Jolin Tsai’s Breast Implants

By on November 24, 2006 in Plastic Surgery


Whether flat or voluptuous, Pop-Princess sensation, Jolin Tsai has always loved wearing tight-fitting clothes. It’s very easy to spot that she enhanced her curves since 1999 (and it’s not through miracle underwear)! Jolin’s loving her new curves! She’s not shy to bend forwards for the camera to show off her new cleavage either. Does the last photo remind you of her sexy performance at her latest concert, where her cleavage display sent the media into a frenzy?

Jolin Tsai plastic surgery breast implants

Breast implants can be inserted into a woman’s body in several ways. Many plastic surgeons prefer to cut a small incision in the arm pits and insert them into the chest area.

Jolin Tsai plastic surgery breast implants

Despite the obvious scars in both of her underarms, Jolin has never been shy in wearing sleeveless outfits and showing off her “under arm generosity” for the camera! It’s as if she’s making the statement, “I look great and I don’t care if people know I got a boob job!”

In the photos below, similiar poses, but different Jolin years later…. Which one do you prefer more? Natural form Jolin or super-sexy Jolin?

Jolin Tsai Plastic Surgery breast implants

Credit: Many thanks to Joann for sending in the photos of Jolin Tsai!

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