26 Women Accuse Kris Wu of Predatory Behavior

Chinese idol Kris Wu (吴亦凡) has dug his own grave with his long history of targeting young girls, some of which are said to be underage. This week, 26 girls/ young women stepped forward to accuse the singer of predatory behavior in various degrees of severity, including some very serious allegations of drugging and sexual assault, which Kris has denied in an official statement.  The exact total number of victims is unknown, as others have yet to come forward to reveal their experiences.

All these young girls accused Kris of predatory behavior, and followed up with supporting screenshots of their text conversations online. Among them are well-known influencers include Little Gina (小G娜), Du Meizhu (都美竹), Lin Xiya (林西娅), Luna Qin (秦牛正威), Xiao Lu (小吕同学), former SNH48 member Zhang Dansan (张丹三), and Wei Yuxin (魏雨欣). Drawing mass public attention, their posts hit over millions amid the attempts of Kris’s team to buy the hottest searches in bids to stop it from topping the trending list.

As netizens voiced their outrage over Kris’ alleged predatory behavior and 15 brands terminated their contracts with him, various organizations also stepped forward to issue their statements that fair justice would prevail. China’s Association of Performance Arts encouraged people to “rely on factual evidence and not Internet accusations – legal consequences will follow if the law has been violated.” China’s Women Daily stated, “Everyone is equal before the law, and popular celebrities are no exception. Believe in the law, as it will not wrong a good person nor let a bad person go.”

Additionally, the most representative state media, China Central Television (CCTV), appears to have indirectly expressed their attitude towards the scandal, as they deleted a previous Weibo post that promoted Kris’s song “Soar” <翱翔> and withdrew their support of the singer.

Considering public officials are emphasizing the importance of law, Kris’ fate will be clear once the police investigation is over.

Source: Sohu

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

Kris Wu Tries to Reach Settlement With Ex-flame?

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  1. Even if he may not be guilty of all the accusations, the fact that so many ppl speak up against him is proof enough of his character. Hope that this issue will not get covered up by money and power.

    1. At this point, it is still unclear if he has committed any crimes (drugging and sexual assault) or if he has, whether the actions can be proven.
      The concern is if legal investigations conclude that he is legally innocent, his fans and agency will whitewash him till he is an innocent angel who has done no wrong and will never do any wrong in any sense and those females who chose to speak up will be maliciously attacked.
      On a side note, while several of his endorsements have stopped or chose not to renew him as their spokesperson, a certain international big brand only chose to “suspend” their collaboration with him.

      1. Which brand is just suspending their collaboration? They are still giving him benefit of doubt?

      2. @Hohliu according to SCMP news article, LV suspended the collaboration (www.scmp.com/lifestyle/entertainment/article/3141790/louis-vuitton-porsche-drop-kris-wu-over-date-rape).
        Be prepared that things may not turn out positive. The female has disappeared online after posting short ambiguous message expressing her disappointment yesterday.
        According to several online videos, it is criminal to “sleep” with a 14-year-old or younger, his involvement so far tend to be the 17-20 group age.
        Uncertain if there’s evidence or enough proof of the drugging and assault mentioned.
        If what he did is true and there’s no consequence, he will just continue to accumulate wealth and fame and when he reaches 40, 50, will there still be newer articles linking him with 17-20 young ladies?

    2. official Chinese media is saying he is not worthy of being called an idol. His career is OVER.
      Fan Bingbing didn’t get off the hook for tax evasion even with her money, power and connections.

      1. Unfortunately Fan Bingbing situtation was related to huge amount of Tax evasion…stealing from so much money PRC- dont expect to be let off. No one will help her clear this psth as it will affect them too. Thus this is different from Kris.

  2. Actions speak louder than words, “attempts of Kris’s team to buy the hottest searches in bids to stop it from topping the trending list” sounds like they’re trying to cover it up and hope it all blows over. The allegations are pretty serious, hopefully this gets thoroughly investigated

  3. 26 women! And that’s likely only a small fraction of those he preyed on. He’s an obvious predator and needs to face his consequences.

  4. Just put out the evidence instead of click baiting people lmao. If he really has dirt on him (like having sex with minor?) then put everything on the table and destroy him completely instead of just using vague words and personal recollections. Those phone convo hardly matter at all because it only how him being a creep, but being a creep isn’t a crime. Tons of people have convo being an a**hats, racists, creep etc but those aren’t really anybody’s business but their own.

    I’m not defending him because I actually don’t even know who the hell he is as I don’t follow China’s industry at all, but some of these MeToo movements have destroyed innocent people’s career in the past, while the accusers got off scot free for that momentary gain of fame.

    Being a perverted person isn’t a crime!

    1. Actually this scandal need to be blown big otherwise it can get covered up. That is how it works in China… Money and power can buy over the truth but if the case is really huge and have gain large public interest, then no one will get away from it easily- The accusers nor the accused. Both parties will need to be accountable for their action.
      So if the young girls did lie, then by law, they will have to bear all consequence too. And the accused will not be able to just get away by buying out everyone. Being perverted is not a crime but in China, as a idol with such low morals is not acceptable. His behaviour will set bad examples to his followers.

    2. How are you going to provide evidence he had $ex with a minor? When he’s withheld all types of phone use? And when you weren’t there during the time it occurred?

  5. I actually came across this news via google news rather than this site so have done some reading up. It seemed Du Meizhi was accusing him of date r**ing her, but then she had other posts about how they were in a relationship, had consensual sex together and then found out that he was cheating on her? He no doubt sounds like a dirty cheating scumbag from other womens reports but is this a case of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?

    1. It was more like he r@ped a minor that is where the legal problem lies, but how do you prove that he had $ex with minors? Unless they’re currently still minors. There is already police investigation as far as I’m aware. Just pending lawsuit. Those two are different things. I think any sane woman, whether she was interested in a man or not, if she finds that she was r@ped and the act already completed and the man tells her that he’ll take responsibility…I think it’s easy to comply with that arrangement? Many ppl prefer to legitimize a relationship to hide a crime, this includes women. They don’t want to believe they were r@ped.

  6. Ugh, my post has been withheld. I can guess which words were the problem, but its kind of annoying when its unavoidable wheb discussing this kind of topic??

  7. I am personally glad this case is being blow up so huge…now as it gets more public interest. The law will not be able to just cover these up. All parties will need to bear all consequence of their words/actions. No one will get away if they are found lying. This is the best way to deal with such cases. I have to say, I did not expect there are so many accusers stand up…wow…numbers will likely still rise. I hope most have evidences to support their case.

  8. Either more women come forward to put this action into scale or we have to wait at least a year for the full hearing. When only 4-5 women spoke up, a settlement was the solution or libel was more possible. With 26 women coming forward, that’s not a small settlement nor simply slander at this point. If you want to be technical, a 30 yo “dating” a 19 yo is legal. BUT who in their right mind at age 30, would “date” a 19 yo? Your life experiences are not the same. Period. That’s different from 51 and 40 or 41 and 30. “Date” is in quotations at this point.

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