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Raymond Lam and Karena Ng Vacation in Japan for Valentine’s Day

By on February 10, 2013

Raymond Lam and Karena Ng Vacation in Japan for Valentine’s Day thumbnail

Although the Lunar New Year celebrations are barely over, Raymond Lam (林峯) and girlfriend, Karena Ng (吳千語), are already looking forward to Valentine’s Day. The couple was spotted at the Shanghai airport traveling to Japan for their romantic escape.

Since announcing that he has been dating his Love is…Pyjamas <男人如衣服> costar, Karena Ng, for a period of time, Raymond is now enjoying the freedom of a relationship gone public. Earlier this week, Raymond brought Karena home to visit his family in Xiamen for Lunar New Year. Staying only one night in Xiamen, the couple’s next stop is Japan.

A netizen posted a photo of Raymond and Karena at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport. Raymond and Karena wore sunglasses and were dressed in black. In the photo, Raymond was seen interacting with an airport staff while Karena stood next to him. Raymond was holding a small suitcase and a carry-on bag.

When reached for comment, both Raymond and Karena’s managers confirmed that they were on vacation, but did not disclose details of the trip. Raymond’s manager said that she was unaware of Raymond’s travel destination and travel companion. “Surprised that someone was able to take a photo [of him at the airport]. I hope he will have a good time.” Karena’s manager said, “Karena is currently on vacation. Since it’s her personal time, we will not interfere.”

Met Good Friends for Lunar New Year Meal

Prior to taking his Japan vacation, Raymond also met with good friends, Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) to share a meal celebrating the Lunar New Year. Kate hopes to continue developing her television and film careers, while working with different veteran actors. Mandy hopes to have new sparks with onscreen partners. With her family in mainland China, Rebecca will be meeting with some friends locally to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (65)

    1. sandcherry says:

      Finally Raymond Lam is more relaxed that he can go on vacation with his beloved girlfriend.

    2. jason says:

      look like they very happy together,wish them all the best

    3. Funn Lim says:

      Ray! Be careful, if 2 in 1 you … ok maybe daddy won’t allow you to marry her.

      See.. how good it is to admit you are dating so that you can openly go to vacation with her and not hide away.

      • Jayne says:

        Raymond brought Karena home and appears to be in good spirits. Maybe Raymond’s dad may approve after all.

        As for Karena getting pregnant…hehe we’re jumping the story development a bit too quickly?

      • HeTieShou says:

        I agree that it is great to openly admit it so that you can relax more and come and go with her as you please… You also don’t need to hide and act all awkward which makes it less fun and relaxing.

        • Despicable says:

          Well there are two obvious ways to think about it. He reveals the truth and he doesnt need to hide. But revealing the truth brings in all kinds of hate, judgment, speculations and the sorts. Well you get what I mean. He is Raymond Lam. He is screwed no matter what he does. I can imagine the day when he passes away and someone somewhere will be like “YES HE IS DEAD.”

        • HeTieShou says:

          Everyone will get judged, whether you are a celeb or not. However, as a celeb or any public figure you always will be judged. I think it is better that he revealed the truth because sooner or later people will know, then it will be even a bigger pain to have to explain it and then go through being accused of being a liar,etc… When the day comes that he will pass away(assuming he lives a long life), I highly doubt many will even remember him anymore…

        • subtleness says:

          um i think once you’re in this industry, your name will forever be linked even if you quit

        • HeTieShou says:

          True but many many many years from now, you really wonder IF Ray will be remembered by the later generations or not???

    4. Bubblez says:

      Lucky girl.

    5. Crystal says:

      All the best for these two.

    6. Uni says:

      I never knew Raymond Lam was good friends with Mandy Wong. I don’t know ever since Myolie and Bosco broke up, I thought it was pretty apparent that her friends and herself didn’t hang out with Bosco’s friends (including Kate Tsui and Raymond Lam)

      • joey says:

        Mandy, Kate, Raymond are under the same manager so they are all close. When they went to Malaysia for the AOD awards Mandy was spotted using Kate’s scarf.

