“Ruse of Engagement” Finally Coming March 17

After spending nearly three years in the warehouse, TVB’s Ruse of Engagement <叛逃> is finally getting an air date. Produced by Amy Wong (王心慰), the 25-episode crime drama is slated to premiere on March 17, 2014 in Hong Kong. The series stars Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Ron Ng (吳卓羲) as two brothers working for the fictional Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF), inspired by the real-life Counter Terrorism Response Unit of the Hong Kong Police Force. Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) and Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) star as the brothers’ love interests, while Louise Lee (李司棋) portray the brothers’ mother.

First introduced at the TVB Sales Presentation in 2010, Ruse of Engagement – then known as the simple working title ATF – entered production in May 2011 with Ka Wai Nam (賈偉南) helming the screenplay. Production for the anticipated drama was completed as early as September 2011, and post-production work – including soundtrack additions – were completed by late 2012, but for unknown reasons, the broadcast date was pushed back by TVB several times. In May 2013, TVB promoted Ruse of Engagement as one of its top 17 productions to look forward to at the 17th HK FILMART. In early January 2014, TVB finally confirmed that Ruse of Engagement will premiere in March of this year.


Ruse of Engagement posterWith much sweat and tears, widow Tong Shuk Fun (Louise Lee) single-handedly raises her two filial sons Chong Yau Ching (Ruco Chan) and Chong Yau Kit (Ron Ng) and sees them join Hong Kong’s elite police force ATF. The calm and intelligent Ching joins the force’s intelligence unit, while the athletic and passionate Kit joins the operations unit. Both earning the respect of their superior Shum Chi Ngo (Eddie Kwan), Shuk Fun believed that she could finally retire in peace.

However, under mysterious circumstances that came from a piece of intelligence, the two brothers suddenly change sides and become enemies. Ching discovers reliable information about a secret organization through journalist Yip Ting (Yoyo Mung), and he almost loses his life investigating it. Unable to reinstate himself back in the team, he convinces his girlfriend Chung Yat Ka (Aimee Chan), an intelligence analyst for ATF, to secretly obtain information from the force’s database to help with his investigation.

With details of the case leaking to the opposing organization, Kit believes that his brother is the mole. Ching however focuses his efforts on luring the real mole, abandoning all ethics in the process.

Ruco, Ron, Aimee, and Eddie Chat About Roles in “Ruse of Engagement”

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Source:  ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Gosh finally this drama’s out. I’ve been waiting to watch this for ages. Partially the reason is that Yoyo’s in it. <3
    Louise as Ruco's mother again? 🙁
    Wasn't she also his mother in Brother's Keeper and I think uhh Reality Check too?
    #ImGettingBoredOfThisMother-SonPairingThatHasAppearedForManyTimes ._.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Why is Louise Ruco’s mother…again?

    1. moca,
      Yoyo Mung is no longer affiliated with TVB, so it’s understandable that Aimee is promoted more in the poster and upcoming events for “Ruse of Engagement”.

      1. Sick isn’t it. Yoyo is obviously the lead actress in here. Same like what happened with Maggie. Sickening.

      2. Agree with Funn Lim that Yoyo is the lead in the drama. Aimee is just not female lead material

      3. Aimee Chan seems to be in quite a few leads as well. It’s like all of a sudden you see her as a lead which is weird. Is it b/c of now hubby Moses Chan? How unbelievable. She is just not interesting to watch, not that I love yoyo woman hahaa LOL…

      4. Windy ikr Aimee not even a A class actress yet and she getting all these 1st lead roles all sudden cause of her relationship with Moses Chan. Sick right that’s how it works in TVB.

      5. @tvbfan,

        I know, AC is so annoying in most of her characters. In that Raymond Wong series w/Ruco and Selina, OMG, the plot of that series is just so messed up and just all over the place where I couldn’t even passed after 1 full episode. In fact, I haven’t watched any TVB in completion for a few years now, I just find most of the series totally meaningless and just not interesting to continue. In Brothers Keepers, it was going ok in the beginning but then eventually felt apart towards the middle and end and most of the characters are full of BS too so even if I like Ruco’s character, it was hard to finish it but i did skip it to the end. My parents always say the older day, they are such great series w/meaningful plots n stories and this days full of crapz. haha which i havent watched older series much but I guess in those few I did watch it is very true. TVB is going down if they can come up w/better scripts and some more refreshing faces too i/o of the same old ppl.

