended. An additional 153-table feast for 1,800 people will be held the following day.

At the feast, Kate Tsui openly stated that she is against the approval of new TV broadcasting licenses. “The Hong Kong market is not very big. Too many television stations will result in a terrible fight,” Kate added that TVB’s reduced advertising revenue will also lower artists’ incomes.

Kate acted as a politician yesterday, wearing a sash with her name printed on it and urged everyone to vote for her as TV Queen in the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards. She blasted into the loudspeaker, “Please cast your vote for candidate #8 Kate Tsui!”

Kate spoke of her own antics, “It doesn’t matter if it’s dumb as long as I’m able to draw votes. I’m afraid that everyone will forget to vote. I also asked overseas friends to vote. If you don’t know how to vote, you can give your ID number to me,” Kate joked and said she will even approach TVB Chairman, Norman Leung (梁乃鵬),  to ask for his vote.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (90)

    1. LyNN says:

      OMG! she is just so DESPERATE!

    2. sandcherry says:

      Wow, Kate is obviously doing a good job to get herself more votes for the TV Queen award.

    3. TN1 says:

      MG! Looks like d earth doomsday=factor=voting riots o mann! lol

    4. cloud9 says:

      Add Oil Kate !

    5. ahumanbeing says:

      omg kate is so cute!!!!! :)

    6. cloud9 says:

      Beside being photogenic , she pretty and cute in real life. Also humble

      • Clementine says:

        Yes very humble: “It doesn’t matter if it’s dumb as long as I’m able to draw votes. I’m afraid that everyone will forget to vote. I also asked overseas friends to vote. If you don’t know how to vote, you can give your ID number to me.”

        • pop says:

          LOL! U call tat humble? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

        • Clementine says:

          …if you didn’t realise, I was being sarcastic -.-“

        • Clementine says:

          If anything, she is anything BUT humble…

        • skinnymocha says:

          Well, at least she’s straightforward. “Oh no, I don’t need an award – it’s an utter privilege to act and work for TVB already,” whilst inwardly thinking, “Give me the bloody thing already!” (Not that it’s meant to be a slight at everyone who thinks that way; I realise some genuinely don’t care about the piece of junk.)

          Still a bit weird campaigning for votes though. Your work should have been done INSIDE the drama. Not out of it.

        • Clementine says:

          “Still a bit weird campaigning for votes though. Your work should have been done INSIDE the drama. Not out of it.” –> Very well said. I agree with you on this.

          It’s great that she’s confident in pulling in votes for herself, but at the same time it makes her seem as if she really wants the award for the title, not because she wants ppl to vote for her bcos they agree and accept her performance. I just find it weird as you said, to campaign like that in order to get ppl voting for you LOL..

        • pop says:

          @Clementine- I was talking to cloud9. LOL!

        • Fox says:

          Yes still humble. Or having to be hypocrite to say I dont vote for myself I vote for blah blah to be humble? And then being called hypocrite by you?

        • variel says:

          Fox, I completely agree with you.

    7. a-pop says:

      so funny tat tis voting for award making it like Political election of hk. Hope winner result in 17 Dec will come out wat I wish.

    8. Victoria says:

      Kate is so cute, just gotta love her despite all the hate some have for her out there.

    9. Pyro says:

      Hah that’s creative and she has a lot of spirit, keep it up Kate! Even though I can’t vote I’ll support you

    10. goldrush says:

      she’s so wrong to support monopoly, competition will increase your salary, my dear

      • Ric says:

        Not necessarily true. Their filming fees might increase with competition but their event and advertising fees will likely go down if their TVB dramas lose viewership to CTI. Completion will likely benefit veteran and supporting artistes than sui sang and fadans.

    11. apple says:

      Yeah ! Good spirit & good PR.

    12. Abigail says:

      Oh Kate why….(-_-”’)

    13. charlie says:

      pls vote for Tavia…..

    14. Bubblez says:

      Interesting.. :s

    15. P. Tan says:

      Kate is certainly making voting more interesting. Maybe campaigning for votes will soon be the norm.

