Denise Ho Wants Children

Denise Ho (何韻詩) went straight back to work in Hong Kong after attending Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards the previous day. Despite her tight schedule, Denise was in good spirits at the autograph event for her latest album Recollections, a tribute album to her late mentor, Anita Mui (梅艷芳).

Earlier this month, Denise took a three-week vacation to Montreal, Canada to visit her family and childhood friends. She said, “I visited my old school and went to the place where I used to live. I really thought about giving a house to my parents for their retirement. A lot of memories came to me on this trip.”

Denise, who came out publicly as a lesbian last year, praised that Canada has very advanced rights for LGBT individuals. “You can get married and have kids. I also hear from friends that the government can also sponsor you if you want to get artificial insemination.”

Asked if Denise is interesting in getting married or have kids, she said, “I’ve considered everything. Most of my high school friends already have like three to four kids.” The 36-year-old then added with a laugh, “I do want to have kids. There aren’t many years left in me! Maybe then you’ll see a pregnant me working!”

Ignoring Joey Yung?

A while back, Denise attended the wedding of her good friend and hair stylist, Arris Law. Joey Yung (容祖兒), who was formerly a close friend of Denise’s before their falling out in 2012, also attended the wedding, but when asked if Denise had met up with Joey, Denise denied, “I didn’t see her, really.” Mentioning that Joey was a bridesmaid at the wedding, Denise said, “Now that you told me, I know.”


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  1. can someone please explain why jesus,god and the bible forbid homosexuality?

    1. I’m not a Christian so I can’t explain. While I do not have anything against LGBTs, I feel they should consider very carefully before bringing up a child/baby (ie like Elton John and his partner). If you’re an LGBT individual, isn’t it enough that your same gender partner are happy? Why bring an innocent child into the equation? Despite the reassurances you may give that you’ll explain to the child and will be better parents than normal couples, there’s no denying that you’re not in a natural relationship (natural being it takes a male and female to pro-create).
      Anyone knows someone who has grown up in such an environment and yet turn out normal and straight? I truly would like to be enlightened…

      1. Bizzybody, I think anyone who wants kids should consider it very carefully, gay or straight. Children need a loving stable family more than anything else. Gay people have the biological urge to want to raise children just as much as straight people. Too many people have children for the wrong reasons, thinking that it will fix a broken marriage or want something to live their life through. I know plenty of people whose parents have messed them up. Being straight does not make a well adjusted child. Loving, devoted parents do.

        I recently saw a billboard pleading with gay people to consider fostering or adopting children. The Scottish and English governments finally recognise that children would do much better being raised by a gay couple than being in the care system. A teenager in the care system is expected to only get one GCSE at grade C which makes them pretty much unemployable (normally teenagers in England will end up doing 8 or 9 GCSEs and anything below a C is considered a fail by most employers).

        Sexual preference is genetic and is not determined by your parent’s orientation. Gay parents won’t make their children gay. Otherwise there would be no gay people in the world. I’m gay and lo and behold my parents are straight. Who would have thought it.

      2. Well said Carney 🙂 Agree with you 100%. I have many gay friends who would make wonderful parents and straight friends who would make horrible parents (and vice versa). It’s about the person and not their sexual orientation. Who’s to say straight is normal and gay is not?

      3. @Carney, I agree with your views that being straight does not guarantee a well adjusted child. I’m aware sexual preference is genetic and not determined by parent’s orientation (however, there are those who are straight and became gay/lesbian due to their environment/peer pressure, etc – though they may also become bi-sexual).
        What I’m more interested to find out are true life stories of an adult who has grown up with gay/lesbian parents, how they really felt growing up in such an environment and if they turn out straight.
        Straight parents having gay/lesbian children is quite commonly heard of nowadays so it’s nothing surprising.

      4. Good luck trying to find one Bizzybody! Gay couples raising children (or being allowed to) is still fairly new. I don’t think there are many adults around who have been raised by gay parents. The majority of people with a gay parent is usually due to their parent being in a straight relationship because of homophobia, being in denial about themselves and so far in the closet they are in Narnia. I have known a teenager where this was the case with his mum, his mum was a lesbian but he was straight.

    2. Cain, the issue of Christianity’s attitude homosexuality is complex. Jesus didn’t condemn homosexuality or as far as I am aware, even mention it. The main reason why it is considered forbidden is that it is condemned in the Old Testament, in the Book of Leviticus for being “unnatural”. The problem with using that argument is that Leviticus condemns a lot of things.

      “Fun” things mentioned in Leviticus include: allowing parents to murder their children by burning them alive if their children speak ill of them; you can’t wear clothes made up of more than 2 different kinds of material; tattoos are forbidden; you can’t plant different seeds near each other and men are not allowed to shave or have their hair cut just to name a few things. This is just a small selection of things Leviticus does not allow.

      What it all comes down to, is that some Christians have a bad habit of cherry picking their beliefs, agreeing with the parts of the bible they like and conveniently ignoring the parts that they disagree with i.e. that it’s ok to ignore all the stuff about burning people to death for speaking ill of their parents as it is wrong and archaic but forbidding homosexuality is totally “ok” and justifiable. Now to quote Dylan Moran: “I am going to be sick in to my own scorn”.

  2. Everyone deserves a family and I’m sure Hocc has the means to provide.

  3. If she is not lesbian. Then she should find a right guy, get married and then have kids.

    1. she is a lesbian and her sexual orientation should not make a difference as to whether she will be having kids or not…

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