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Myolie Wu Denies Starring in Sex Clips

By on May 10, 2013

Myolie Wu Denies Starring in Sex Clips thumbnail

Two sex clips featuring a woman resembling Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) circulated virally on the Internet yesterday. Online forums were thrown into chaotic discussion over the first 45-second sex clip, which initially circulated via mobile phone. Shortly after, an adult website posted an 1-minute-36-second video clip, entitled “Myolie Wu Having Real Sex”, which was dubbed as the sequel to the first clip.

Since the second clip was filmed by a man holding the camera, netizens wondered if the cameraman may be Bosco Wong (黃宗澤). Pulled into the discussion, Bosco was cursed angrily by netizens for filming his ex-girlfriend in such compromising footage.

Myolie was asked for comment over the circulating sex clips. She dismissed the speculations, “It’s nonsense! I don’t feel the need to respond. Whatever is filmed, they can claim it’s me.” When prompted that the woman’s figure in the clip was very voluptuous, Myolie joked, “If the woman’s figure is good, then that’s definitely not me!” Myolie was not upset over the rumors.

Bosco arrived in Shanghai today, in preparation for an upcoming Uniqlo store promotion. Since the circulation of the sex clips, Bosco has not responded to press inquires over the matter.

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (42)

    1. Polypeptide says:

      news to tarnish bosco’s image?

      Really doubt it’s true

    2. Coco says:

      good for her if it’s true.

    3. EkinFan says:

      need link to these videos

    4. naked wish says:

      Oooooooo, I luv seeing Myolie naked, yoohooo….

    5. Funn Lim says:

      Ha ha ha ha!! Finally a sex tape scandal! But do I believe it? NOT!

    6. Jayne says:

      I think Myolie is too careful as a person to ever agree to filming risque photos or sex clips.

      • Funn Lim says:

        You never know. Could be hidden clips, could be sudden recording, etc.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          why are you people so gullible. who don’t anyone stop to think that it’s sola aoi who has resemblance to myolie and has voluptous body?? tvb even spoof that in 72 tenants!

        • Veejay says:

          Agree with Funn, when you were inluv, it’s hard to say no to your bf when he wanted to film it.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          can’t believe you believe this news without even confirming it’s myolie. this is slander to innocent people. the netizens were clearly just jumping into conclusions in the forum thread in hk golden and turn it into slander for two people.

          i believe god will be siding with the slander victims. stay strong myolie!

        • sophia says:

          guess your not a myolie fan but then again ……..

        • sophia says:

          just dont wanna start an argument here.
          Best wishes to Myolie even I am NOT her fan.

      • Jasmine says:

        This probably isn’t true to begin with.
        And is this Bosco’s doings? Absolutely not.

    7. MW says:

      I love her humorous response. :-)

    8. ace says:

      Well there was the unfortunate scandal 2 (?) years ago with Bosco Wong caught walking around the nude of his house. But I hope it’s not true because nude scandals don’t pan well in Hong Kong.

      If this was true, I wish they would have learned the consequences of such clips from the Edison Chen scandal.

      but SAY IT AINT SO!

    9. AC says:

      “When prompted that the woman’s figure in the clip was very voluptuous, Myolie joked, “If the woman’s figure is good, then that’s definitely not me!” Myolie was not upset over the rumors.”

      LOL, this is a good response.

    10. asdfjkl; says:

      doubt it’s her.
      myolie is said to resemble japanese AV star sora aoi though!

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        agree. mist likely it’s AV star sola aoi who do this for a living. she resembles myolie and has voluptous figure!

    11. sky says:

      i hope Bosco didn’t go to Edison for help using a camera for filming.

    12. Victoria says:

      Who’s actually gullible enough to believe this news? LOL

      • Jasmine says:

        Idiots would.
        Or those who believes in everything they see on the Internet/news.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        scums and myolie haters. if you go to the origin of the trash news in hk golden forum is just some bored netizens talking mindlessly and believing ir’s myolie without question or invrstigate! how easy to slander someone these days when people just believe whatever said online!

        now don’t say i’m just prepping myolie. the news also said netizens aimlessly accuse bosco and others follow suit in cursing him.now people still believe this news? more like some bored netizens in front of pc all day watching porn and slandering people!

    13. TN1 says:

      Simply BS!

    14. notasaint says:

      even if its true, I wouldn’t want to watch it. its myolie! she doesn’t have the face nor the figure … who caressss

    15. P. Tan says:

      This trashy piece of news is not worth considering and I’m glad Myolie came up with her answer.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        agree P.Tan. you’re one of the few rational people over here who don’t quickly jump into conclusion and mindlessly believe what ‘netizens said’. sad that rumours travel so quick on the internet and so many dumb people believe without investigating further. way to slander and tarnish people reputation.

    16. sel_fi_wu says:

      simply trash made up by bored netizens in golden forum! why are people believing this? god! feel bad for myolie! rhe netizens are slandering her!

    17. reasoning says:

      forget about netizens, wonder what donnie yen’s going to say now?

    18. Summer says:

      I saw a photo from another article and it doesn’t look like her. It’s probably a nobody who leak the sex clip and getting all the attention because some people think she looks like Myolie.

    19. choi1404 says:

      I am very angry with this stupid news that the hong kong media has created. Nothing to write!! I trust that the girl it is not Myolie

    20. happybi says:

      gotta be that sora aoi girl.. she’s a porn star and does look similar to myolie except that girl has bigger boops..

    21. truman6 says:

      got links to the clip? I wanna “PROOF” that she’s not in the clips..looollll

    22. bbc says:



      i think is not her just a look a like someone but see for your self

      • dd says:

        OK, no-one ever gets to say anything about anyone looking like Sora Aoi anymore. Just looks like any other HK girl with small boobs and make-up on.

        >”You pervert dd”
        So sue me.
        SUE ME, BRO.

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