Kevin Cheng Promotes Latest Mandarin EP “It’s A Long Story”

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) held a press conference on November 20 to promote the release of his Mandarin EP, It’s a Long Story <說來話長>.

Getting his start in the entertainment industry as a singer, Kevin has put his music goals on hold for the past seven years to focus on his acting career. Although there is demand for a music comeback, his busy filming schedule denied any opportunity.

When Kevin signed with record label EEG in February of 2012, he had plans to release a full-length album within the same year. Despite best efforts, the project was forced to take a back seat while Kevin juggled successive mainland drama offers. Some also claimed that EEG had purposefully delayed the album’s release, causing a rift between the two parties.

Kevin denied these accusations at the press conference yesterday, saying that he maintains a good relationship with EEG. “It couldn’t be helped because my schedule was full. If we continued to wait [for free time] we probably will not be able to release the disc before my contract expires, so we are releasing an EP (Extended Play) instead of a full album.”

It’s a Long Story was officially released on November 13 and features five tracks. A celebration of Kevin’s twentieth year in the industry, the album is filled with nostalgia and longings for past love. The production team further explored these themes in two music videos shot in Taiwan’s beautiful countryside.

To add a more personal touch, Kevin put his cousin Vivian Wong (王賢詠) in charge of the music videos and promotional photography. Some took this act as proof that EEG does not favor Kevin, giving him only a limited production budget. Kevin defends his record label and finds the gossips ridiculous. “My cousin is an amateur photographer who produces quality work, so I asked her to help me out at promotional events. EEG has ample resources. I don’t understand why these reports exist at all.”

“It’s a Long Story” <說來話長> Mini Movie

[vsw id=”PuSxdKSK7Uk” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]


“The Regret of Happiness” <幸福的遺憾> Mini Movie

[vsw id=”XFXYQz7hCTA” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]


“No 75826” <號75826>- Audio Only

[vsw id=”1CthkZapD28″ source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]


“Returning to the Scene of Love” <回到愛的現場>- Audio Only

[vsw id=”p-nZSPZXMl8″ source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. What a beautiful specimen he is. He’s gonna stay gorgeous even as an old man.

  2. kevin is so handsome in picture. love the rumour of him rejecting charmaine when she tried to get back to him! kevin can find a better girl!

  3. He’s so handsome for someone his age! But I’m a Cantonese speaker all the way. . but is it just me but KEVIN’S mandarin isn’t that great? The way he enunciates the word is so strange..

    1. yeah! i agree! i am a big fan of Kevin and usually don’t even bother to find things to critique him on, but the songs on his album….i just don’t feel it. his mandarin sounds strange, his singing/breathing is weird, and so unlike his past songs/themesongs!!! i’m realllyyy hoping it’s because they are mandarin songs and hoping that when/if he releases a cantonese album that it will be a little bit up to par….

  4. I personally have always enjoyed Kevin’s singing,but am more used to him singing in Cantonese which is why I am a bit shocked that his EP is in Mandarin. His singing in Mandarin isn’t bad but I prefer him to sing in Cantonese.

  5. There is a purpose to these songs, to tell a story, and the music sounds nostalgic and rather sad. It sounded rather strange at first, but after listening to it a few times I came to like it. Of course, Kevin’s Cantonese is super but his Mandarin is surely not bad at all and I think it’s for the benefit of his Mainland Chinese fans that he is singing in Mandarin. I do hope all the best for Kevin.

    1. P.Tan,
      Kevin’s new EP is clearly targeted at the mainland market, which EEG wants a bigger piece of. Kevin is still very hot in mainland, but I’m glad he will be making a TVB series next year.

      I found his songs to be very sad…Kevin always has sadness in his voice when he sings, while Chilam Cheung sings with cheerfulness. A stark contrast….

  6. he is absolutely hot, very handsome, wish him all the best, miss him in TVB series.

  7. Yes, it would certainly be good to have him back at TVB next year. I hope, too, that it will be an interesting series and most important,the script good, that’s offered him. Hanzawa Naoki?

  8. Really, that’s disappointing news for Kevin, I think. However, never mind. I’m sure he’ll soon get one just as good.

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