      6. The modern series that I watched and liked were:
        Conscience (Deric Wan series)
        Cold Blood Warm Heart
        Secret of the Heart
        Files of Justice

        Probably many others that I don’t remember at the moment.

    2. I believe Aimee had been lead from the start, she’s playing the love interest of both brothers.

      1. I thought the same thing in A Great Way To Care 2 with Tavia and Yoyo and even Aimee who was considered a supporting actress got more screen time than Yoyo….I honestly don’t even remember anything really significant about Yoyo’s character in that series.

        In writing they are co leading, but I think Aimee will be more of a focused character than Yoyo.

      2. For me, more screen time doesn’t necessarily mean that person is leading the drama. And personally, i think all the characters Ron, Ruco, Yoyo and Aimee are key characters in this drama. Will the story still work if you removed one of these leads? probably not.

      3. Sure more screen time doesn’t necessarily mean they’re leading over another but it matters on how much they contribute to the plot and in this case Aimee seems to have that advantage. I don’t even remember Yoyo’s story or how she contributed to the plot in AGWTC2. As for this one she’s barely mentioned at all but we’ll see.

        Some main and supporting actors in other series have been unnecessary and could of done without them. For instance they purposely added another character just for the love triangle purpose but does a series really need a love triangle? Not exactly, especially on series that are not in the romance genre.

      4. “She excitedly said thanks to Producer Amy Wong, her role has many male companions: “In the series, I play a reporter and will do a lot of spying work. Earlier I went to buy some props to help me with the performance, like a pen with a knife hidden it. Perhaps producer Amy Wong thought that these props were too cruel, so we gave up on them.” When asked if her character has a relationship line? She said: “This time I’ll have a relationship with Ruco Chan. I’m not suitable for Ron Ng, look more like his older sister.” ”

        ^ Yoyo’s talk about her role in this drama.

      5. I heard her from that interview during the costume fitting but basically what I’m saying is that she’s not featured as prominent as Aimee is in this series.

      6. I don’t think that Yoyo’s screentime would be cut….
        If there are any last minute changes to the main plot and if tvb is cutting Yoyo’s screentime, then don’t they need to replace her scenes by refliming some scenes or redevelop the plot a bit?

        Not to mention, they finished the post-production probably 3 years ago….. way before Brother’s Keeper and Reality check… And Yoyo has worked with Amy Wong before in another drama….

        And if TVB was really promoting Aimee to be a best actress or something among these lines, shouldn’t this drama air during those high-viewership periods instead of now?

      7. I never mentioned anything about her screen time being decreased nor are they pushing Aimee for Best Actress. All I’m saying is that Aimee’s character has a lot more to contribute to the plot than Yoyo’s character and she is more featured than Yoyo. In a series there is always a more dominant leading man and woman(Ruco and Aimee) over the other supposed leading man and woman(Ron and Yoyo)

      8. ” All I’m saying is that Aimee’s character has a lot more to contribute to the plot than Yoyo’s character and she is more featured than Yoyo. In a series there is always a more dominant leading man and woman(Ruco and Aimee) over the other supposed leading man and woman(Ron and Yoyo)”

        ^ We don’t know much of Yoyo’s character or the whole detailed plot of ROE. Just because Yoyo’s character isn’t revealed or featured enough yet to us in advance, it doesn’t mean that her character contributes less to the plot…

        And maybe to you, there is always a more dominant leading man and woman(Ruco and Aimee) over the other supposed leading man and woman(Ron and Yoyo)”. But for me, there could be people co-leading dramas, not always the “a more dominant leading man and woman(Ruco and Aimee) over the other supposed leading man and woman” drama.

      9. If the story is the same, then it started with Ruco and Aimee and then Aimee with Ron and Ruco with Yoyo. Since this was made like 3 years ago when Aimee was technically a 2nd class actress so to speak, I will say however the poster size them all, Yoyo is the female lead. With Ruco ending up with Yoyo (unless he dies or something) I will say Ruco is 1st lead.

      10. We already know enough of Yoyo’s character, she’s a reporter/journalist who first encounter Ruco while he supposedly went rogue and therefore created a romance between them. It’s not that I’m favoring Aimee over Yoyo but honestly Yoyo hasn’t carried a series ever since her demoted position as an artiste after Forensic Heroes, the rest of the series the other actress that’s suppose to be co leading actually ends up being the one that carries the series. Yoyo is a lead actress alright but from what the plot and her past interviews along with the rest of the cast, Aimee’s character seems to be the actress that leads the series.

