TVB Fires Two Directors To Appease Joey Yung?

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Now that artistes from Hong Kong’s “Big Four” record companies are allowed to make appearances on TVB, former darling EEG is starting to show signs of jealousy. On June 14, TVB hosted its 2014 Jade Solid Gold Selections — First Round <2014勁歌金曲優秀選第一回> award ceremony to recognize the most popular songs and artistes so far this year. An unexpected incident involving EEG artiste Joey Yung (容祖兒) caught show producers off-guard, causing the show to end six minutes ahead of schedule.

During rehearsals, Joey was on stage practicing her duet with guest host Hacken Lee (李克勤). After they wrapped up, Joey was about to begin rehearsing her own music but was interrupted by one of the show’s directors. Apparently Kay Tse‘s (謝安琪) assistant had requested for an earlier rehearsal slot and the director chose to cut short Joey’s stage time to comply with the request.

Allegedly, Joey felt disrespected and did not return for the award ceremony later in the evening, citing an illness. EEG also decided to pull its artistes Vincy Chan (泳兒) and Ken Hung (洪卓立) from the show, though ultimately agreed to let them appear after TVB put in efforts to try to repair the situation. Even so, Vincy and Ken only stayed long enough to perform their songs and left before the show’s conclusion.

Because TVB has re-directed its focus to its own record label The Voice Entertainment Group and its artist lineup, some speculate that EEG is unhappy about its diminishing status and is using this incident to express its displeasure. TVB reportedly fired two of the show’s directors in order to make peace with EEG. When reached for comment, EEG CEO Ng Yu (吳雨) said simply that both parties have come to an understanding. While he stated that no one was at fault, he seemed to mean otherwise when he added, “I hope this won’t happen again.”

TVB producer Mak Jan Dung (麥鎮東) commented on behalf of his company, saying that they will certainly invite Joey to the show again though sounded evasive when asked about the two directors’ termination. “Our staff is too big;  it is the company’s decision.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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8 comments to TVB Fires Two Directors To Appease Joey Yung?

  1. ??? says:

    EEG crazy powerful.. poor the two directors…

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  2. Annie Lee says:

    TVB programs especially award shows are full of “scripted drama”. Clear display of favoritism and neglect of more talented artistes.

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  3. Sammy says:

    If Kay Tse’s assistant did indeed request and early time slot then Joey sure sounds like a diva

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  4. Teh says:

    Joey might act like a Diva but that director is at fault first if indeed there is a last minute cut short without advance notice. Is an act of disrespect and unprofessionalism despite who the person’s time that have been cut short. Kay’s side might also be at fault if they wanted last minute changes just because she wants it?

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    • notasaint replied:

      i agree…. the director’s shouldn’t have slipped kay in when it wasn’t her turn. they should be punished for being disrespectful and rude. Joey does not act like a Diva. She is known to be down to earth and friendly. People shouldn’t have taken advantage of her niceness.

      kay tse’s assistant requested a time time, then the director’s should have asked the other artists if they are ok with it first.

      maybe firing them was a bit harsh though… could’ve just apologised but maybe tvb didn’t think that was a good enough option.

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  5. JolinA says:

    I prefer Kay Tse over Joey Yung anytime.

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    • sandcherry replied:

      Definitely not. In terms of voice and singing skills, Joey Yung is way better than Kate Tse.

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  6. tvbfanatic says:

    Why not approach Joey and ask if she could move her rehearsal time instead of just asking her to move off the stage? If she’s such a “down to earth” person as people here are posting, I’m sure she would have given it up.
    Too many egos…

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