        After the tvb awards last year, Mandy celebrated with Kate and Raymond before joining Myolie, Nancy and Oscar. I saw Nancy talking to Bosco during the CNY gala in Singapore, and don’t forget Oscar is also close to both Bosco and Myolie.

        They don’t split into two camps just because a couple broke up.

    7. Lucia says:

      If Karena gets pregnant during this trip then maybe they get married as per prediction from the fungshui master for their relationship this year.

    8. Sel_fi_wu says:

      just saw tvb’s cny gala. cringed at raymond’s ‘attempt’ at movement.

      • Nelly says:

        Yeh he was at Seoul Korea and had to “keep” up with the Korean idols. Hk singers have a lot to learn from their Korean counterparts.

        • subtleness says:

          um lmao but i dun see how those kgirls were any better

        • Despicable says:

          Koreans goes through years of training. Most of these so called kdancers arent dancers. Maybe one or two can actually dance whereas the rest are following a strong and well coordinated choreography. And yes, koreans have the better choreographers because theyre music industry life line is on these idols acting like they can “dance”.

        • Despicable says:


    9. ALovesFung says:

      Congrats LF! Wishing you lots of happiness! Relax and enjoy your much deserved vacation.
      LF Love FUNG!

    10. lol says:

      my parents would of killed me if i went on a trip alone with a guy when i was 19 and he’s 33, but since RL is so innocent they’re properly staying in a room with two separate beds…NOT! lol

      • onearth says:

        i know, but since they depicted the girl having a colorful romantic past, doubt they are both so green and staying in separate rooms hahhaa…LOL…
        However, RL is probably smart enought to book 2 bedrooms just for the media, cant have them ruining his ohhhh soooo innocent image do we? ahhaha….

      • Bubblez says:

        Uh my parents would kill me if I went out with that much older guy to Japan!
        (I’m the same age as Karena, well going to be 19)

        • onearth says:

          hell, i would kill my sis if she goes out w/someone his age whether he’s loaded or whatever is NOT the issue. but then again, since she is showbiz, parents might be all too thrilled to help her land this 2nd generation rich dude. let’s face it, hes not that ugly or old compare to some other golddiggers out there in showbiz…

        • raymond says:

          Dont be so ignorant..LF is too different. A billionaire superstar. Not other normal tom n jerry ok.

    11. lol says:

      question for everyone…what’s the one band Karene won’t be able to join? lol

      • SY says:

        Virgin band….lol

        • Lol says:

          Ding ding ding!!! You’ve won a car lol
          Always the innocent looking ones who are freaks lol

        • Funn Lim says:

          Hey hey.. maybe can. Ever heard of half way and not all the way? Can be…

          And she can also join a new club.

          *I got myself a rich cool boyfriend and so I am now preparing myself to move up the social ladder and never ever have to work ever again*

        • Lol says:

          Funn, you mean LFung gor gor will be gentle with kerena mui mui? Lol

        • Crystal says:

          LOL. I’ve always wanted to ask, what do you call a female who got half penetrated? Half virgin??!??!

        • Lol says:

          Crystal, you mean like pulling a “Monica”…if it’s oral it’s not immoral? Lol

        • Crystal says:

          LOL that’s not what I meant but lets move on to Fung Gor and Karena Mui before it gets graphic. I’m sure RL is going to have two rooms since they’re on radar, but I do not doubt he has tricks up his sleeves to work around the media. After all, how could anyone deny that most men loves one on one vacation? It is quite natural. (:

    12. LinStarterOut4thQtr says:

      Love and happiness have no boundary. Since this is out, the media should leave them alone. Let them grow, not let them crack.

    13. raymond says:

      haha. Before this u said raymond is dating but surely not karena. Now they sweet sweet vacation in japan liao lor and for sure stay in the same room secretly. He got money everything is possible until no reporters know it. hehehe. You dun sad ler. MOst important LF enjoys and happy leh..

      • Fox says:

        If you haven’t read then you can find my old post to know why I did so. And since I told you why, it’s pretty annoying of you to repetitively @ me and ask the same question.