        Actually if you noticed in past TVB dramas there is at least 2 male leading and one(at times w) female artistes leading but only one of each actually plays a more significant part in the series. The Academy series for example, Ron and Sammul are obviously the leading men but theres no denying who actually is the main focus of the series as Ron was given more character development as Chung Lap Man than Sammul’s character. Tavia lead Fiona over that one. Then a recent series Brother’s Keeper, Ruco and Edwin play the characters of two brothers but Ruco was definitely carrying that series. One of the two leading males and females actually plays a more significant part than the latter…it’s a pattern that’s going around these dramas.

      11. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen when two artistes lead the series together but from the plot it’s pretty obvious which of the leads will carry the series. It’s no wonder why Ron’s fans were complaining how Ruco was given a more complex character to play while Ron is given the same role he portrayed quite a few times.

      12. “The Academy series for example, Ron and Sammul are obviously the leading men but theres no denying who actually is the main focus of the series as Ron was given more character development as Chung Lap Man than Sammul’s character. Tavia lead Fiona over that one.”

        ^ I disagree with that. I always felt that Ron, Sammul had almost the SAME screentime in the Academy.. Both characters were developed well… Fiona and Tavia were on par with each other in that drama.

      13. Same amount of screen time sure but throughout the three installments which one had more character development? Ron. It’s not about the screen time it’s about the character development and Ron’s character played a much more significant part than Sammul and the whole series pretty much revolved around him. Ron was the one who started out as the immature 18 year old then graduating with the silver whistle, then ranked up to an undercover cop experiencing betrayal, love and maturity at the same time. You can see how Ron’s character evolve throughout the installments while Sammul gradually remained the same and his story pretty much revolved around family drama(losing his father, lost of girlfriend, pursuing a madam that resembles his dead ex, jealous of Ron’s character given a chance to do undercover work instead of him in the second installment,love again in the third. Sammul’s character never really did changed as for Ron his character displayed all types of development from a cadet to someone he never imagined he would be ten years ago. Sammul’s character just contradict Ron’s character because he’s a perfectionist while the latter is not.

      14. That’s your own opinionated blurb of the character development between Ron and Sammul. As for me, I wouldn’t compare who changed the most or changed the least because both of them went through crucial events, which the other characters didn’t throughout the three installments.

      15. The other character weren’t leading so they didn’t matter as much. Both of them did went through some hard times but one of them had a much more significant impact than the other besides this series revolves around the police force, only one of them was a realistic one. Character development does matter without that there wouldn’t be a character at all, just saying the writers of the series definitely favored towards Ron more. One is a paradigm of principles and virtues while the other one carried virtue but different principles. Sammul’s character lacked character development which is not his fault but character wise, Ron definitely had the upper hand there.

      16. That’s your opinion. Did Ron ever go through 2+ deaths of his closest people within the same timespan? If we are talking about the three installments, Sammul’s character had more tragedies than Ron’s character. Two of Sammul’s most beloved closest people to him died within couple of months, the same year. Not only that, it had weakened his perspective of love.. It was only until Kaki had risked her life.. That’s when Sammul believed in love again and decided to wed Kaki.

        And way before meeting Kaki, Sammul witnessed a person’s death who he had wanted to save. And then when he recognized that he had killed his own police mate, that was another death, his “rock bottom” sort to speak. It was only until Kaki reminded him of the person’s death of whom he wanted to save and how it impacted the sister to become a police.. that’s when Sammul decided to be a police again and gained back his confidence..

        And yes, although Ron’s characters did face the 2 deaths, it didn’t hurt as bad as it did to Sammul’s character as one of them was Sammul’s love interest and his father.

        So no, I don’t necessarily think that Ron’s character were developed better than Sammul’s characters. Both of them grew with their own crucial events throughout the three installments. And if that is weak character development, um okay.

      17. Sorry to jump in, but Bubblez, can you show me how to custome an avatar like yours?
        Mine right now is assign random avatar from the site itself, so I get different avatar each times, from orange face to green face to blue face, LOL!

      18. @Leilafan: go to gravatar.com and create an account with the email you are using.

        And then you just go from there.

      19. I never mentioned weaker development but basically what I said was that Sammul’s character in the last installment was no different than when he was a cadet, poor writing on the team for that part. It just doesn’t make sense with him experiencing those things he never made a drastic change like Ron did which is why he stood out more.

        I think audience would of rather see a Chung Lap Man stand alone series than Lee Pak Kiu. Nothing against Sammul but this is entertainment after all and his character just wasn’t as entertaining as his co star.