    16. dt says:

      speaking of CTI, since Directv doesn’t support TVB anymore, I have CTI for Directv now. Apparently its all mandarin which I don’t understand at all.

    17. Nat says:

      Kate is so cute to be petitioning like this! I am liking her more and more. She obviously doesn’t care if people think she’s desperate, and that’s a pretty authentic quality. However, I thought Tavia did a great job in SSSS, so I would vote for her if I could vote. But I still think Kate is cute and like her more as an artist ( though Tavis is a better series actress, IMO).

    18. Victoria says:

      ah such an accurate comment lol

    19. Nicole says:

      wait can overseas people vote now???

      • clamine says:

        Anyone with a HK id can vote and that of course include overseas Chinese.

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          You need to have both combination of HK ID and HK phone number to vote because to complete the voting a confirmation code will be sent to your phone.

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          You must also be over 18 yr old.

        • clamine says:

          @RAYLEILAFAN, so what? Just type in any random HK id and any Hk phone numbers with proper prefix (to get proper prefixes just google for Hong Kong id, HK phone# and random HK address on google. And to it even more convenient to voters, HK Id# generator is available for years in many tvb artist fansites/blogs.

          These so called preventive measures cannot keep out savvy fans — just like how netizens can come up with fake Singaporean ids and phone# and residence addresses to ‘vote’ for their idols in Starhub.

          And then there are the speedy or power redial, and computerized phone call faking HK id. etc. Besides fraud there is of course, the ever present hacking.

          Truth be told, it is easy for computer savvy fans to circumvent all these so called security measures.

      • Fox says:

        Faken HK ID and phone to vote. I saw some fandoms did that and posted the software to do so on forums. Lolz, kinda funny to watch now. Providing that they said they wanna fair game and confidence in their idols’ fanbase.

    20. exoidus says:

      Thumbs up for Fala at least she knows that competition is a good thing.

      Is Kate stupid?! She is damn annoying can’t stand her fake apperance *pukes*. TVB has downplayed the size of the adv. pie in HK.

      In a well functioning market i.e perfect competition deadweight loss is minimized. The society as a whole will suffer if TVB is allowed to continue to operate under monopoly.

      Is survival of the unfittest the new standard in HK e-cicle? Truth is talented artists won’t earn anything less only those without talent who are heavily promoted as “goddesses” will suffer as a result of the TV-battle.

      Guess Kate has much to worry abt, haha.

    21. Magic says:

      While Kate definitely seems desperate, I found her extremely impressive in HAL. Tavia, while having consistently good acting in most, if not all, of her series, has not had a breakthrough role like Kate has. Since TVB nominates people on specific roles, I prefer Kate winning over Tavia. But either winning is fine with me. I prefer Charmaine or Michelle winning, to be honest.

      On a side note, TVB is turning into Apple. Competition brings products (or in this case, TV programmes) of higher quality, something TVB has been lacking in the past several years.

    22. pop says:

      MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!! MICHELLE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

    23. skinnymocha says:

      Haha, TVB sending a warm reminder. I’m glad Fala spoke her mind.

    24. Joey says:

      I think Kate has a sense of humour trying to make light, what appears to be to TVB, a very serious issue. I admire her guts to openly support TVB, she certainly has alot of confidence in winning the title for BA.
      To be honest, after watching HAL, I expected her to get more grittier in her role. I must admit, she performed better this time compared with other series, but I was still disappointed considering all the hype. In saying that, I must say she is a gorgeous girl and I like watching her, even if the fake lashes and pout annoy me.
      As for tavia, I think shes beautiful. Consistent in her acting and find myself convinced in the portrayal. I only have begun to watch SSSS so cannot comment on her performance

    25. Kathy Chan says:

      Are they allow oversea people to vote?
      If yes how and what Is URL web?

    26. Daisy says:

      At least Kate doesn’t give a dang that she looks desperate like everyone says every vote counts XD

    27. Rachel says:

      Kate Tsui all day <3 vote for her!!