        Hereby I’ll tell you the last time: NO I HAVE NEVER SAD OR UPSET FOR THIS ISSUE. I team them and I know from the beginning that he would like Karena. However I promised to keep ppl think otherwise until Baby Blues’s premiere when he has purposed to reveal. But he did it before the due time so I don’t have to keep this promise anymore.

        If you still have any question, I won’t answer you as I don’t want.


        • Fringe says:

          Fox: i find it silly and weird that a fan would resort to such action – trying to throw others off track by implying LF is not dating Karena. All you have to do is just refrain from commenting when others are speculating about their relationship. Afterall, you are just a fan, not his publicist/manager.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Exactly! Since Fox is only a fan then how is she supposed to know for sure if they were dating or not? She was just guessing and speculating just like the rest of us, therefore, why is everyone blaming her for this and that?? As we all know, she is not his manager, assistant, or someone that knows him personally.

        • BBW says:

          People just don’t like fox and her attitude. Whenever it’s anything related to Raymond lam (and people related to raymond lam), she always gets so defensive and rude if people are criticizing or merely stating an opinion. It’s one thing to be defensive towards your idol, another to get personal. She does it in an extremely rude way. Not to mention when she hates an artist (like tavia and kenneth ma) she makes the same opinions about them and attacks those people for being “stupid fans”.

        • raymond says:

          haha. obvious you are dissapointed there. hehe

    14. simplitee says:

      It’s sweet to read such news :) but hope the reporters would give them some space and not constantly make news whenever they appear together.

    15. AL says:

      yea…wish you two have a happy valentines day -sweet sweet!
      Support Fung….so glad that Raymond is friend with Mandy Wong..She is my favor actress…add oil both of you

    16. Larry 3 says:

      1753 out of 3410 votes / 51%…. they won’t last long. Yikes.

    17. kk68 says:

      … They won’t last long… Just long enough to split the assets…

    18. idontunderstand says:

      i have been reading articles here and there since my friend recommended me this site and mentioned how i will be more hooked onto the comment section than the headlines. it is sad to say. i find myself not so interested in these articles but the comment section makes me raise a brow every time. are people jealous that this chick is going into his pants or are you all jealous he didn’t pick you so you can have a chance to split his money? yall sound so bitter about this so called public relationship after so many of you called him a liar? like what do you want from this guy? he lies, he is a liar. he tells the truth, oh they won’t last. like come on? he is a regular guy at the end of the day. all of you must be poor like dirt poor to be hating on the rich. some people are born rich, others are poor. without either, neither would exist. it’s sad to see so many people can’t accept this kind of social hierarchy and start blaming it on the world being unfair or fate/luck hasn’t come by yet. it is truly sad to read these things. are you all living in a dutch? because you guys sound so miserable with your lives. lets bring down others and constantly compare and compare and compare till there aren’t any respectable accusations being made?

      • Larry 3 says:

        I think you take this too seriously.

        • idontunderstand says:

          yes i am because usually something so minimal is what causes this world to be so disgusting and it reflects as a whole in this given sample of population on this site what kind of individuals you all are. its like yall are all trolls and instead of trolling there isnt anything meaningful in life for any of you to do. im not saying you guys cant speak or comment on the internet but be aware of what you say. things may come around and bite you hard in the behind and you all are going to go “what have i done to deserve this?” well remember that time you said something about that person, claim this person was like that, yeah all those little things adds up to something. people need to start understanding celebrities are people too. lets go back to the basic principles in life. you dont have anything nice to say. shut it. if you have something nice to say, preach. oh right i forgot, if people start saying good things, they’re a die hard fan of this person and is susceptible to all kinds of humiliation. ridiculous.

        • HeTieShou says:

          You truly are taking this WAY too seriously… Many of us here are just here for entertainment and to relieve of the stress of our everyday lives. It’s like a hobby and you are calling us trolls….For your information, many of us here aren’t die hard fans of anyone. Some people here are and you can clearly see from their posts…However,most of us aren’t… If you feel so badly about everyone here and this site, then why are you here?? Have you found nothing better to do???