        Sure this may be only my opinion but yours is as well. I just don’t think you understand the logic of character development it’s not the amount of death that matters it’s the writing.

      20. If you want to base it on tragic what Ron went through was much more traumatizing and it doesn’t necessarily have to deal with death as this applies to reality not just my opinion.

      21. ^ There was a lot of character development on both characters. I’m saying that Sammul’s character was different from the first installment to the last installment and that it wasn’t a poorly written character. He went from someone who initially believed in love to someone who didn’t and wanted to stop his police career and had no more objective as a police to someone who once again found his path and his love.

        And what would it take for Sammul to stand out more then if you are insisting it is a poor character?

      22. But one has more than the other, Ron was the main focus in the third installment there’s no question there. I’m not saying Sammul’s hear after was a poor one but the writers seemed more existed to write about Ron’s than Sammul’s. Ron’s character just overshadowed his which is pretty obvious. I’m not hating on Sammul but the character lacked character development compared to Ron’s. in fact this happens in every series. When people think of the Academy series the first thought that came to mind is Ron. And this is not just my opinion many others are the same, Sammul was just ignored a lot in the series well especially in the last one. I’m sure it’s something you noticed as well. They only focused on Sammul’s career when he shot Michael’s character while the rest is romance and Ron had both throughout the whole series.

      23. Like I said it’s not Sammul’s fault it’s the writers, there’s not much you can do with such a limited character while Ron has a lot to work with.

      24. Since you keep on insisting that Sammul’s character was written poorly or undershadowed, what would YOU do if you were the scriptwriter then? How would you bring out Sammul’s character and balance both characters ?

        And sure, Ron did find love throughout all 3 installments but none of his relationships lasted.

      25. I just don’t think you understand my point… in a series most of the time only one of the male leads gets more attention than the other and the writer’s intention was to focus more on Ron and the character of Sammul as his best friend and on and off nemesis. A scripwriter’s purpose is not to balance out the characters to make them equally the same or as good, or else wheres the fun in that? Ron’s story progress more efficient and engaging than Sammul’s. That’s just the way it is, it’s not about changing anything, it’s entertainment.

        The romance of the series doesn’t matter because romance is only the secondary focus, sure none of his relationship lasted but it’s his career that matters. This is not a romance series, Ron’s character is just an example from a rookie to someone who experienced all different levels of emotions for someone in the police force to go through. Sure Sammul may had a higher rank but he never progress like Ron’s character did career wise.

      26. Just like in this series, Ruco definitely has the more interesting and challenging role than Ron, the scriptwriters intended for it to be that way. That’s the plot of the series one overshadows the other, it’s as simple as that.

      27. And maybe, Ron’s role stood out to you more, fine. But it doesn’t mean that Sammul or other characters’ backgrounds didn’t stood out to other people who watched it. And I do not agree that Ron’s character experienced ALL different levels of emotions for someone in the police force to go through. He only went through an undercover cop’s journey and showed how easy it is to get off track.

        I don’t think it is for us, the audience to say which role is harder /easier to act out because we are not the actors or actresses. Just because Ruco is given a “meatier” role, it doesn’t make Ron’s role any less challenging or any less interesting for him to act. That’s up to Ruco, Ron to say. I watched a trailer of ROE and both roles are interesting enough. It seems like both characters have an underlying story.

      28. Sorry to jump in, but i also agree with bubblez that it should be up to the actors and actresses decide. And i have watched all 3 and it only shows one’s perspective and emotions. His emotions doesnt show all the emotions of a police officer. Just how in other police dramas, fhey show another perspective

      29. Ron experienced major growth in the dirt and second installment as well both professionally and personally in the series. The other characters like Tavia and Fiona weren’t the same except killing if Fiona’s character but in the second one which was upsetting. Ron’s character did indeed had a more interesting and realistic development than Sammul’s.

        Sure they both might be but honestly the plot does center more in Ruco’s favor.

      30. Thats assumeing that the media is accurate with the plot. With coffee cat mama, the plot that was given was false.

      31. Rons character was so much better off than sammul in terms of fam background but his character does not represent all the feelings of a police officer.

        He was a undercover cop who almost was given up by dominic. Big deal.

        But there is so much more in being an officier which ron and sammuls character do not show.

      32. They already explained the plot in interviews and conventions, this has been down filming for almost 3 years. We already know the plot.

