Veronica Yip’s Daughter Battles Depression

Former Hong Kong artiste Veronica Yip (葉玉卿) retired from the entertainment industry after marrying Jeffrey Wu (胡兆明) to kickstart their supermarket chain in America. Aside from their supermarket business, they also have investments in banks, real estate, and a jet trading company. With a net worth of over 8 billion HKD, many believed that the couple’s daughter and two sons would grow up without struggles. Although this may be the case financially, their children still went through hardships like anyone else.

Take their oldest daughter Victoria Wu (胡芷欣), for example. Despite obtaining her mother’s good looks and obtaining a scholarship for university, Victoria suffered from depression at a young age. Veronica initially thought her daughter was just quiet by nature, but Victoria suddenly became rebellious when she began dating at the age of 15. The teen had to seek help from a doctor, who diagnosed her with ADHD, OCD, anxiety disorder, and depression.

It turns out Victoria felt great pressure advancing into university, but the inexperienced Veronica didn’t know how to address her daughter’s issue. Wanting her children to be happy, she told them, “It doesn’t matter, I don’t need you to study really well.”

Veronica’s comment was counterproductive, and Victoria’s mental health suffered until Veronica chose a good psychologist for her after seeing over 10 doctors. The mother of three also visited the doctor to learn how to better communicate with her children and aid with their mental health. She even thought about getting matching tattoos with the saying, “Forever and always,” but she put it off due to her fear of pain.

Victoria Attempted to Commit Suicide

After Victoria’s diagnosis, Victoria received a lot of support from her family, and especially from her mother. Having come a long way, she wants to start a blog called “XOXO VICTORIA” to share her experiences with her mental illness.

Revealing in an interview that she attempted to commit suicide in the past, Victoria said, “Though my situation is getting better, I do sometimes think to myself, ‘Would our lives be better if I wasn’t here?’ Anxiety and depression cannot be healed overnight, but I know anyone can experience this in their lives, so my blog “XOXO VICTORIA” will share my experiences in hopes of bringing awareness to mental health. I also want others to share their stories.”

No Desire Become an Actress

Victoria plans to keep up with her blog, all the while studying philosophy and psychology during her final year of university. Hoping to continue her studies and pursue a master’s degree after she graduates next year, she said she doesn’t have plans to follow her mother’s footsteps and enter the industry as of right now. However, she said anything is possible.

“I don’t have an idea of what I want to do because every time I have an anxiety attack, it’s hard to talk. I don’t think I will be an actress. But we don’t know for sure since I never imagined that I’d start a blog,” Victoria said.

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Veronica Yip’s Son Attends Cornell University

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  1. would be a waste not being a celeb. at least a youtuber with such a good figure.

    1. @m0m0 If she is already battling depression, it is better if she shies away from professions that will put her in the limelight. It’s a brutal world out there and she will lose all privacy the moment she steps into it. What is the point of compromising her own mental health even further for the sake of money? Her family is already rich.

      1. @rika yea, if you are prone to suicidal thoughts, being in the limelight these days means a lot of hates throws toward you, it would just put you further into that depression pit. Hope she and her family can battle this well.

  2. Not surprising.

    This family, Veronica Yip and her char-siu butcher looking husband (both quite uneducated) … is very into being high-profile. Living like that means life is always ‘on show’ for people to see. Flaunting so those who want to salivate, can drool.

    I get the feel they always keep up with the Jones, or tries to out-do them. Life on a constant tread-mill. Very nouveau-riche kinda we have to flaunt it all.

    It cannot be easy to grow up as her daughter, bec Veronica seems the type to be ‘on show’ all the time. Every yr in Mingpao showcasing every corner of her home.

    Veronica tries to make it seem all flippant casual and all, but it all comes across as very showy and very contrived (including the recent one with her son’s gf – living for days, with them).
    Depression doesn’t come out of nowhere. The family prob has expectations of her kids (‘face’ to also show off beyond wealth), even though again she tries to shrug it off as nothing

    There’re lots of uber-wealthy moms like that in my kids’ schools (and activities – esp if you go to the top ones in your city) and they can be fairly obnoxious.

    1. @nomad822 their reputation in NY is pretty much the black hearted business owner. It’s always troubling that people can brag about their wealth but then treat their employees horrible.

      1. @oyyyy

        Really? I thought they were more decent than that as they claimed they were still paying their employees even when they stayed home for a period of time due to Covid 19. Basically, they are making blood money. I know many people who do nails which is not a prestigious job at all but they still earn money and go around bragging about it. I guess money is money even if the money is earned through dirty and bad ways.

  3. Wow, that figure….I hope she come round her issues. She is clearly a very loved child.

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