        • Lol says:

          Did someone forget to take their meds? Seriously, if you can get so worked up over “Jaynestar ” …I wonder how you handle real issues. Chillax girl, before you pop a vein vessel & I’m saying it out of love…so please don’t bark at me :-).

        • idontunderstand says:

          i dont forsee a problem with me taking this seriously as what i said about people on here is the absolute truth. it is okay to have an hobby to go on an entertainment website and read about the celebrities you are interested with or use it as a way to let the time pass, that is normal. it is not acceptable in anyway when things that are being said violates the line of privacy and attacking these so called celebs for their own private matters. i did not say you were die hard fans. please read what i said. i said that when someone comes to the defense against trolls and haters, they’re automatically crowned as die hard fans by them. for example when someone says something bad about a celeb, another person would defend, usually voicing out an opinion yet somehow that person defending is termed as a “die hard fan” lastly i am here because social media happens to lack someone to tell others that what they say is not okay. that is the curse of social media. people speak and so called “discuss” but many, especially here, don’t seem to know what they’re saying is clearly out of bounds. i guarantee if there were to be a face to face discussion pertaining to tvb, no one would even say the things they’re typing on here. why? because you get away with things on the net but little do people know it makes yall dumber. when you’re in a face to face sort of discussion, you know the boundaries, you are careful with your words. you don’t wish to offend anybody. but behind monitor, there is not enough consequences by law that can stop the rampage of atrocious typed words.

          jaynestar isn’t the issue. it is the people on here. jaynestar provides some extremely well written articles and majority of them, almost all in fact, are unbias. writers have an unbiased tones. the people here are the real issue unless you considered human beings to be fake?

        • Crystal says:

          I never thought there be a day where someone would come out and speak about the problems on this site at least not in that kind of hostile, I am going to kill every single one of you kind of tone. Lol.

          I would like to prove one point of this person. It is a very common thing for someone to get harrassed endlessly for defending a celebrity simply because he or she did not like the overboard negativity of a specific comment. I remember I got jabbed at for defending Tavia or Myolie…dont quite remember. I got accused of all sorts of things…from an idiot to a hard core fan who is delusional and on. Oh well, tomorrow is another day I told myself.

      • Neo says:

        I find this post hilarious but at the same time there are truths to this poster’s words. Although I would not approach this issue in such an aggressive matter, rather, the best way is to roll my eyes and ignore. I guess, it is one of those days where you have a bad day coupled with some stupidity that you read from people. Yeah people get that once in a while. I still think this is funny…

      • applyice says:

        preach, girl

    19. kaye says:

      Why lie in the first place? Now they can do whatever they want!

    20. gold says:

      how come ha never went to japan with mavis or any of his ex-girlfriends?

    21. lkv says:

      :) wish they have happiness but the reality already told me that it would not work out. I do not use the word “break-up” simply because they will not get hurt if not living together.

    22. ALovesFung says:

      Why all the negativity!? An artist is human too! Their private lives should be left private! LF Love FUNG!

    23. YanYanKong says:

      Everyone says that he’s more relaxed after revealing his relatinship and can go on vacation. I don’t think so cause look, someone just spotted him and Karena going for vacation and reported it to the news reporters so that the whole world will know what he’s doing in his private life. (What he hates the most) Not relaxing at all I would say.

    24. YanYanKong says:

      It’s interesting how Ray has so many lovely honey fans, but they don’t respect him! How many times has he said that He doesn’t think his private life should be involved in his work as an artist. He even gets angry over reports on his family sometimes, still his fans talk crazily about his relationship and all that and also don’t give him any privacy at all. What kinda fans are these?

      • Crystal says:

        While he has fans that are super glued to him, he also has an equal amount of ugh haters? Or they like to call themselves “criticizers” I think they’re much worse than his lovely fans. At least his fans are doing it out of delusional love or something, his so called non fans…I don’t know what their purpose is.

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