      33. Ron experienced much more as a cop than Sammul’s character did, which is what I meant…of course I know he doesn’t represent all but his was much more realistic attitude protocol wise. Sammul was just striving for perfection but honestly which cop actually falls in love on their mission anyways it’s not professional and Sammul’s hardcore discriminated against criminals or those related to one.

      34. Those are interviews. I am talking about the plot synopsis on wikipedias page .

        In all regards, rons character and sammuls character were too fake, both unrealisitic in different aspects. And rons charcter was static.

      35. Interviews given by the cast and producer is much more reliable than Wikipedia in case you haven’t noticed besides I don’t think anyone credit that website for any reliable info. They already stated what the plot was quite a few times.

        Honestly are any of the characters in TVB series realistic? Ron’s character was just more relatable than Sammul’s personally and professionally.

        Besides Ron’s character was mentally amused in the third installment something that most people in the police force experienced especially completing field work. Sammul was more in denial of what was going on.

      36. When waa the interviews done? One year ago?
        ROE finished in 2011…

        And usually the plot synopsises are taken from wikipedia..

      37. There were plenty of interviews in late 2011 during costume fitting then blessing ceremony and early last spring. I mean the series are already done filming they can’t possibly change the plot and it’s all been relatively the same, Ruco is the center character with Ron playing his potential nemesis.

      38. Thanks. But coffee cat mama was done filming and the media still got it wrong. So we will see.

      39. it’s totally fine since Ron’s character was probably a closer depiction of what a police officer should be..

        But for me, I don’t necessarily think that Ron’s character was any better than Sammul’s character in terms of being more realistic. Throughout all three, he was always rushing through things without caring the results of his actions. Ron’s character was more a self-centered person, always wanted to solve a case successfully. As for Sammul, he always worries about the principles of being a police (hence Michael tried to tell Sammul that the principles are dead, and sometimes you have to go around it in the second instalment). Would an actual cop actually not think about his consequences before doing it? Would an actual cop go ahead of himself and try to investigate something without notifying his superior? Would a cop tell his other cop friend to help him when he knows he’s bending the rules? Would actual high-ranked officials give another chance to someone who almost got kicked out or get welcomed back an individual who the police force nearly wanted to give up on?

      40. Every police officer has flaws, you think there isn’t a cop who hasn’t bend the rules and did it his ways and given a second chance? There are plenty, some for good and bad causes. Sammul’s character was too much of a perfectionist that doesn’t really exist in the force, he’s too blind by the good that he can’t accept anyone else. He bullied Elanne’s character when he first met her, discriminate the rich, had way too much confidence in his actions just because he’s good on paper doesn’t necessarily make him good in the field which Ron had that talent.

        More cops can relate to Ron’s character than Sammul’s I tell you that. Not exactly everything but hardly any of them can relate to Sammul.

      41. Hate to break your impression of righteous cops following the books but that’s hardly ever the case, sometimes they just have to things that are against protocol.

      42. My point being is that Ron nor Sammul does not come close in representing what a cop does and that both characters are flawed in their own ways. Ron’s character isn’t any better off in being more realistic than Sammul’s character and vice versa. ”

        I am not saying that police are all righteous, plays by the rules and whatnot. I am saying that Ron and Sammul does not come close to representing ALL the emotions of what police goes through. Frankly speaking, Ron played the route of undercover cop while Sammul had a more “steady” route in being someone who could lead a team.

        And frankly speaking, who or which race in this world doesn’t discriminate another’s race, another background when a person meets another person? And Ron also discriminated too in the beginning, not just Sammul, Kaki, etc. And I wouldn’t call that discrimination. More like people with a background similar to Elaine’s would be carefully dealt with.

        “More cops can relate to Ron’s character than Sammul’s I tell you that. Not exactly everything but hardly any of them can relate to Sammul.”

        ^ And if we are going to say which character would most police people relate to, it wouldn’t be Ron’s role nor Sammul’s role. More closely to Michael Tse’s role since he has been a police instructor, been a cadet, been an undercover cop for years.. He has the most character change out of all the characters (including both ron and sammul).

      43. I’m not talking about Michael it’s just between Ron and Sammul and comparing Them together Ron experienced more emotions than Sammul. Not everything Ron did represent all other members in the force but between him and Sammul it’s gonna be Ron. He’s not discriminating race he’s just not the perfect cop he thought he is. Even throughout the series it proved Ron was a better cop than Sammul. He won the silver whistle, he got chosen to do undercover work by Michael Tao and then again in the third installment because his superiors knew he was competent enough. Sammul may be good in the office but Ron conquers the field work between the two and entertainment wise we prefer seeing the field work.

