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Ruby Lin’s TV Adaptation of “Painted Skin 2” to Air Year-End

By on September 20, 2012

Ruby Lin’s TV Adaptation of “Painted Skin 2” to Air Year-End thumbnail

Although critically panned by critics, Chen Kuo Fu’s (陳國富) Painted Skin: The Resurrection <画皮II> is currently the biggest Chinese film in history. Since its release in June 2012, Painted Skin: Resurrection has earned over $730 million RMB in the mainland China box office, out-grossing China’s previous best-selling film, Let the Bullets Fly <让子弹飞>. The stars of Painted Skin: The Resurrection, notably Zhao Wei (赵薇), were also critically lauded, and that a third Painted Skin film is currently in the works.

Similar to 2008’s Painted Skin <画皮>, which was supported by a television adaptation in 2011 that starred Fiona Sit (薛凱琪 ), a television adaptation of Painted Skin: Resurrection is also in the works. Produced by Ruby Lin (林心如), the television drama adaptation, Painted Skin: No Regrets for Real Love <画皮之真爱无悔>, has been receiving much attention from the media recently.

Ruby Lin invited Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Ying Er (颖儿) to star in the lead roles as Wang Ying and Princess Jing respectively. Twenty-six-year-old rising star, Michelle Bai (白冰), will star as Xiaowei, the fox spirit.

Ruby Lin’s manager stated, “The actors were cast by the investors. [Ruby and her production company] are only in charge of the production. The storyline is adapted from the movie. The settings and characters are the same.”

Painted Skin: No Regrets for Real Love will be Ruby Lin’s third drama produced by her production company. Her previous works included 2011’s The Glamorous Imperial Concubine<倾世皇妃> and Drama Go Go Go <姐姐立正向前走>, both starring Ruby Lin herself.

Ruby Lin’s manager revealed, “Ruby would have starred in Painted Skin: No Regrets for Real Love, but the script requires the characters to be young, and Ruby doesn’t think she’s suitable. But she will guest star in the drama as Mr. Wang’s wife, Peirong.”

Watch Trailer for “Painted Skin 2″ TV Drama

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  • Readers' Comments (33)

    1. Veejay says:

      Ruby certainly know her position well, she will only appear as guest role MRs. Wang’s wife.. good. ATleast she knows where she stands..

    2. munkimui says:

      i love you so much ruby lin!!!! i wish i can be as beautiful as u r!!!!

    3. Fox says:

      I start to wonder why Ying’Er is getting famous. She is kinda so-so in everything and also not that pretty. Admitting that she looks prettier after getting slimmer but overall she is plain.

      • Daisy says:

        I agree I find her average everything! But she got lucky and starred in Sealed with a kiss. I watched that drama Ying Ers acting was really boring. Acting most of the time counts on luck opposed to skills.
        Nancy Wu is one example :(

      • advo says:

        I think she’s pretty-esque when she’s not pouting… but she just pout a lot all the time in her acting. Makes her look ugly. Her acting is terrible though.

      • kiki says:

        actually, she is prettier now. sealed with a kiss she was so chub b/c of diet pills of some sort and the stylist in that series need to stop being a stylist b/c ying er’s character is just so ugly; clothing most specifically makes her look 10X ugly than her real self. she is slimmer and her face now is pretty ok. sealed w/a kiss was so very interesting to me since it’s just not your usual prince charming and princess storyline; such a complex but very entertaining thru and thru. one of the ONLY china production i have watched w/o skipping at all. ahhhaa lol..

        • thuy says:

          the female character in sealed with the kiss was supposed to be chubby. so she gained weight for the role. the abusive guy called her something like pig or porky..she wast supposed to be skinny attractive according to the book’s author

    4. Funn Lim says:

      I am glad Ruby knows a thing or two about casting and she knows the age of the characters. I do think she makes an excellent producer even if she is a lousy actress.

    5. miss unknown says:

      I have to say the trailer looks pretty good! I would rather watch the drama than the movie…

    6. Little fishy says:

      I don’t like any of the cast, haymick is so so, don’t find him handsome or manly -.- and both girls are overwhelmingly not pretty -.-

      • Fox says:

        Chen Kun is suitable for a general than Hawick. Hawick is suitable for the roles like scholar or siu ye. Maybe he can wear beard to make himself manlier but too bad, it dun happen in this series.

        • Kidd says:

          Chen Kun is pretty feminine looking but still able to play a general. So, I think Hawick should be alright.

        • Little fishy says:

          I don’t know I find Haymick is quite stiff in acting, something about his facial expression that bug me -.- and yea, unlike Chen kun, I don’t think haymick can pull off the general role, he doesn’t look rough up enough, Chen’s face on the first 5min of painted skin 1 was all crack up, so he doesn’t have a scholar look anymore. Also, he’s tan -.- remember Louis before he was tan? Everyone thinks he was too girly, after he tan up, he basically exploded, and that’s why he’s still tan now lololol

      • Terminator says:

        The story calls for an age-appropriate couple, not this father-daughter coupling. Haymick or Hawick is almost 40, almost twice the age of the female lead. No amount of makeup can hide the forces of aging.

        I am tired of all these HK old farts taking roles away from the younger generation.

    7. Lee says:

      Ugh, Ying Er. I still can’t get over the fact that she played Xishi in a drama. Xishi! One of the 4 beauties! This girl should thank her lucky stars that the industry seems to have a place for her.

