Billionaire Veronica Yip is Not a Snob

After a 16-year hiatus, 45-year-old Veronica Yip (葉玉卿), is back in Hong Kong to film new movie, I Love HK 2013 <我愛HK2013恭喜發財>. There was no red carpet treatment for this billionaire as she was seen getting on a company van instead of a limousine. She was also not given an assistant. Yet, no diva attitude was seen.

Not a Diva

Since moving to the United States after getting married in 1996, Veronica has taken a long break from show business. She is now back in Hong Kong with her  Chinese-American businessman husband,  Jeffrey Wu (胡兆明), to film the 2013 Lunar New Year movie.

I Love HK 2013 is a Eric Tsang (曾志偉) production that includes Alan Tam (譚詠麟), who is cast as Veronica’s husband. Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) is cast as their eldest son and Jacqueling Chong (莊思敏), as Wong Cho Lam’s wife. Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) will act as Veronica and Alan’s younger son.

Veronica did not show any snobbish attitude on set of I Love Hong Kong 2013. She was also seen braving the rain with the other cast members, under a canopy of a large tent held up by 4 staff members.

The cast members only had praises for Veronica. Jacqueline Chong said, “Veronica has no airs. Her skin and body is still so well maintained. We don’t feel awkward around her. And she is nice to give the younger actors advice.” Apparently, not only was Veronica tolerant of the younger actors, she also had no airs while talking to them.

All Jitters

Residing in the United States for 16 years, Veronica had problems speaking Cantonese again now that she is back in Hong Kong. “Initially I was flabbergasted when I read the script and realized I couldn’t read it fluently. I wonder if it was a mistake to agree to take on this role!” This was only a little obstacle for her though. She soon found herself speaking the language with ease after a short adjustment.

Veronica’s filming schedule is from 9 PM to 5 AM every day, which suits her very well, as it means she does not have to deal with jet lag.

Took Opportunity to Visit Mother and Friends

Veronica was happy to be able to see her mother now that she is back in Hong Kong. Whenever she has a break, she will go out with her 89-year-old mother, or meet with friends whom she has not seen or talked to for a long time.

However, that does not stop Veronica from missing her eldest daughter who is in the United States. Although Veronica’s filming time will last approximately 8 days, she is considering flying her daughter over to Hong Kong to accompany her.

Source: Ming Pao

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    1. Exactly! She’s probably has billion in pesos! Plus, she looks like crap..

      1. She looks really good for 45, she’s definitely prettier than most 45 year olds I see in real life.

      2. u r 100% correct, don’t believe everything on jaynestars, Bad Journalism report. Her husband is not on the list as one of the billionaires in the US. Also, she looks OLD and scary, u can see from her smile, her wrinkles are showing all over her face.

    2. She is not broke. Her husband is an executive at an investment bank.

      1. Wrong! the dude is a supermarket chain owner and real estate investor. Do your own search and see for yourself, he is not on the list of the Top 400 US billionaires nor was he on the list of the world top 1200 billionaires. Just some dude who made some money selling rice at the supermarket and married to a porn star.

      2. actually he’s and real-estate invetor, owner of a bank and runs supermarkets and jus because you close down or sell a couple buildings or markets oout of hundreds doesn’t mean your broke! i mean if one store isn’t doing well out of 20 then you shut it down so you font keep wasting money there right!!??! logic

  1. “Veronica has no airs.”

    Did she die? Or simply created a vacuum?

    1. @RaySimpson
      ‘Air’, when applied to a person, implies a presence or an impression that she projects.

      For instance,in the sentence,’Apparently, not only was Veronica tolerant of the younger actors, she also had no airs while talking to them’

      Here it connotes that she is not haughty, given her status now as compared to the newbies in the industry.

      P.S: I am no language expert myself but I am trying to explain, maybe someone out there can come up with a better explanation.

    2. “Veronica has no airs.”

      -She does not act like a diva, but she is down to earth. In another word, she does not seem to show that she is better than anyone else in the attitude case…It’s a saying in the State- 🙂

  2. She looks kind of weird….too much makeup?
    Anyway, she always struck me as one who relishes the life of a taitai, so it’s quite surprising that she’s making a comeback.

