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Yoyo Mung: “Ekin Cheng is the Perfect Boyfriend!”

By on April 25, 2012

Yoyo Mung: “Ekin Cheng is the Perfect Boyfriend!” thumbnail

Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) has often been criticized for having multi-year relationships with ex-girlfriends, Maggie Shiu (邵美琪) and Gigi Leung (梁詠琪), that did not result in marriage. Fans blamed Ekin for wasting the women’s youths. Allegedly, his breakup with Gigi Leung was attributed to his reluctance to get married, while Gigi was looking to settle down. As Ekin’s relationship with Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) entered its sixth year, the public became increasingly concerned as to the pair’s marriage intentions.

Many modern couples found happiness together, without abiding by the traditional structure of marriage. In March, Yoyo had professed that she and Ekin did not plan to get married or have children in the future. Despite this inclination, Yoyo was still frequently asked questions about marriage in her public appearances.

In an interview with the cast of Bride Wannabes <盛女愛作戰>, Yoyo was asked when she and Ekin will get married. Yoyo replied they were still in the cohabitation stage. Yoyo said, “Although I appear to be very strong in my appearance, I am a ‘little woman.’ I like to see him everyday! Couples in love should glue to each other!” Yoyo had markedly reduced her drama output since dating Ekin, working less and spending more time with her boyfriend.

When Yoyo was 17 years old, she had lived together with her ex-boyfriend. Since her grandmother also lived together with them at the time, her ex-boyfriend complained of the awkward situation. He also complained that she did not do enough household chores. Yoyo broke up with him because she felt that her ex-boyfriend did not love her enough.

Yoyo praised Ekin, “He is perfect, a boyfriend with a 100% score!” The couple got along well living together and did not have any complaints towards each other.

Sources: On.cc; Oriental Daily

This article was updated on April 25, 2012 at 4:49PM to reflect additional details that surfaced in Oriental Daily.

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Jayne: Aside from celebrities, whose love lives are intensely scrutinized by fans, we as normal people are frequently asked by our parents and friends as to when marriage will occur. I guess marriage is seen as the “next step” in life, as similiar to having children. Where we grow, age, and as in getting a job as an adult, we are expected to start our own family in the traditional sense. Marriage and having children are similiar to a rites of passage into a stage of adulthood, thus a common question asked.

I can see how tiring the question must be for Yoyo though, especially if Ekin and her intentions have not changed. If a couple makes a decision due to social pressure and not truly what they desire, it may not be a good thing.

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  • Readers' Comments (56)

    1. TVBFanatic says:

      As long as they are happy, marriage is a formality. Yoyo is a bit outside the child-bearing years, so I don’t see the need for marriage at all. Were they to want a child, then I could see it for the child’s sake (to avoid social stigma). But otherwise? It’s a piece of paper.

      • Bonnie says:

        Well, depending on which website you look at, Yoyo is either 36 or 38. Not a spring chicken by any means, but not outside her childbearing years either.

        It does sound as if she does not want children though, so if she is happy with how her current relationship is going, then good for her for not bowing to tradition merely for the formality of it.

        • TVBFanatic says:

          36 is better… but the closer you get to 40 to more dangerous it becomes not only for the mother, but more for the child.

    2. EkinFan says:

      Yoyo, You’re lucky to be even dating Ekin to start with. =P

      • Sky says:


      • Funn Lim says:

        And someone did see Yoyo going to Wong Tai Sin temple every single day offering the sacrificial pig and praying to the gods there are as she kneels and cries “THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME EKIN!!! I AM SO BLESSED!! SO BLESSED!!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU” and she does the same in a church, Indian temple, a mosque and being an actual free thinker but very grateful for having Ekin as her perfect boyfriend, she climbs up to the top of the himalayas and shivering from the cold weather she cries to the vast blue sky “THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME EKIN!! I AM THE LUCKIEST, HAPPIEST, JOYEST, GREATEST, BODACIOUS, GRATEFULICIOUS….” and she continues with any ICIOUS she can think of and completed the sentence 7X7=49 days later with a joyful shout “I AM SUCH A LUCKY GIRL!!!!!!”

      • Veejay says:

        is it really “lucky” dating Ekin? seriously? not sure…..

