1.88 Million Viewers Watch “Master of Destiny” Final Episode

Produced by Wong Jing (王晶), TVB’s co-production drama Master of Destiny <風雲天地> ended its 32-episode Hong Kong broadcast on August 1. The modern drama starring Liza Wang (汪明荃) and Hawick Lau (劉愷威) received only lukewarm responses throughout its run.

Master of Destiny premiered on June 22 to 26 points in viewership ratings, bringing in an average of 1.69 million viewers. Despite the drama’s star-studded cast, which includes guest appearances made by Angie Chiu (趙雅芝), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), and Selena Li (李施嬅), ratings dwindled over the next few weeks, reaching an all-time low of 21 average points on its fourth week of broadcast. However, ratings picked up on its final week of broadcast, and the final two episodes, which aired on August 1, achieved an average rating of 27 points and an all-time peak of 29 points, drawing in over 1.88 million live viewers.

Its contender, the supernatural comedy drama Ghost of Relativity <鬼同你OT>, has been fairing better. Starring Moses Chan (陳豪), Kristal Tin (田蕊妮), and Nancy Wu (胡定欣), the ghost drama achieved an average rating of 28 points and a peak of 29 points, also drawing 1.88 million viewers. Ghost of Relativity will air its final episode on August 9.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. 27 for TVB is ok but for me for such a lavish production (so to speak), that is very low.

  2. Master of Destiny is not nice to watch. The plots seems like cut and paste from 80s and 90s plots. Omg….boring and lame to the max.

    GoR is better, watching it bcos of Nacy Wu. But her role is submerged by Kristal…… I wish she get bigger and mire prominent roles….

    1. @dramadrama I jumped and didn’t miss a thing. MOD is just… terrible in terms of everything. GOR I didn’t watch but feedback I got was at first quite nice, as it goes along, that someone told me why is Moses so stony faced and I was like, this is the FIRST time you noticed? And it got really weird and all.

      Am watching Brick Slaves and whilst Vincent Wong is to me the reason to watch together with Evergreen Mak, the story is just one cliche to another. And I really am annoyed at Selina’s character. That role should have been Nancy Wu, and Selina should be in GOT. A switch.

  3. ^ I agree with you guys that MOD is terrible. It’s so boring, annoying and uninteresting. Again, another Wong Jing flop. When will people see that he’s sooo overrated and out of gas? SMH. I don’t understand Hawick Lau’s appeal either. He’s so stoned from eps 1-10; I stopped watching after that. There’s a difference between stoic and botox-like expression. Moses is the same in GOR.

    It would be interesting to see Nancy in Selina’s role for BS. I don’t remember seeing Nancy that type of role. And yes, Selina (her acting and not the character) is getting on my nerve too. Is she suppose to have a disorder? Some parts she seemed to have and some she didn’t. I’m confused! It’s either bad acting or very inconsistence script.

    And don’t get me started on the side-shows on the supporting casts. they’re hecka annoying and pointless in both GOT and BS. The 3 guys and Mimi could have been editted (I usually like seeing Mimi too!). 2015 drama continues to disappoint…

  4. MoD is sucha bad and boring drama. the dialog is lame and sounds so china. the plot is like those of 80s and early 90s drama but lacks in complexity and story development. there really haven’t been anything watchable from TVB lately.

    1. @m0m0 I don;’t know if you guys agree with me but I was having a discussion with a friend on stories and TVB dramas and I was saying China these days take more risk in stories than TVB and therefore is starting to make better series than TVb can ever do, except stunted by their strict censorship. Also different production houses means competition and so beginning to make quality idol drama, those I call CCTV type but populated with popular actors who can act decently but serious stuff. The only 2 things China can’t do well is modern day series but that is because the feel is different and wuxia series. But for modern day drama even now it is changing with stories taken from young internet authors who writes somewhat adaptable interesting stories. In short, China is getting better in terms of stories. TVB is still cliche. TVB needs take risk; there must be young internet authors in HK with fresh ideas? And when they might have a good idea, they cast some of the most questionable actors in a series that requires style and charisma, like The Fixer. I can never understand that. Never.

      1. @funnlim All perspective, if the viewer in question only has a limit of chinese drama then it would look like there’s risk taking but if they’re use to international standards then it only looks like catch up. Circumventing the great firewall is as easy as 1-2-3 and the younger generation grew up on the Internet which doesn’t wait for anybody so the amount of time it takes to reach that level means internationally shift can occur. The bigger question then is can they project themselves outside of their confinement like Korea and Japan or will they be boxed in domestically. The answer lies with the government on that, they tried experimenting with loosening of power in the stock market and look where that got them.

