Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng Celebrate Three Years of Marriage

Having gotten married in 2018, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) just celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary. A lot has happened in three years with the passage of many milestones. Aside from growing their marriage, Grace and Kevin have taken the most important journey together as parents.

After their sons, Rafael and Yannick, were born in 2019 and 2020, Grace stepped away from filming dramas to focus on raising her sons. She continues to maintain her exposure levels and popularity through social media and her work as an influencer.

Celebrating their third anniversary on August 12, Grace especially posted a few wedding photos from their ceremony in Bali on Instagram. She wrote to her loving husband, “I read recently why it’s true to say people fall in love. You don’t glide, slip, stumble…instead, you fall head first off the edge of the cliff the moment you decide to be with someone. But the best part about falling in love with the right person is discovering the pair of wings you never knew you had, and together you soar. Happy 3rd Anniversary.”   


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  1. Still showing off, that dark skinned old man grabbing native a/k as gasping goldfish
    not of Chinese origin.
    Still showing off the rotten old apple that she got. Happily bad apples do not fall
    far from the rotten apple tree.

    1. Wow! You really don’t like them do you? Haha lol…She’s not the first or the last to marry an older dude/vise versa. I don’t like either of them but there’s no need for hate. haha

    2. Wow, you must hate them. First of all, who cares if she is Chinese or not but love is love. However, I do admit that the age gap is a bit big so they may have problems down the road as they get older. But at least let them be happy while they can since who are we to judge.

    3. It’s fine for you to have your own opinion but it must be so tiring for you to have so much anger towards someone that you don’t even know.

      Love is love. Their relationship is frankly no ones business even if they are in the public eye.

    4. Whether or not either of them is Chinese does it matter? What is “authentic” Chinese? There are many actresses and actors from HK that have European ancestry ie: Anthony Wong, Karen Mok (if I remember has Welsh ancestry) and Sonjia Kwok (has British ancestry). As the relationship works for them, who cares?

  2. Damn, Grace and / or Kevin must have personally offended you somehow for you to such a bitter comment lol.

    Nothing wrong with two consenting adults to do what they want, age be damned. Such an ageist comment. So what if he’s older? I don’t see anyone lambasting the French president for having an older wife.

    1. I agree but maybe they are frowning about the big age gap. The sad part is that many are more accepting when the man is older but frown when the woman is older.

  3. I have said this in all my previous posts: it’s about social brackets and not age gaps. They met when she was 24 and he was 47. I can’t see an 18 yo having a lot in common with a 38 yo but I can see a 28 yo having more in common with a 48 yo. At 18, you haven’t even experienced college nor a career. At 28, you have experienced college, a career, and most likely your first heart break already. What makes this relationship different although I personally would NOT date someone that much older than me: Grace, the younger female in the relationship, was very open and vocal about their relationship from the beginning. Kevin, the older man in the relationship, met Grace’s father before it was official. Instead of saying women mature faster, why don’t we just think Kevin wasn’t as mature for his age? Or he is more playful? It seems like Grace was more into him than he was into her in the beginning and Kevin did say “I might not end up marrying the one I love most” back in like 2019? This is not a Kris Wu scenario nor a Stephen Chow incident. Kevin and Grace never hid, he straight up pursued her during and after the Veins collaboration. I do want to note they are the exception and not the rule though. BIG exception. Kevin’s ex-girlfriends are all pretty and pretty serious if you ask me: Linda Wong (dated 7 years), Sharon Chan (open secret but unknown length of dating period), Nikki Chow (dated 5 years), Charmaine Sheh (open secret but unknown length of dating period), and Grace Chan (dated 5, married 2 years). He’s just a good looking hunk who doesn’t have alcohol problems and is not going through a mid life crisis like Brad Pitt, so I guess just let them be?

  4. When celebrities couple share their personal lives, they are showing off. When they do not, they are facing marriage problems. So hard to please everyone eh? Haha…

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