      44. Sure Ron discriminated in the beginning I don’t blame him he was just some immature 18 year old which frankly is something the more mature Sammul never grew out of. They were both stubborn but at least Ron recognized what needs to be done and corrected but Sammul was always in denial, he don’t trust anyone’s judgement but his and that is quite selfish.

      45. That’s YOUR opinion. Your opinion does not represent the majority of HK people nor the viewers overseas who watched The Academy.

        And”Them together Ron experienced more emotions than Sammul.”
        ^ That’s so NOT true. He experienced the emotions as an undercover cop. That was IT.

      46. Not to mention, not ALL police plays an undercover cop. A undercover cop isn’t everything that makes a police. There are some police out there that are like Sammul or Dominic who likes to lead people instead of doing the field work.

      47. Likewise, your opinion also doesn’t represent others opinion as well. It seems like you’re only basing yours on emotions and not logic. When I said he experienced more emotions the term you used undercover cop is very broad as if you don’t know what you’re talking about. An undercover cop is not an emotion, it’s a duty. He experienced betrayal in the first and last installment. He’s been blamed and targeted over his best friend’s lover’s death. Death of the man who was a potential father figure to him whom he resented so much earlier. His father was never the father figure he thought he was. He hurt his mother emotionally. Experienced betrayal during his mission. Multiple near death experiences. Conflicting positions between good and evil when all seems to both. Death of a mentor/nemesis while on his mission and held that responsibility to finish off what he did and bury that secret with him feeling no one could be trusted.

        Those are just the few examples to what Ron’s character went through, now you tell me those aren’t signs of a mentally abused cop experiencing all those emotions….every cop can relate to those emotions. Not the details of what led to those emotions but what he felt. Which is why his character experienced more growth.

        Like I said the series was for entertainment, do you really think HK audiences would rather see office work than intense filed action? Highly doubt it.

      48. Sammul blamed all of his problems on others and it wasn’t until the very end he reflected on those problems. Ron noticed his mistakes early on and took full responsibility of it something Sammul never accomplished in those three installments until the very end, he was too arrogant which caused a weakness and flawed characteristic in his role.

      49. “It seems like you’re only basing yours on emotions and not logic”

        Go and read these reviews and then come back and say that I am only basing my opinion on emotions. People didn’t just like the the different installments just because of the role Ron played. People liked each installment for different reasons.


      50. Well it makes sense now you’re basing your opinions on other peopls opinions so basically your’e saying all this time they were not actually your words and that you were only contradicting my opinion because of what reviewers wrote?

        Sure many people liked the series either for eye candy, the romance, the intense action…but my opinion does make it’s points something other people never noticed Bottom line, Ron’s character had better development than Sammul’s.

      51. And Sammul also experienced betrayal, blamed, and it seems you are forgetting that Fa’s brother has taken both HIM and Fiona has hostages.

        And I know what emotions are. “Ron experienced more emotions than Sammul.””

        Basically, what I meant is that Ron underwent the emotions a typical undercover cop would face. It wasn’t super special, out of the blue type of emotions. It was EXPECTED emotions.

      52. What I said in my comments is true though the details on why Ron’s character had better development than Sammul’s. They’re not something I made up they’re facts based on the series we both seen. I’m just explaining the brief details in depth.

      53. Thank you for accusing me and insulting me. I have been writing these posts on my own without these reviews. I didn’t base my posts on these reviews. I had watched The Academy, On the First Beat, Emergency Unit 4+ times.

        You said that MOST PEOPLE would pick Ron instead of Sammul. I had to see what other people thought. 😐

        So thank you for accusing me of copying what other people wrote.

      54. You’re right it was expected but it was expected from us an audience not for him as a character. Sammul did experienced betrayal and the death of his girlfriend but what went through with Ron was much more traumatizing. Sammul choose to repress those feelings and blame it on Ron. Adding it up, Ron went through more truamas than Sammul had besides him and Fiona was cops as well they also expected situations which eventually led to her demise.

      55. I do apologize if I came on a little harsh, that was not my intention. I tend to be really blunt sometimes which can be a problem. I’m not saying people would choose Ron over Sammul but character wise one was just more interesting to watch than the other, get what I’m saying?

      56. Just curious are you a fan of the actors that portrayed the characters or more on the characters than the actors?

        I hope you realize this is not an argument, this was always meant to be a friendly chat exchanging opinions not whether or not who won over who on opinions.

