34th Hong Kong Film Awards: Sean Lau and Vicki Zhao Win Best Acting Awards

The 34th annual Hong Kong Film Awards concluded yesterday with Sean Lau (劉青雲) and Vicki Zhao (趙薇) winning the Best Actor and Best Actress awards respectively.

Sean won over critics with his performance in Overheard 3 <竊聽風雲3>. This marks his second Best Actor win since 2007’s My Name is Fame <我要成名>. After thanking his family and manager, Sean’s eyes welled with tears when credited his wife Amy Kwok (郭藹明) for making him stay grounded.

Facing fierce competition in the Best Actress race, Vicki Zhao triumphed over Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), Sandra Ng (吳君如), Tang Wei (湯唯), and  Zhou Xun (周迅). Although her performance in Dearest <親愛的> was well received, Vicki was modest in her acceptance speech, “I never thought [the winner] would be me. Earlier, I prepared an acceptance speech for the Golden Horse Film Awards which I did not get a chance to share. Many thanks to director Peter Chan (陳可辛) for casting me in this role, although the character was not pleasant to look at. I want to thank all the actors in the film for their fine performances. Thanks to the Academy as well as my family.”

Ann Hui (許鞍華) won Best Director for The Golden Era <黃金時代>, which won five awards in total.

Other winners in major award categories:

Best Film
The Golden Era

Best Director
Ann Hui

Best Screenplay
Alan Mak, Felix Chong (Overheard 3)

Best Male Actor
Sean Lau (Overheard 3)

Best Female Actress
Vicki Zhao (Dearest)

Best Supporting Male Actor
Kenneth Tsang (Overheard 3)

Best Supporting Actress
Ivana Wong (Golden Chickensss)

Best New Performer
Ivana Wong (Golden Chickensss)

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Congrats indeed to all the winners! I’m thrilled that Sean won again — love him and he absolutely deserves it! His speech was so sweet too — definitely had me in tears!

    I was also ecstatic to see one of my favorite actors of all time Kenneth Tsang win Best Supporting Actor (long overdue win if you ask me). He also gave a very moving speech, especially the last part when he talked about being thankful for continuing to have good health so he could continue filming movies.

    Overall, the awards ceremony itself was a bit lackluster, though to be honest, it has been that way for the past couple years already. However, I will say that it was good to see other ‘big names’ (aside from actual nominees and those who had movies in the running) come support the ceremony, such as Tony Leung and Nick Cheung for example.

    1. @llwy12 kenneth tang is good but i had hoped that ng man tat would have won it. but both are my favourite actors. and yes his speech was stylish.i also dont like the setup of the show,jordan chan is joke as a presenter. i dont know but it looks like tony leung is a bit shy or he didnt know what he have to say.

      1. @kolo I would’ve been fine either way, since I like both Kenneth Tsang and Ng Man Tat and both are absolutely exceptional actors!

        I actually haven’t liked the setup of the show for years already, as there are too many ‘awkward’ moments and mishaps and it comes across very very disorganized. But one thing I will say is that at least TVB hasn’t cut anything out of the broadcast since they regained broadcasting rights several years ago — I would rather watch a lackluster, disorganized award ceremony in its entirety than a chopped up version that ends up making no sense.

        In terms of the hosting, I actually think Miriam did the best job out of the 3, which is kind of ironic considering this is her first time hosting. Gordon Lam wasn’t bad either, though I guess there was some controversy over some of the things he said. As for Jordan Chan – he should definitely keep his day job because honestly, he has problems speaking properly and it’s virtually impossible to be a good host if you can’t even do the basics of talking normally. I’m actually still puzzled why he was chosen to be host in the first place – my guess is for the comedic factor, which I sort of feel they could’ve done without….

        Lastly…most of the presentation speeches were awkward, but I attribute this mostly to the script that the presenters were given (those who decided to go by the script that is). Of course, best presenter speech in my book goes to Anthony Wong, who was absolutely hilarious with his facetious mocking of the HK government – though before that I also loved the way he put in a good word for his buddy Sean Lau when he talked about originally being asked to present the Best Actor award. (On a related note, Sean’s other buddy Francis Ng also talked about – and congratulated — Sean’s win on his own Weibo, which I found quite cute – since it involved Francis’ son Feynman).

  2. Congrats to Ivana Wong.

    Some day it will be Louis Koo’s turn when the award is finished with rotating between the very very few names.

  3. I watched “The Golden Era” on my flight to Hong Kong. It was an excellent movie. The casts’ names on the screen (plane) were so small, and I did not even realize that the director was Ann Hui and the actress was Tang Wei. It was about a sad life of a Mainland Chinese author in 1930’s. I enjoyed it very much, and Tang Wei acted very well in her role even though she did not win Best Actress Award.

  4. Oh, one thing I thought was interesting about this year’s awards.   Sean wins Best Actor at HKFA and his wife Amy is sitting in the audience, Kenneth Tsang wins Best Supporting Actor…..all 3 were in the classic series The Greed of Man, which TVB has already announced that they will be re-airing in the midnight time slot starting tonight (4/20).   Talk about perfect timing!!  Makes me want to go pull out my DVD set and re-watch the series too! 🙂

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