      1. you don’t act or do something you don’t enjoy just because you need cash!! you act because you love it!!

      2. Her husband had closed down quite a few supermarkets due to poor sales. Her husband’s hong kong supermarket chain is going down, can’t compete with the ranch 99 supermarket chain nowadays.

      3. do you really think that one move can actually save a whole business?!!!?!?!? be logical!!

    1. Who said that anyone can be forever rich and/or famous??? You can be a rich and famous person one minute but a poor and unknown person the next…

      I have a feeling that maybe she is facing some financial difficulty so has to make a come back. Otherwise, it is hard to think of another reason why she would suddenly make a sudden come back. However, there can be other reasons to like a friend making a request or something else that we don’t know about… It does not always have to be about money.

      1. she is acting because she wants to, its none of our business to judge her life. Its not always about money and fame. She is probably doing it for the fun of it like everyone says she is!

    2. she needs to bury herself with makeup to cover up the wrinkles. She shouldn’t smile too much, it shows on her face whenever she does that. She will need either botox or a face lift soon. I think she was a smoker in the past. For her age, she looks much older.

      1. its a bad picture !! she’s not ugly at all and she’s already 45!

  3. A billionaire…….in yen…just enough for a slurpee at 7-11. No extra toppings though.

    1. you are so rude and probably have no life so you spend your time commenting and critizing everyones life

      1. Gingin. Your comments show a very protective attitude towards Ms. Yip. Do you know her personally?

    1. I somehow doubt that. Neither she nor her husband are listed in Forbes or Bloombergs list of billionaires. Completely ludicrous. If she were truly a billionaire, would she want to spend time apart from her kids? Wouldn’t she be driven around in a limo instead? There is something very suspicious here. Don’t believe everything you read.

  4. bottom line she is def’ not poor and are considered rich fiancially to most peeps. This is not a good photo of her…obviously she is not looking at the cam and is unaware of someone taking a shot of her!

    1. i agree… if your hunted down by photographers what camera would you know to look at!!??! how would you even know where the cameras are.

  5. I know for a fact she is not broke. Her husband is an investment banker in New York and sits on the board of directors. I don’t know about being a billionaire but she is still certainly rich.

    1. Her husband is a principal shareholder at a commercial bank. Google it. The bank’s financial statement is public information. It is one branch. Not an investment bank. there is a difference.

    1. But then again, we all wonder how true all of these reports are too??

      1. I agree when you look at the magazines and articles that look and dig out the dirt thoose are usually exaggerated so much that none of them are true!! they never show the good parts only the bad so people will buy them; i mean just look at NEXT MAGAZINE, they said that now she doesn’t carry a LV or hermes bag she’s broke!! how ridiculous is that?!?!?!? just saying not everything is true

    2. Billionaire in term of yen? He is not on the list of the top 400 US billionaires nor on the list of the top 1200 billionaires in the world. Do your own research with some real facts, the link you provided just shows another bad journalism report like jaynestar. Not going to provide you with the link where i got the info, do it yourself.

      1. You had the time to conduct your own “research” yet you had no time to read the source article? Let’s assume you can’t read Chinese, but you should have gathered that this article here is a translation. That aside, the original article claims that her wealth is estimated at $8billion HKD (just over $1billion USD). I guess not every billionaire makes it onto the top whatever list. Simply means they’re *slightly* less rich, but a billionaire nonetheless.

        Who knows, Ming Pao could be wrong though.

      2. He might not make it to the top 400 US list or top 1200 world list, but, that doesn’t mean he’s not a billionaire. He’s just not the richest billionaire.

      3. @ skinnymocha and Kidd, you two are stupid. I feel stupid just replying you two, hate to deal with dumbass.

      4. Welcome to the stupid gang then (since you have already replied). 😛

      5. the article is titled with it so it DRAWS peopls attention!!!! its how they newspaper or magazine make MONEY!!! not everything u see is true and u don’t have to be on a list or extremely rich to be considered RICH!

  6. By the way Michael miu makes 500 bucks for his series. Cos he’s a super millionaire too and on a token contract. He sold optical 88 and is rich enough for a few lifetimes. Are ppl gonna accuse him and Jamie chik for being broke and returning to acting? Some comments abv are just kinda malicious.