        Wuxia series are hard to miss as many of them are adapted from established sources so it’s really hard to screw up on a well written literature piece. I have yet to see a great drama where they didn’t borrow from sources but admittedly, I don’t watch as many since the American golden age of television still hasn’t come to an end yet.

        llwy12 has an interview piece of Kwok Fung as to how screwed up TVB really is, perhaps the monopolistic position has corrupted them too far and the power has made them arrogant so the backlash now is severe though like ATV many of us saw it coming years ago. Again, the internet won’t wait for anybody and despite not having its license, the buzz has been all about HKTV this year after a pitiful 2015 for TVB.

        They don’t need young authors either, they need to allow creativity to flow and stop holding the reins so tight, it’s almost like they’re practicing self-censorship on themselves currently when they’re in a unique position within China to actually be as creative as they want without big brother looking over them.

        That and based on the interview, they seriously need to treat their employees with more respect cause that little difference in HKTV and TVB has made it obvious who can churn out quality. iirc, Ricky Wong sent people to the west to learn before mingling it into their newer series, the older ones still have a bit of TVB as people came over to their station fresh still but that small time period allowed them to produce some great hits this year.

      2. @sodi lets not look internationally lets compare between what has always been a lesser,competitor. Of,course compared internationally. Story wise and censorship wise china is many steps behind but tvb? Production value itself
        Is way behind, tvb is losing ground and there are no risks taken.

        But tvb does best wuxia and yes you can still screw up wuxia. Look at yuzheng.

        So far,nothing great is coming out of tvb. Nothing iconic. Nothing worth chasing. Nothing worth remembering. And this has been that way for 2 years now although some may say longer. Their idea of risk is really just pr stunt so to speak. They not only need free flow of ideas but fresh perspective. Tvb is dangerously becoming atv.

      3. @funnlim If we just compare to TVB then I agree that China is probably equal to or more than a match for them currently unless something eye-popping is left near award ceremony time but I doubt it since the new guy in charge specializes in numbers, not creativity.

        I agree you can screw up wuxia for sure, I’m also saying though it’s harder to screw up when you have a literature piece as your base. Someone out to mess with your work, well, tough luck copyright isn’t a strong point in China. Though recently they have started to purchase rights to shows like Amazing Race so maybe the old half-baked knock off copying is coming to an end.

        Though risk-taking, I’m unsure as the proper term for China television. In my mind, I see risk-taking as you have something to lose but they can always revert back if they don’t pass certain government check points or if the audience is dissatisfied. The thing to remember is that, like the film industry, they’re still learning from the HK guys who migrated north. It’s probably easy to see the stars but there’s also been a lot of other talent that’s gone up so I think the television industry is still fledging and experimenting rather than risk-taking since they’re essentially taking all that creativity and seeing what fits alongside the rules imposed upon them. We’re talking about people who have lived through the HK golden age of television so they’re bringing with them tons of bottled up ideas TVB probably never let them work on. Great example was The Menu of course, TVB flat out refused that but HKTV allowed it and the success of it still continues for its crew presently.

        Dunno if I mentioned it before, but losing the younger generation is the first thing that will happen soon to TVB which means shaky future. More importantly, what I believe is that TVB will soon turn into a springboard for newcomers before migration up north. I just don’t see it being relevant anymore once China is done experimenting and soaking up all the ideas that previous HK talent had to offer. It’s also probably why TVB isn’t keen on creativity but rather just flowing with China and earning the $ rather than trying to be something special again, that’s what I meant by self-censorship.

        The only real barrier currently is that the older generation is still in charge of the power, but a younger generation of Chinese coming back from overseas should see a shift in policy. China has shifted back to democratic centralism so appeasement of the people is a pretty high priority these days, people just don’t realize this because the stigma of Communist is still attached to the party name.

  5. Gosh. MOD is sooo not a TVB drama I used to watch and liked. Sooo china, even though I didn’t read much about prior to watching it. Well did try to enjoy it, but there was nothing worth to be liked. Translation is turn off. Story and line is boring.

  6. Yeah. Really wished that Selina and Nancy role was swapped!!!! Selina is really irritating anoying in BS. And I dont think its the script, its her!!! I bet if it is Nancy, it will have better outcome.

    GoR can be watched when there is a lot of Nancy’s part. Kristal seems to be anoying in the later episodes. More stupid and selfish. Moses is Moses, might as well just put a life size cut out poster to be there. No expressions or whatsever that a person should have.

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