Mark Chao’s “Black & White: The Dawn of Justice” Opens October 1

Black & White: The Dawn of Justice <痞子英雄:黎明升起>, which is the second movie spin-off of the Taiwanese drama Black & White <痞子英雄>, stars Taiwanese actor Mark Chao (趙又廷) and mainland Chinese actor Lin Gengxin (林更新) as an unlikely police duo. The film, which recently released a preview video, will open in theaters on October 1.

A continuation of the first prequel, Black & White Episode I: The Dawn of Assault <痞子英雄首部曲:全面開戰>, which was released in 2012, Black & White: The Dawn of Justice sees Mark Chao reprise his role as the upright but impulsive police officer Wu Yingxiong. He butts heads with newbie cop Chen Zhen (Lin Gengxin), who is eager to please his colleagues but suffers from a low EQ. However, the two must join forces when a secret organization threatens to massacre the entire city of Hong Kong in order to establish a new social order.

As always, Mark worked extremely hard to prepare for the role. He underwent special training for three months, which included everything from basic stamina drills to instruction in tae kwon do, mixed martial arts, wrestling, and judo.

Director Tsai Yueh Hsun (蔡岳勳), who helmed the television drama and the first prequel, was extremely pleased with Mark’s acting in Black & White: The Dawn of Justice. In the past five years, Mark has portrayed Wu Yingxiong three times, all in different stages of life. “Over the years, Wu Yingxiong has become an extremely mature and complete character,” said Tsai.

Tsai also praised Lin Gengxin, a newcomer to the series, for having a “natural sense of comedy.” “He has an innocence that you will feel is very funny,” Tsai explained, adding that behind the actor’s looks and height lies an innate cuteness.

Black & White: The Dawn of Justice will also feature the return of The Dawn of Assault actor Huang Bo (黃渤), as well as Janine Chang (張鈞甯), Xiu Jiekai (修傑楷), and Jason Tsou (鄒承恩). However, the film’s production team was still unable to persuade Vic Chou (周渝民), the original “ruffian” in the drama, to appear in the second prequel.

“Black & White: The Dawn of Justice” Trailer

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  1. Prefer Vic Chou over these guys. He should have won Best Actor for Black & White at the Golden Bell Awards. Maybe they thought Mark Chao looks more of a Chinese/Asian man than Vic Chou so they let him won. That was his first television series and his acting was ok not superb.

  2. “…..they thought Mark Chao looks more of a Chinese/Asian man than Vic Chou”

    HUH??? Vic Chou doesn’t look less Chinese/Asian than these guys. Chou didn’t want to reprise the role probably because he didn’t win the best actor award in the role several years ago.

    1. I also wonder if it is because he does nit want to work with Mark again? There were so many rumors of them not getting along in real life in spite of playing buddies in Black and White.

  3. “Chou didn’t want to reprise the role probably because he didn’t win the best actor award in the role several years ago because he didn’t win the best actor award in the role several years ago.”

    Of course he rejected all the roles with Mark Chao in it. Allen Chao, Mark Chao’s famous Dad, had connections with the judges. One series/movie cannot determine if he is a good actor or not. As I said before, his acting was only ok in B&W not superb. Vic is better-looking and acted in more series/movies/dramas than Mark Chao and yet he just lost like that. Mark Chao’s award was very fishy.

    FYI, I only said “maybe” because from look wise, Vic has a little bit of a Western look and Mark Chao looks like a typical Chinese man so the judges may prefer Mark Chao over Vic. This is just one factor. Connections and luck are other factors. Just like when G.E.M. lost to Han Lei (only popular in China). G.E.M. was so popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China , and other countries and “showed great versatility in her range of music styles, from languages and musical styles” and yet she just lost to him just like that. His singing and performances were ok, not the best, when compared to G.E.M. Because the Chinese judges and audiences prefer a winner who looks like/represents a typical (traditional) Chinese singer and stick with only Chinese music.

    1. Han Lei is of Mongolian ethnicity. It’s highly doubtful the winners won or lost based upon their physical looks, especially when fair skin, big eyes and high nose is the beauty standard in among many Chinese.

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