      57. ” I’m not saying people would choose Ron over Sammul but character wise one was just more interesting to watch than the other, get what I’m saying?”

        I do understand… and that some people did prefer watching the other characters

      58. I like watching both of them act on tv. 😐
        As for character-wise, I admire both for different reasons.

      59. Oh wow! No wonder the comments on this old article jumped to 122. Decent, rational arguments. On The Academy series, I think both Ron and Sammul’s characters were equally developed. But because of editing and the way it was promoted, Sammul was given the shorter end because he was the less favored artist compared to Ron.

    3. At least we know Yoyo is one journalist who can hold a gun haha

      1. Is it a dead giveaway that she is some undercover cop?? Why would a journalist hold a gun and not a camera or pen/paper?

  2. Another of Aimee-Ruco pairing, yuck:( honestly not a huge fan of Aimee’s mediocre acting.

    1. Especially after watching Outbound Love. Where The actresses need huge improvement.

  3. Louise Lee always plays the weak whiny mother role…..(Reality Check, Brothers Keeper)……i cant stand her acting nowadays

    1. I know, both of those characters are lacking. Very uninteresting to watch and the feel of been there done that. But she has always been having those characters I think, always like the sweet traditional wife who gets cheated on and goes back to the husband that kind like the moonlight series. She always seem to play the same old characters I think which is getting more and more boring.

      1. Tvb always reuse until you get dry. TVB makes you re-in-act the same role over and over. For example Tvb always makes Ron play the police officer role.

      2. True, but then again do you remember how many times they make that Kate Tsui woman a cop too? haha LOL TVB is out of faces and that is not even the biggest issue, the scriptwriters need to come up w/better storyline and better characters too. All the ones now are just plain bad.

  4. Although Aimee is getting more promoted in this drama, I still think YoYo’s acting and character will definitely surpass Aimee

  5. “Ching however focuses his efforts on luring the real mole, abandoning all ethics in the process.”

    Why ah? Why Ruco is always the antagonist or misunderstood hero? Why ah? Or is there a batch scripts. These batch to Ruco, all misunderstood hero. That batch to Ron, hot headed younger brother, that batch to Moses, the nice guy underdog.

    Anyway whilst watching Gilded Chopsticks, Ben Wong has the honour of playing ALL THREE types of roles; The really nice guy (Kindred Spirit), the really bad guy (Safe Guard) and the neither good nor bad but probably follows the circumstances (Gilded Chopsticks). There, versatility personified.

    1. Funn Lim Tvb always does this they reuse the character until they are dry. They make them play the same role over and over and over. There won’t be room to improve or win best actor award if this always happen. I hate Tvb for giving Ron the same role as a hot head police officer over and over. Why can’t Ron play the misunderstood hidden hero like how Ruco always does?

  6. Can see Ruco putting in another stellar performance and blowing everyone out of the water

    1. You’re right! Ruco’s gonna outshine everyone in this drama but Eddie Kwan looks awesome too from the trailer.

  7. Cant wait to watch after watching Outbound love kinda like Ruco n Aimee pairing up on series ^^

    1. tired of seeing her. period.
      i take drastic measures in passing all the series that she’s in >:P
      another missed opportunity of seeing ruco and now ron! noooo

      1. Her don’t miss out on this series. Its going be great I can already tell.

  8. I’ve been waiting for this one to air, action packed with the appropriate male leads. Hopefully it’ll be a good series.

  9. want to see this one! no a fans of anyone…but i like to see Ruco’s acting!

  10. Looking forward to Ron hot headed role.. Love Ron hot headed police roles

  11. Omfg Tvb is finally going air this drama can’t wait! Hope it will get 30 plus rating.

  12. I wonder if Yoyo Mung will be involved in any promotional events now that she’s not a contracted artist. Will she be snubbed for getting involved with HKTV? Maybe even have her screen time cut down/edited out?

  13. Dang, Aimee is pretty lucky or what. She was pushed to female lead in that series with Maggie. Now, she’s pretty much the main female bc Yoyo has filmed for HKTV.

    TVB is finally airing it…so I’m guessing Yoyo’s screentime probably got cut. Not surprised, but I’d rather see more of Ruco and Ron.