    1. Optical 88 was a client of mine and I don’t think it ever belonged to Michael Miu.

      1. If that is true, then we really question how accurate any reports are these days. However, it does make sense when someone suddenly films out of the blue is because of monetary needs. I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as they are honest about it and don’t try to act like they are well off and are ONLY doing it out of interest…

    2. well if she’s filming without a huge compensation than i would say she is doing it for fun and passion. but if she does it for $$$$$, then i think she needs the money!!

      1. She’s doing it for fun and to see her mom… and movies don’t pay that much, I’ve been told that at first they asked her to do it for freeee!! and plus the money from this budget CANNOT possibly save anything and won’t give her enough cash to send there kids to school

  7. How old is her daughter?? In other photo, her daughter looks young. If I’ve a daughter and leave her, I would missed her so much 🙁

    That is a lot of $$, I wish I’ve at least a million 🙂

  8. wow, this a pic of veronica? she does look different, must be the stress of taking care of the household, her three children etc, no wonder they paired her up with alan tam, he aged a lot too, they are not doing well financially? at least she tasted being rich at one point of her life, btwn, different ppl have different views about being rich, one can b mega rich but in poor health.. almost half dead

  9. Hing hing looks so skinny! I remember she was quite sexy back in the day. She was hosting some tvb talk show and the director Alfred cheung’s ears turned bright red just sitting next to her.

    She looks a “real housewife” now. Tvb should make a “Real housewives of HK” edition.

    1. Actor or Actress is not so encouraging to return to the screen anymore after a long break ; they probably look old, skinny or some put on weight; people might not so keen to look at them anymore.

      1. that’s true, don’t know why they still get job offers after so many years, must be the connection, by the way, many young actors are so undeserving to get a role in a series / movies but they are still acting? why? sleeping with some producers or someone powerful?? it’s all connection, daddy very rich or actors really have to spend a lot of time with the management to get work

      2. havent u guys heard!!! her friend asked her if she wanted to act again and she said maybe and she found her one and she agreed cuz she thought it would be fuun and she could visit her mom!!!

  10. she looks really weird. very different from her younger days look. almost couldn’t recognize her. and by the way even if her husband isn’t broke, i doubt she can be qualified as billionaire since the money isn’t hers. n if she is that rich, why film again?? just for fun?? after 16yrs of hiatus. v don’t c cherrie chung coming out to film?? i suspect they are cash strapped.

  11. of course she can’t be a snob, am sure she has been through some difficult times herself, also acted in some more than sexy movies, if she had shown any if those airs, the production crew would have bad mouthed her

  12. She probably isn’t a billionaire but that doesn’t matter, you act because you like it. Just because she’s acting again doesn’t mean that she’s broke! Life is about taking opportunities and living life to the fullest! it really doesn’t mater how rich or poor you are it just depends on how you want to live your life! she might look different from before because if you haven’t noticed its been a pretty long time!!! To be honest she’s 45 and looks amazing for that age!!! she could never be a snob no matter what! life isn’t all about money she is probably doing this for fun. I know this is cheesy but, you shouldn’t judge someone on who they are unless you want to be judged on YOUR every move and how YOU live YOUR life!

  13. I watched her on tv today…her facial movments are so restricted,,, she cant even laughed aloud and show her upper set of teeth. I think it only means one thing – Botox Overdose.

      1. We are only stating the truth la.. Anyone who follow the stars news..eap before & after photos can tell easily the results of Botox dear…

  14. We are only stating the truth la.. Anyone who compare the Before and After photos can tell whenever a Botox job is being done cos Botox will freeze some part of the face in order to hide the wrinkles and fine lines

    1. yea but if you haven’t noticed she’s 45 and most people these days all have botox!

  15. the title says billionaire because the company wants to get attention so people like US will want to read and buyy itt!!! thus how ppl make money these days!! we all know that everything the magazine, newspaper, or etc says isn’t always true!!! they make money by digging for the dirt and not showing the good things you did. but why can i say haters gonna hate, all i can do is tell u why ur wrong

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