      • ita says:

        I think Yoyo is too pretty for Ekin. Never consider ekin as good looking. Still remember in the past we always call him Ham Cim Peng face (flat bread). I know is a bit crude but..everytime i see him always think of ham cim peng, what to do…..

        • josie says:

          Is that the kind of bread w/ sesame seeds on it? Cuz that’s what ekin’s pores look like. And can’t stand his greasy hair, look like a weasel.

          Yoyo has been looking rather soft and pretty though lately.

        • Ita says:

          Yaya, flat and fried with a bit of sesame on top.

    3. yy says:

      Her ex bf conplained she did not enough household… why must women do the household men has also hands too..

      • Jayne says:

        “Her ex bf conplained she did not enough household… why must women do the household men has also hands too…”

        It is the man’s mother’s fault for loving her son too much, for not training him to cook and clean up properly, and for allowing him to act like an “emperor” at home. Many Chinese men are coddled this way.

        • YY says:

          hi Jayne, i know im chinese too but my bf and i work both fulltime and the household has been split 50% for me and 50% for him. this works for me fine, however if i have to do household and work i will not keep that up. another friend she’s working fulltime and do household and her fiance is a freelancer who’s doing nothing every single day.. very hard too see for mee.. i see sometimes it is frustrating for her.

        • Jayne says:

          You are so lucky to have a boyfriend who does 50% of the housework! Truly blessed hehe!

          Whether the guy does housework is something that seems to cause a lot of relationship strain when a couple lives together. I think it’s a lifelong habit for the most part. If the guy was raised by his mother to help out around the house, then he will not make a fuss about helping out. If he has been coddled as a young boy and never expected to help out with meals and cleaning the house, then his willingness to help out his girlfriend/wife will continue to slip.

          Some of my friends now hire cleaning ladies because my friend and her husband both do not want to do housework.

          For the guys: Please do more housework! Women will love you more this way!

        • Hannahh says:

          that sound like my bro-in-law he does no house work at all or anything else and my sister come home from work and have to cook, clean and get the kids to their homework.

        • LeilaFan says:

          Married the oldest son in the family, then chances he will do house work.
          My husband is the oldest son in his family, since he was young he used to do stuff around the house and take cares of his younger siblings.
          My husband is a very picky man, no house work I do can make him happy. Like when I try wash dishes, he say I wash it not clean, LOL! So he always wash the dishes, the way he wanted it to be.
          Same with cooking, when I try cook. He say I don’t cook good enough, so he always cook the way he want it to be.
          If you happen to married a picky man, then just let him do everything around the house his way.

        • sandcherry says:


          Totally agree with you. Why should we waste two people’s efforts to do one simple job.

          If someone is picky, let him do it all.

        • Fox says:

          And then he’ll complain that you are lazy and do nothing while he has to do everything.

          Either way is same bad.

          So better if both share the works.

      • Funn Lim says:

        I don’t mind cleaning the house if he brings home the dough and pays me equal wage of a manager level since I consider taking care of household duties is that of a manager plus accountant plus human resource plus PR. But can he afford me? If not, then by all means, take the trash out!!

        Anyway the statement is confusing. It could be he did a lot and she did very little? Share share I say!!

    4. Funn Lim says:

      When will the public accept that these 2 don’t ever want to get married or have children? Just accept that fact!!!

      • josie says:

        Isn’t that what people thought about Paul and Athena?
        I think a lot of celebs won’t get married until accidental pregnancy occurs.

        • sandcherry says:

          Agree, a lot of celebrities won’t get married until accidental pregnancy occurs.

          It is okay if Yoyo doesn’t want to get married either. However, their relationship won’t last if it is Ekin’s idea only. I think Ekin should let his girlfriend/lover/partner know that he wants to remain single all his life after dating a girl for 3 months. It seems that Ekin is pretty self-centred and worries about his own self.

          A guy can go through several 6 (or even 7) years of relationship, but not a girl.

        • josie says:

          That reminds me of what matchmaker mei ling said on “here comes the bride wannabes”. She tells her clients, “if a guy isn’t willing to marry u after 2 yrs, he never will. Cut your losses and move on!” Sage advice.

        • Ita says:

          Lots of celebrities are self centered. If past 45 still didnt hv kids i think better not too have one. It is too old to have kids at that age, you wont be able do many things with them compare to if you had them younger. Like andy lau, by the time he is 55 his daughter is only 5 years old. By the time they are too old and got no excitement they are thinking to hv kids. I think it’s kind of selfish. They should get a dog or cat instead. Recently was reading about sean lau also try to hv kids now, what the?. Both of them nearly 50.

