Jolin Tsai Plunges Headfirst Onto Floor During Concert Rehearsal

Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) was busy rehearsing for an inverse pole dance in her Taiwan concert when she plunged headfirst onto the floor from a 1 meter (or 3.28 feet) height on December 20.

The pole-dancing routine was extremely difficult with two people performing on the pole at once. The male dancing partner above Jolin had slipped his hand, which resulted in her fall. Jolin laid on the floor for 5 minutes, sobbing and exclaiming that she lost feeling in her fingers. She was rushed to the hospital at once. Jolin had red swollen areas on her face, and the doctor said that she had dislocated her spine, which led to muscle spasms. After using ice packs and having a day of rest at home, her injury is now deemed to be fine.

Concerned about her daughter’s safety, Jolin’s mother cooked her rice balls wishing for her peace and well-being. Yesterday afternoon, Jolin left her residence in a seemingly good condition. She wore a toque and a pair of sunglasses, and was ready to rehearse for her concert as usual. The red swollen areas on her face have diminished. An assistant followed close behind, carrying Jolin’s puppy. When reporters approached and asked if the accident would affect her performance for the concert, Jolin smiled and replied, “Nope!”

Jolin’s left hand and left leg lost its strength following her accident, and she could not even hold a microphone with all five fingers. Despite this, Jolin continued to carry on with an optimistic attitude. She had confidence that her performance would not be affected. Later on Weibo, Jolin posted a message that said “Don’t stop, never give up!” which displays her determination.

History of Accidents

This was not the first accident Jolin Tsai had to face in her career. In 2008, she hurt her vertebrae while rehearsing a gymnastics routine for a concert. In the following year, Jolin distorted her right scapula, strained her thigh muscle, and sprained her right ankle while doing a ballet dance for her new album, Butterfly <花蝴蝶>.

This year, Jolin had proposed the difficult partner pole-dance routine in hopes of surprising her fans and the audience. She wanted her concert to continue as planned. However, after the persuasion from her manager, it has been decided that the performance will be postponed.

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. Luckily, Jolin did not injure her pair of b**bs which are her most precious assets. Otherwise, her career might be finished.

    Good luck, Jolin.

    1. @Lynn,

      Even IF she INJURED them.. she can always fix them like how she fixed them by implementing.

  2. >Pole dance

    Yeah, I wanna know who gave her the green light for this. If you look at the body shape of pole dancers, you’ll see that they aren’t skin and bones and have excellent core strength to do that amazing upsidedown stuff and flagging.

    She looks like she’d be trapped under a ladder or something. Stiff breeze tumbles her over.

  3. She should just sing and dance, no need to do all these difficult acts, she is a singer afterall.

  4. Haha, that’s amused me greatly 🙂 What is it with performers these days having to make their routines provocative…it’s probably to distract people from her awful singing.

  5. Spreading your legs in public is nothing to be proud of. Just leave pole dancing to the strippers. They are the true professionals unlike you Jolin.

  6. Ha ha. Didn’t another idiot sing her song upside down recently? Forgot where I read it.

  7. As an observer I can see she’s trying to incorporate interesting choreography into her show. However with her past history of ‘accidents’, one wonders if her skeletal frame is actually up to these routines. Perhaps she’s suffering from early osteoporosis..

  8. That is really dangerous and you can actually die if you fall head first like that.. She is really lucky…

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