Veronica Yip’s Son Attends Cornell University

After marrying Chinese-American businessman, Jeffrey Wu (胡兆明), in 1996, Veronica Yip (葉玉卿), who was a well-known Category III film actress, retired from the Hong Kong entertainment industry and moved to New York.

Prepared for Pandemic

Veronica’s husband is a real estate developer and also owns banks and supermarkets in the New York Chinese community. Amid Covid-19, many Chinese grocers and supermarkets have closed due to disruptions in the food supply chain and also high risks. Veronica explained why her husband insisted on keeping their supermarkets open in Flushing and Manhattan’s Chinatown, “Many elderly Chinese people may not buy groceries online. Even if they know how, the orders are swamped and they made not be able to place orders. We have to take care of our customers and provide necessities and food products. During this time, it’s most important to mutually support each other!

“My husband has high blood pressure and diabetes. I’m also high risk because I’m over 50! Actually we’re short staffed, but fortunately there are still employees willing to go to work. We have increased their pay to take care of them,” the former actress said.

Before Covid-19 intensified in New York, Veronica and her husband had also imported massive quantities of face masks, gloves, and tissues. Aside from their own personal use, the Wus donated 50,000 face masks to help fight the pandemic.

Expansive Home

The couple’s children–Victoria Wu (胡芷欣), second son Jeffrey Junior (胡可聰), and youngest song Jefferson (胡以聰)–are all at home and doing distance learning due to the pandemic. While Victoria is known to have inherited her mother’s good looks, Jeffrey Junior inherited the brains from his businessman father.

Veronica shared a studious photo of her 19-year-old son, Jeffrey Junior, who is currently attending Cornell University. She added, “He gets really good grades. In his first school semester, he already made Honor’s List.”

Jeffrey Junior is currently in a stable relationship with his girlfriend. Veronica revealed that the parents have already met each other. “Last year during Thanksgiving, we invited Jeffrey Junior’s girlfriend and her family over for dinner. They stayed over for four or five days! My son’s Korean classmate studying abroad also stayed over. We love having people stay over! For example, my daughter has an Egyptian classmate who is also studying abroad. Due to the shelter in place, she has stay in the dorms alone. My daughter asked if she could stay over at our place for a couple of days.”

When they are not working, the Wus can spend time at home in Long Island, New York very comfortably, since their mansion’s sprawling grounds has a golf course, indoor and outdoor pool, as well as a private theater.

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  1. i heard that the chinese markets in ny closed b/c no one wanted to work. i wonder how they make $$

    1. @m0m0 they probably have a big saving from their earnings. Asians tend to own than rent so the costs may be limited to utility bills. They may also have diverse investments.

      1. @luye only if you’re NOT an illegal immigrant. The reality of the situation is that a lot of illegal immigrants in NYC won’t be able to get unemployment.

    2. @m0m0 no she won’t, she’s been selling surgical mask at $150 for a box. Plus didn’t one of her employees allegedly had a coffin l in the supermarket because of how poorly they treat their employees?

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