    5. NP says:

      Huh, they’ve been dating for 6 years? Wow, I managed to not know that.

    6. Hannahh says:

      as long as they’re happy with just dating and don’t want to get married then people should just leave them alone.

    7. Canto says:

      Poor Yoyo! She is still fresh and beautiful in that photo. I always think that she looks beautiful.

      Past beautiful women with Ekin before… Gigi Leung…

      I know Ekin is cool and attractive but still… Will be good if they can grow old together and still stay in love without the piece of paper.

    8. Michelle says:

      You’re right, Jayne ! Sometimes even I feel the pressure from my parents pressing me to get married. I just want to be free. Don’t want to get tied down with a husband. When I’m ready, I’ll marry someone.

      • sandcherry says:

        I think a 6-year relationship is pretty long for any mature couple. Yoyo and Ekin are not teenagers or in their early 20s, and they should make plans for their future. It is pretty okay if they both don’t want any children after they get married, but why not a marriage.

        If a man does not want to get married, it means that he does not want to take any responsibilities. He will not be a good man to me.

        It is not fair for the female partner, such as Maggie Shiu Mei Kee, who got dumped by Ekin when she was in her mid 30s. It would be difficult for the female to find another decent partner at that age as most males are married by mid or late 30s.

        Though a marriage certificate does not mean much these days, I think a couple would still think about their relationship more carefully if they want to file a divorce.

        • josie says:

          Yes, I’m glad Maggie and gigi still found their happiness after wasting so much of their golden yrs on him.

        • FanWen says:

          Can’t really say he’s not taking responsibility. Even without the “paper” he still takes care of living as if they are already married. He gave her his car and even paid for the expenses when she crashed it many times. They take trips together as if they are a married couple on their 10th honeymoon. They do everything a regular married couple would do. Perhaps even more than a married couple because a lot of people once they are married they forget the dating era and act lazy. Therefore I don’t see anything wrong with them not getting that paper that doesn’t necessarily tell anything but stating these 2 people are officially approved within society as husband-wife.

        • Anya says:

          @fanwen: may i add more on your list ? :)) he just bought her range Rover worth 800.000 hk. She just went on Vacation with her friends in Paris… She’s having a life style of a happy, wealthy wife. It’s tiring to hear people complain, or feel sorry for her when they don’t even know or care what is really going on with her. She’s really enjoy happy life that most of people wish for

        • sandcherry says:

          What happens to Maggie Shiu now after being dumped by Ekin? She has nothing much besides the Rover. She ended up with a guy who is 10+ years younger than she. If she was married to Ekin, she would have the right to share his properties, but she didn’t. On the other hand, she wasted 10+ years of her youth and career because of Ekin. If she did not have Ekin, either she would be happily married now and have kids, or she would have a better acting career being a 1st line actress instead of a 2nd or 3rd line actress. Maggie is a very pretty girl.

        • Anya says:

          If you don’t know anything, you shouldn’t say too much. When Ekin and Maggie broke up, she got his house, and his money that they shared together. There were rumors that he still gave her money for living after they broke up for many years. Maggie always say good things about Ekin, only you or some people know nothing at all keep blaming and complaining. when the couples breaking up, can’t blame all on the men.

        • sandcherry says:

          You seemed to know Maggie Shiu and Ekin Cheng very well.

          Correct, I don’t know them personally. I read about them from public media. I understand that it might not be 100% correct. Maggie might be a very nice person who did not want to say anything bad about Ekin. Youth and love are the most important things to a woman, and then career. It seems to me that Maggie has lost them all, and I feel sorry for her, also for Gigi Leung, and maybe for Yoyo Mung in future. Not many woman would accept living with a man who does not want to get married (assume responsibilities).

    9. sandcherry says:

      I feel sorry for Yoyo or any of Ekin’s female partners (past, present, and future).

    10. Gia says:

      Met her a few times, before i didn’t find her that pretty in t.v. or mags but was really surprised she’s very naturally pretty in person. Most celebs I’ve seen are a disappointment in person.

      Every occasion i spoke to her she was polite and didn’t have any airs.
      Personally i think she is too good for Ekin.

