Steven Ma’s New Album: “Cherish”

In preparation for his comeback album, Cherish, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) carefully put together a production team from all over the world, including collaborators from Los Angeles. Luckily, Steven admitted that he got discounts from friends in order to successfully lower the expenses for the grand production.

Since Steven decided to have his songs mixed by the German company, Stockfisch Records, and have his album be put together and made in Japan. It was estimated that he accumulated over $1 million HKD in expenses before the 30 percent discount from friends.

With the preparation for his new album underway as well as filming for his drama, Property Protectors <守業者>, Steven is working hard to maintain a balance between the two. Despite long hours, he smiled and happily said, “It’s tiring but I’m very happy with the progress. I’ve been singing theme songs for TVB for a long time now and I finally get to release a new CD. I know all the effort I’ve put into song writing and mixing will pay off in the end.”

Steven will be holding the promotional event for his album on June 25 and he invited his idol, Vivian Chow (周慧敏), to attend. Steven has been a loyal fan since he was still in school and luckily this time, he was able to contact Vivian and have her attend his album release. Steven will also be hosting an event in July to share his music with the audience. He admitted that a part of the event would be dedicated to his deceased mother, who still remains in his heart after many years.

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  1. I seriously thought he was selling perfume by the looks of the poster above; Cherish by Steven Ma!

    1. Haha… I can see that… My first impression was a new Magnum ice cream ad 🙂

  2. Great to hear he’s able to release his own cd!! I’ve always been a fan of his voice since hearing him sing tvb theme songs. He has a very smooth, and soothing singing voice I must say. Also looking forward to seeing him back on screen again with his new series. Glad that he actually left tvb and is no longer managed/under contract and is able to venture and expand upon his talents and knowledge elsewhere. He seems all refreshed with energy.

    1. Steven has a short term one-series per year contract with TVB. At the time he had just wanted to sign that contract just for that one series, PP, but guess TVB did not go for it.

      For the first time on this May 2013 radio interview, Steven revealed the precise reason (besids repaying his debt gratitude) why he chose to sign the per series contract – briefly – because he had said he would to Chan Fai Gong (tn:Uncle’s secretary) at the time of his early termination of contract talk. At the time Steven was too busy filming in mainland but he promised TVB that he would come back later to discuss a different form of collaboration.

      To Steven, his spoken word of promise is just as binding as any legal b&w contract that he signed.

      ref: audio clip

  3. Weird hair. I like him with those close crop hair better.

  4. The numbers don’t adds up, all those German mixing, Japan production etc only costs HKD 1 million, but they get much much much more than that filming mainland dramas, and buy a property already costs like HKD 30 million, so what is 1 mill? What’s the big deal?

    1. @superhero: “it costs only HKD 1 million” Actually the above article says that the cd total production cost is estimated to be at least over a million hkd. (And that’s not counting other expenses like marketing, publicity and promo costs etc.)

      How much do you think it would cost to produce a regular versus a hi fi superior quality cd cos’ I’ve idea whatsoever.

      Btw, Steven does not get paid for his work (composing music, writing lyrics, singing etc) unless the album break-even, and even then he will only be paid a royalty, cos’ he feels that releasing a cd of positive energy is meaningful.

      Also, Steven does not get paid either for his 2-nights performance in his July music sharing concert.

  5. i don’t usually buy cds but i’m gonna get this to show my support for steven. have always loved his singing.

    1. Steven calls his new cd a production imbued with blood, sweat and tears combined.

      In his radio interview (see below), looking at the cd in his hands, he was overwhelmed with surging mixed emotions – no tears but an ineffable protracted moment of time stopping for him and of time rushing into that poignant moment. Looking at the finished cd, he had this feeling of meeting up with an old and dear friend again, whose presence he had missed so much in the past. Well, guess Steven was pretty emotional, eh?

      20130622 crhk

  6. I’m glad for Steven and hope his cd turns out successful. Wish I could hear him sing live!

  7. For some reason, it looks like a wine ad even though he’s not holding any wine.

    The only HK cds I ever buy tend to be artists from tvb, so I will definitely buy his album when it comes out.

    1. I agree- his cd cover does look like an advertisement! haha. Almost has a christmas feel to it too. But nevertheless, without a doubt his voice is amazing and i’ll definitely purchase a cd if I can get my hands on them!

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