Crystal Liu and Andy On Star in Hollywood Movie “Outcast”

Mainland Chinese actress Crystal Liu (劉亦菲) and Chinese-American actor and martial artist Andy On (安志杰) will star alongside Hollywood actors Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen in the 3D action-romance epic Outcast <絕命逃亡>, which opens in theaters in China on September 26.

Helmed entirely by a Hollywood team, Outcast tells the story of an ex-Crusades warrior (Nicolas Cage), who was exiled to imperial China after he grew weary of massacring people. He meets another warrior (Hayden Christensen), who left the Crusades for China in search of redemption for his soul. During their travels on the Silk Road, they come across a fugitive princess (Crystal Liu) trying to protect her fourteen-year-old brother, who is China’s rightful heir, from the cold-hearted and power-hungry villain (Andy On).

The Voice of China <中國好聲音> starlet Summer, better known as Jike Junyi (吉克雋逸), also puts in an appearance as Cage’s wife.

Outcast marks the first time that Cage has traveled to China in order to film a movie. It is also Christensen’s first live-action movie since 2010 and Liu’s first Sino-American collaboration since The Forbidden Kingdom <功夫之王> in 2008.

Outcast is directed by Nick Powell, the stunt coordinator for The Last Samurai and Braveheart, and interweaves Western fighting styles with Eastern political battles. Some have remarked that the film feels like a Chinese-influenced Gladiator, since the movie uses both English and Mandarin. There are reportedly already plans for a sequel.

“Outcast” Trailer

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  1. Wow. They must be very confident this will be a blockbuster hit if they already plan for a sequel in the works BEFORE this even hit theater… What’s up with Cage’s accent? Sounds so fake lol.

  2. Crystal Liu always seem to find Hollywood pieces to work on. Congrats!! She’s still as cute as she first started.

  3. LOL…another movie about white people helping asian people. LOL…

    1. I can’t wrap my head around to watch chinese people speaking Engrish

  4. I really like Crystal Liu I enjoy watching her I like most of her mainland dramas and I enjoy The Forbidden Kingdom also but from watching the Outcast” Trailer is not my cup of tea I might skip it

  5. I’m not sure why Hollywood keeps investing in these flops or why China keeps welcoming Hollywood in.

  6. hum…i wonder why they placed lui yifei in the middle. i guess it’s only in the chinese version….

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