      • sandcherry says:

        I read from magazines saying that Yoyo likes gambling a lot. I hope it’s not true. She gives up a lot of jobs because of Ekin when she is young, just like Maggie Shiu. I don’t know if she will remain popular in future (in case she gets dumped by Ekin).

        I don’t like Ekin at all, especially after he dumped Maggie Shiu for Gigi Leung, and then dumped Gigi a few years later. I don’t think he is good in acting or singing. I also heard that he is addicted to computer games (same as Nicholas Tse who got a divorce).

        • Fox says:

          The game isn’t the only reason for Nic Tse + Ceci’s divorce.

        • sandcherry says:

          I know, but it is still one of the reasons. No wives would like their husbands to be heavily addicted to computer games or any games.

        • Fox says:

          I partly disagree. I think there are many wives who ‘d rather their husband addicted to computer games than wine or cigarettes or other women :P.

          BTW, it’s like the husband dun like his wife to be addicted to shopping :P.

        • Jayne says:

          Addictions of any sort carry bad conoctation, that a person cannot control this urge and thus spend an unhealthy amount of time on such an addiction. So what women are really asking for is a man with a measure of self-control.

        • Anya says:

          What is wrong with Ekin like to play game? Yoyo loves games too, they playing games together.

        • Fox says:

          @Jayne: Addicted to his wife might be the sweetest addiction. Or not, hehe.

        • Canto says:

          @ Fox: “I think there are many wives who‘d rather their husband addicted to computer games than wine or cigarettes or other women.”

          I agree lah. My partner is also addicted to computer games. I think ok, that is slightly annoying but not that bad… If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

          Now I also like playing computer games. They can be addictive.

          He says my hobby is JayneStars, that is funny.

        • Jayne says:

          “He says my hobby is JayneStars, that is funny.”

          Haha, does your boyfriend read our site? Does he like entertainment gossip?

          Women just like to talk, whether it be entertainment or friends’ gossip.

          My neice and nephews are addicted to computer games. They spend every weekend staying home to play online video games.

    11. hushhush says:

      I am a great fan of Ee Kin and I wouldnt mind cohabiting w him, even if he have some “marriage” issues.. hahahahaa.. But as for Yoyo… she is not really a cup of my tea. She had a sad face.. he lips drops down that make her look sadder and she has a very saddy eyes.. that seems like she had just cried or someting like tat.. But, nevertheless… As long as Ee Kin is happy… and she can make Ee Kin happy… I am happy for Ee Kin.. :)

    12. advo says:

      Perhaps Yoyo doesn’t want to marry?!! Has anyone thought about that? Since Ekin has a history, I think Yoyo is smart enough to not think she can change his mind.

      If Gigi and Maggie dated him in the hopes that he would someday marry, and he lead them on – I feel sorry for them. But if they wasted many years on him even though he has told them, he has no intention to marry, then I don’t feel sorry. The worst thing a woman can do is to think she can change a man.

      • sandcherry says:

        I have the feeling that Yoyo wants to get married. However, she just does not want to push Ekin to hard on this issue. She knows that if she pushes him too much, their relationship will be done soon. Yoyo is not that dumb ….. she learned it from Ekin’s history of girlfriends.

    13. snoopy says:

      Did anyone watch the talk show regarding the ‘Brides Wannabes’ series which YoYo was one of the host? The woman who operates a dating agency said ‘if you go out with a guy for two years and they still have no plans to marry you- dump him. He is wasting your youth!’ You can see how awkward YoYo looked…like it was talking about her!…

    14. Fox says:

      They won’t never let her go until she breaks up with Ekin. Why is so harsh on her like this? Ppl dun want to see her happiness?

    15. sandcherry says:

      We all want to see Yoyo happy, but how long will her happiness last? If she is happy that she does not need a husband, then she is really happy. But if she wants to get married and Ekin doesn’t, their relationship will end sooner or later, and Yoyo will not be happy in future. Yoyo may be in her 40s and it will be more difficult for her to get a husband or any good acting roles.

    16. fez says:

      So after Ekin Cheng’s long relationships with Maggie and Gigi…. do you guys think his finally found THE ONE in Yoyo?

    17. sandcherry says:

      It is a ???

      Personally I think Ekin falls in love easily with a female (from his history). He was never single; he always has a permanent female partner, one after another.

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