Fiona Sit Releases “Leaving Me” Music Video

After achieving an all-kill in the Hong Kong music charts with her first 2013 single, “Cold Joke” <冷笑話>, Fiona Sit (薛凱琪) continues her reign as the best-selling queen of singles with the release of her next promotional plug, “Leaving Me” <告別我>, which was released online on February 26. The music video, directed by Taiwanese art director Jude Chen (陳映之), premiered on YouTube a few hours after the single’s online launch.

Composed by Khalil Fong (方大同) and with lyrics penned by Jackson Lam (林寶), “Leaving Me” is Fiona’s second musical release after signing with her new label and management, Sun Entertainment, in late 2012. The lyrics tell of a girl’s fear of confessing to her love interest. The lyrics then describe about a fear in accepting a “goodbye flower,” a representation of a relationship that never began. Fiona expressed that the lyrics are a reflection of herself.

Fiona, known for her colorful and artistic music videos, also incorporated some technical innovations in the music video of “Leaving Me.” The entire music video was filmed with purple and pink gradients, and many scenes were shot with a slow motion camera. Fiona humorously exclaimed that the slow motion capture was hard to film, as she struggled to maintain an attractive face throughout the prolonged shoot, “There was one scene in which I opened a champagne bottle, and I didn’t have enough strength to pop it. The camera caught a very unattractive face of me trying to pry it open, so that simple scene took many champagne bottles to do right!”

“Leaving Me” Music Video

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  1. From the picture above looks like she had ome minor work done to her face. That’s a shame because she was already cute naturally.

    1. i know right!!!! She looks so cute before i dont’ know why why she has her nose( of that what it looks like) done. Total Shame! Ruin her look!

    2. let’s put it this way, she has a more simple/common face now

  2. Khalil writes some of Fiona’s best songs. Glad that they still collaborate after Fiona left Warner Music. She looks so youthful and sweet at 31 years old, I think she can pass as a 21-year-old 😛

  3. i want her v-shaped cheeks … freakin hot!!!!

  4. fiona kind of looks like jessica from snsd in that pic.

  5. One of the better voices in HONG KONG. But she’s too skinny. You can literally break her in pieces..

  6. Yup she is too skinny unlike when she starred in that TVB drama. Also her eyes also got done? Its used to be droopy at the side

    1. @kong couldn’t figure out what else did she do to her face till i read your comment, prefer fiona’s original look

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