      Off topic, but this is probably the first time I’ve heard of Ruby Lin admitting that she’s too old to play the female lead. I’m not sure if it’s denial or egotism at work but I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling when plays naive young girls or legendary beauties on screen.

      • Little fishy says:

        She is however a lot more beautiful than the younger generation, only a few young one would be consider on par or more beautiful than her (because everyone judge other’s beauty differently). To me, on the young generation, only Eva huang and crystal liu are beautiful, the rest are not really. Liu shi shi is rather plain, pretty in some cases, but quite plain in other.
        Anyway, hiring Eva and crystal would hurt your pocket, and probably quite hard, so she hired herself for those roles. Also, she is a good magnet to pull in the audience.
        Another point, I think ruby knows her market audiences for this drama, which consist a lot of young people, so that’s why she is going with the younger cast, even though haymick is kinda old, 30+, but he’s like the hot new guy in mainland ATM, so it’s ok.

        • Lee says:

          I never thought Ruby was that pretty to begin with but that’s just my opinion. I think there are quite a few beautiful mainland actresses in their late teens and early twenties who just haven’t had a break yet.

        • Lee says:

          Oh, and about Liu Shi Shi: I think she’s quite lovely in a Korean sort of way – fresh and pretty without being classically beautiful.

        • kiki says:

          Little fishy, it seems we have the same taste on these women. haha totally agree that ‘Liu shi shi’ is rather plain and IMO overrated. ppl like her character that got her famous but she is certainly not that beautiful.
          I know, Ying er is much prettier compare to some other mainland actresses of her generation, she is going to be more popular i think as her acting skills improved. it seems shes kind of in demand right now since she might NOT b as pricey to cast her ATM. totally agree….

        • Little fishy says:

          Haha, well, like I said beauty is rather hard to judge, I think Korean beauty is actually more ruby look, round full face, and transform a great deal with different makeup. I can understand your associate of shi shi’s beauty with Korean due to the make up, but uhm, let agree to disagree haha. Cos the Korean beauties without heavy makeup still make your eyes stick to the screen. First time I saw shi shi, and this is way before she was famous, I was like she is pretty, uhm, not really, not quite to the stage of awe dead struck if you know what I mean, lol.
          Anyway, Kiki, I will give this series a try and see if ying er wow me lol xD still iffy about haymick, >__<)

        • Lee says:

          Little Fishy, what I meant by Liu Shi Shi reminding me of Korean actresses is that I find the majority of them quite plain but their milky complexions and prominent features still end up being pleasing to the eye. I find Chinese beauties much more stunning and interesting on an aesthetic level but that’s just a personal preference. Let’s agree to disagree :-)

        • kiki says:

          Little fishy,

          I don’t watch historic/ancient series so i probably wont watch this one. the one i watched and finished was ‘ sealed w/a kiss ‘ w/the same cast as above. the storyline and sickening plot blew me away ahhhaahaa… i didn’t care about ying er’s chubbiness the storyline and alot of veteran’s great acting was really entertaining to watch and like i said above, the ONLY china production i have watched and didnt skip haha…lol…. so yes do give it a shot if u like it, hawich lau actually looks really cute in there even thou he seems so short next to ying er haha LOL…

          Anyway, Kiki, I will give this series a try and see if ying er wow me lol xD still iffy about haymick, >__<)

      • chancy426 says:

        O_O Really? Xi Shi? i didn’t find such a role in her dramawiki page.

    8. jasmine7 says:

      I’ve enjoyed many of Hawick’s mainland series, period and dramas alike. I do agree that he is, perhaps, not quite suitable for this role. But he was invited by Ruby Lin to star in this series and who would turn down a good paying job?? He is in his mid 30s but like Nicky Wu and Kevin Cheng (both over 40), all of them are still hot!!

      Everyone’s right about Ying Er’s acting skills and her botox lips.

      • Little fishy says:

        Did you just say ducklip

        • Little fishy says:

          Lol, I don’t really like Botox lips very much as there are some mainland actress with quite outrageous and distracting ducklip >_< I remembered the first time I saw a supporting actress with duck lips, I was like was it natural? Because that was the first time I've seen an actress onscreen with such major tell tell of using ps

    9. ping0 says:

      I wish they pick someone else rather then Ying Er, Blah!

    10. E says:

      The storyline is interesting =)

      1) Ruby Lin acting skill is perfectly fine. Just because she isn’t ur cup of tea doesn’t mean her acting is bad.

      2) People need to base actor/actress on their ACTING not pretty face. This is a drama not a runway model

    11. chancy426 says:

      I still don’t consider myself a fan of Ruby’s, but I’m starting to appreciate her more and more. She’s pretty talented as a producer.

      Getting a little tired of the Hua Pi plot though. How is this one different from Hua Pi 1 the drama?

      I didn’t know who played who in the trailer, but they all look pretty enough. Perhaps not enough to play such fantasy characters. Inside SWAK I really didn’t like how she looked, but I think Ying Er looks much prettier in this drama. The costumes are very pretty.

      Not a Hawick fan either, but he’s handsome enough as a general here. I can watch this one. The previous Hua Pi drama, I really liked the songs and Fiona Sit, but *sigh* I’m very shallow and can’t get pass the actor.

    12. Apple tcpin says:

      I seriously still think the movie is thousand times better than dramas =.= Everything seems so ridiculous in this tremendously long dramas, Chen Kun still the best with Zhao Wei & Zhou Xun. If only the 3 of them star in this drama, it will be more interesting =) After all, if its not because them, the drama wont be produce.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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