    1. i personally think her screentime wont be cut. if she was able to be nominated for a tvb award after she left.. then she probably wont get her screentime cut….

      and plus, she left on good terms. ._.
      and if her screentime did get cut, how will the story progress? I

      1. I don’t see why not. Even Fala got cut from TITS2 who supposedly left on good terms. Judging from Yoyo’s past series, she didn’t have much do to in AGWTC2 other than Alex’s love interest. Besides, she’s filming for their rival station, which is a big NO-NO. Anyway, I guess we’ll find out soon…

      2. and if it did cut, they probably would have to refilm yoyo’s parts tooo or change the story a bit….

      3. “Even Fala got cut from TITS2 who supposedly left on good terms. ”

        ^What was her story suppose to be like then with her cut parts?

    2. I suppose by default because the lead actress in her series sorta almost always leave TVB. Strange.

      1. Hmm. Is TVB releasing it now bc Aimee is back from maternity leave? She’s the only female left to promote the series. With her marriage and baby news, Aimee’s popularity def soared!

        Wonder how her acting will be since it was filmed years ago.

      2. i think it’ll be better than in OL, she’s actually getting worse in each drama.

  14. can’t believe aimee lead over yoyo. looking forward to see yoyo n ron and ruco. hope aimee don’t ruin the series lol

  15. I am really excited that Ruco and Ron are in this drama. Not looking forward to Aimee Chan. Can’t wait to see Yoyo Mung in this drama, I just love her acting. As for the love story, I am not really looking forward to that as well, because it seems really complicated.

  16. Ruco Chan and Aimee’s chemistry in the recent TVB shows will draw high viewership. Something that we can look forward and enjoy again.

    1. Ruco and Aimee doesn’t have good chemistry as much as I love Ruco. Ruco deserves a better costar than Aimee.

  17. Looking forward for this drama. Ruco seems to have expectation for it. Hope Yoyo’s screentime won’t be cut too much, esp her time with Ruco, but screen shots will, probably, tbb style.

    1. Okay, let’s be real for a moment:
      if Yoyo’s screentime is cut, that means the production team has basically two options:
      1) Change the plot a bit
      2) Re-film some scenes to replace Yoyo’s scenes

      But how likely is #1 and #2, especially when they have less than 16 days to do so? And plus, Aimee hasn’t officially filmed anything new. So you really got to ask, will TVB really go out of their way and change it when the post-production team has finished the post-production work probably 2-3 years ago? And if they are editing something out, then they probably have to change the rest of the episodes as well… Not to mention, most of the main leads are filming other dramas. And the producer has worked with both Ruco and Yoyo before. So will Amy Wong be that crazy and edit the screentime simply because Yoyo has left TVB on good terms and Yoyo filming for HKTV?

      So please tell me, how likely will Yoyo’s scenes be cut?
      And if so, how desperate is TVB replace her deleted scenes?

      1. Does anyone know why tvb warehouse this drama for 3 years

      2. The poster already shows Aimee’s position vs Yoyo. See how small and how far Yoyo is to the back compared to the three of Ruco, Aimee and Ron.

      3. Mydatewithspring- If the size and position of a actor/actress is what determines someone’s position and how big/small someone plays in that drama, then a person must question the validness of your statement in other drama posters done by TVB in the past.

        Eg. http://vincentloy.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/0000017038351297831639.jpg
        In this photo, both Evergreen and Kristal is far back and small. Yet, they have similar screentime as Yoyo and Kevin…

      4. To Bubblez: but TVB still calls Yoyo and Kevin the lead over Evergreen and Kristal, right.

        That’s what Aimee is.

      5. What I am saying is that your statement of yours doesn’t always work if the size and position on a poster is what determines one’s role and how big or small that role is….

        And for that drama (Only You), all of them were important characters, hence they were all co-leading the drama.. along with Louise Lee.

  18. I love Ron and Ruco both are my favourites but we know Ruco is a better actor then ron

  19. Ruse of Engagement sort of reminds me of Brother’s Keeper and Tiger Cubs together

  20. I can’t wait for this. Ruco has high excitement for this series and so am I, finally!

  21. yeah! finally this drama is out soon =D

    i just came back from the Genting Brother’s Keeper concert, it was a very nice concert … everyone performed very well, both Ruco & Edwin sang very well and energetic, their duet was also very nice … alot of funny and interesting conversations at the concert too, haha some which the press wont report in detail ^ ^ … 2 hours went by so quickly like in a blink of an eye, wish that the concert was longer =)

  22. The one may ruin this long awaited drama is Aimee Chan as female lead. Why TVB keep to promote her? The only reason is her former Miss HK status despite her low quality acting.

  23. Aimee and Ruco together in the same drama again….. nice…

  24. When I read the title, I always think of a series relating marriage. 😛

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