    28. Gar says:

      Go Kate!

    29. light says:

      I love this girl so pretty on this pic :D

    30. 939393 says:

      Kate just lost my respect by stating that narrow-minded statement of supporting tvb’s stance of limiting competition, while Fala gained mine. Doesnt she know that the industry will only improve with competition?

      On another note, I’m definitely against these artistes giving out coupons or any sort of benefits to people so that they’ll vote for them. What difference does it make with politicians giving the people “election-goodies” right before election begins?

    31. shu says:

      come on tvb is just afraid to loose their monopoly position. so they can’t making sh#t program anymore. i hope the hk gov will provide some new licence as soon as posible,its not only good for the quality of the dramas but also for the artists and of course the audience.

      • shu says:

        thats the reason the why the management staff feel so powerfull if you dont listen to them you will simply be frozen,no matter if you have a good reason or not. because there is simply no choice to choose.with the new tv stations tvb’s monopoly position will be broken so they can’t abuse their own employees anymore.

    32. ruby says:

      is it even kate’s fault that she is supporting tvb’s stance i mean she’s works for tvb?!

    33. clamine says:

      What a farce this pppv voting for BA has turned into.

    34. Hannah says:

      Haha, TVB is probably not too happy with Fala holding a different stance.

      Oh, Kate. Hope your effort will not be in vain.

    35. Skyler says:

      I don’t see anything wrong when Kate asking ppl to vote for her. Keep it up Kate.

    36. AL says:

      i am not her fans…but i don’t see anything wrong when she work hard to what she want… this is her career…since i don’t have any favor actor…you get my vote this year…I am little bit like Linda more…but this is not Linda’s year…maybe next year…so i might vote for Linda next year…

    37. rei says:

      She come across as low class…I agreed with Raymond Lam, Fala and Linda…free liecense to CTI is a good thing and it makes sense, HK is a free city dispite that it belongs to China. It is unfair and immoral if the HK gov’ doesn’t allow its own ppl to start a business. Ppl already think the Gov’ are so corrupted and if they don’t allow the liecenses there will be major lawsuit and resentments. Kate is totally overated and low class. It is not cute to praise herself in front of everyone and the reporters. It might back fire her…

    38. Fox says:

      She sells herself, wat is so wrong? Or must stepping on others to be considered as goodie? She dun sell others or stab them. So if she wins with this method, its cleaner than stepping on others.

      Btw if her method works, the losers might regret why they dun sell themselves or next we will see someone harder, on weibo perhaps.

      I have my popcorn here.

    39. Ric says:

      Kate is hilarious. People should be more like her instead of acting like they don’t care. Love the campaigning. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, who will?

    40. Pop says:

      Will you guys be saying the same thing if tavia was doing this? I don’t think so. U guys would say tavia is selfish.

    41. Larry 3 says:

      I hope TVB voting system will blow up to pieces again!

    42. Veejay says:

      I tot Kate is an open minded person butis really dissappointed with her shallow remarks. No competition, no improvement.

      • LyNN says:

        she just wants to polish TVB for more awards coming Monday.

      • June says:

        @ Veejay
        Put yourself in her shoes and tell us what are you going to do ?

        • Veejay says:

          if i were kate, i’d say something rational just like what fala said becuz Kate shouldn’t be so scared if there are other new artist rising if other tv stations got their lics.. when its time for u to go..u just have to go.. and this is 20th century!! we’re not living in some kind 30’s or 40s’

        • wingz says:

          @ Veejay WTH !! this is 21st Century NOT 20th Century.
          You must be from 20th Century..WTH !!

    43. Sand says:

      C’mon, she’s just having fun, and being a good sport by making pple laugh along with her..

    44. Gabby says:

      I think Kate has a sense of humor for doing this. It’s like she’s having fun and Enjoy herself. Not really care if people bad mouth her

      • sandcherry says:

        I am glad that Kate has the nerve to ask people to vote for her. Brave and smart girl! Since it is a voting system, this approach is appropriate. She is just acting like a politician.

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