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Noel Leung Attends Nnadia Chan’s Concert on Valentine’s Day

By on February 15, 2012

Noel Leung Attends Nnadia Chan’s Concert on Valentine’s Day thumbnail

Nnadia Chan (陳松伶) held her concert at the Hong Kong City Hall last night. Admitting that it has been a long time since she had performed in Hong Kong, Nnadia said that she will not remain in Hong Kong to further her career at the present time. Nnadia smiled and said that after marriage, she will focus on the household while her husband focuses on his career.

Asked whether she will have a baby soon, 41-year-old Nnadia said that she will try to conceive before turning 45 years old. Asked if she will attempt to conceive via invitro fertilization, Nnadia replied that if natural conception was unsuccessful, then she may consider invitro fertilization.

When Nnadia’ husband, Zhang Duo (張鐸), helped her to change costumes backstage, he accidentally tore her black stockings. The reporter teased the couple and said that Zhang Duo only knew how to take off her stockings, but not put it on. Nnadia said embarrasingly, “Chung Chung Jeh Jeh will not talk about these things!”

Noel Leung Supports Nnadia Chan’s Concert

At good friend, Nnadia’s Valentine’s Day concert, Noel Leung (梁小冰) appeared by herself to enjoy the performance. Noel indicated that she had already spent time with her young and old lovers (her son and husband). Her son gave her 99 pink roses in the morning and even played a song for her [on a musical instrument]!  Noel indicated that her husband, Gary Chan (陳嘉輝), arranged a breakfast buffet for the family. Prior to attending Nnadia’s concert, Noel had prepared a heart-shaped steak for Gary. 

Regarding her earlier rumors with former I-Cable host, Brian Wong, Noel noted that she will continue to treat him as her friend.


Source: On.cc, Oriental Daily

Jayne: It sounds as if Noel may lead a socially separate life from her husband, Gary. She sounds as if she has a wide circle of friends that she keeps herself with.

On the other hand, Nnadia and her husband, Zhang Duo appear as sweet as newlyweds. Hehe I thought it was quite intimate that he helped her change her clothes; putting on black pantyhose for a woman is a hard thing to do! 

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  • Readers' Comments (12)

    1. Lucia says:

      Thanks Jayne for this great article about my most favorite actress!

      I didn’t know Nnadia and Noel and are good friends. That was nice of Noel to support her friend.

    2. ping0 says:

      Nnadia look so beautiful , even more with longer hair!! I am glad to see Noel back in the media!

      • Veejay says:

        Yeah agree, I think its the power of love. I didnt know nnadia’s husband is so handsome.. I guess its worth the price for staying home and living comfortably with the husband haha rather than working hard with any Entertainment Company.

    3. Boscolie says:

      all my old time favourite stars :) i mean i still like them hehe

    4. HeTieShou says:

      I also did not know that Noel and Nnadia are good friends. It is great to know that they are. I can’t believe that Nnadia still doesn’t have kids yet. I hope that she can do it…

      I guess Nnadia may retire after marriage… Good luck to her and will miss her a lot!

    5. Joey says:

      Nnadia and Noel filmed together in 2 TVB dramas before.

    6. sandcherry says:

      “Asked whether she will have a baby soon, 41-year-old Nnadia said that she will try to conceive before turning 45 years old.” ……… I think it is too old for a woman to have a child at the age of 45. I think she’d forget about it. If she doesn’t want to have one now or in a year, she may as well not have one. She will be too old to give birth to a child at age 45. Besides, she will be too old by the time her son or daughter goes to university.

    7. Funn Lim says:

      She’s slimmer? Younger? Healthier? Does look like Mandy!! Maybe act in a series as mother and daughter or sisters.

      45 is not too old. Nowadays women in their 50s give birth. Life expectancy is longer now.

    8. sandcherry says:

      I guess it may be okay if a person is rich and does not have to worry about getting work and money. How many people can work full-time after age 65 and earn good money to support their children’s college and university education.

      Physically, it is not a good idea to give birth to a child after age 40 …. more complications for adult and baby.

    9. P. Tan says:

      I wonder how Nnadia’s concert went. She does possess a lovely voice and I hope she did well. To have a baby at her age is rather a dicey thing but I know a number of ladies her age having babies without any mishap, only, it’s usually by Caesarian Section.

    10. Kay says:

      Nnadia sported the short hair for a very long time. Looking good in long hair. Brings out her feminine side.

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